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  1. Yes, stupid design, but pinch points like this are everywhere. My solution is to run a mirror, and take the lane at appropriate places, like this one. I stick my hand out and watch in my mirror to see that the following car is slowing and giving me the lane before I swing out to take possession. Prudence is the better part of valour, of ourse.
  2. Ken Ho

    Music to suffer by

    Yup, I listen to a lot of LP too. Simple but good.
  3. Ken Ho

    Music to suffer by

    Addicted to Pain by Alter Bridge - it starts with a big opening riff, and revs me up quicker than anything. Actually, the whole album, Fortress, is insane. Last Fight by Bullet For My Valentine is really cool too, in fact all four albums are great. Fast paced, high energy, slightly angry music. Guerilla Radio by RATM is another one to get the engine revving, an oldie but a goodie. Burning Hell by Joe Bonamassa, an old John Lee Hooker tune on steroids, lots of slide. Early Metallica, like Kill 'em All, lots of fast gallop rhythms, good tempos to work hard. I like more mellow stuff for doing weights, like teh Stones, or RHCP, faster, high energy stuff for cardio.
  4. Good luck with that. They are quick. It's often a less than amusing problem in floods, when everything and everyone takes refuge in the same high ground, roof or tree.
  5. Ken Ho

    Nude nut shine

    A well deserved clubbing should take care of that.
  6. Ken Ho


    I would not be too worried. A CK of 3500 is significant, but for example, an afternoon of exertion will typically produce a CK of 500, it takes 100 000 or more to induce renal failure, and a brown snake envenomations might give a million and a half. I'm pretty sure that most long course competitions are running in the high hundreds to several thousand at the end of a race. I've done a few overdone weight sessions that have resulted in significant muscle pain the would guess at at least a few thousand worth of CK. As for risk of recurrence, you might be at elevate risk if you have a family history of malignant hyperthermia or neuroleptic malignant syndrome. For more info on that, look here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryanodine_receptor Rhabdo is a risk in any really intense exercise environment, but exercise induced Rhabdo most commonly occurs when a previously highly,trained athlete comes back after a rest period, and trains to their former peak too quickly, eg, spring training . Free was a case series of 17 football players in teh US who went down with it from one work out. The Crossfit organization recognises the risk, and has their cartoon Uncle Rhabdo to remind people about it. They get a bit of flak for that, but at least they are talking about it. I've seen it a few time from bootcamp type things too. I don't think it that's rare. The only guy I have had to actively teat had a CK of about 300 000 afre a weights session, and he needed renal dialysis for a few weeks while his kidneys recovered. The renal guys were sure he used drugs and tested Jim up teh wazoo, but he was clean. Exercise alone is enough. Combine dehydration and hyperthermia, and the risk goes up quickly. That's what happens at raves when people get high on ecstasy and dance for hours, then die.
  7. Ken Ho

    pain, sleep, endep

    I like to use imaging to exclude significant structural issues so that Physio can be pursued with confidence, especially with lower back issues. Most of the neck stuff is functional,rather than structural, and while a bit of bone oedema might light up the worst spots on an MR, by and large imaging is only good for showing what's not wrong, as opposed to what is wrong. Plain x-rays don't tend to show much, although there can be a surprising amount of unsuspected OA. After my sandbar crash, I had a terrible time despite normal x-rays. I tend to advise people to go gently with neck, rather than "go hard". In short, muscles in spasm are hot and angry. Don't heat them up, or piss them off. Deep tissue massage is about the worst hing you can do, for example.
  8. Ken Ho

    pain, sleep, endep

    In my considerable experience, both personal and professional, your muscle tension is caused by a combination of postural issues and emotional stress. Endep is a good strategy, Ice packs, no heat. If I examined you I could pinpoint all the grotty pain points and show you some facilitated stretches (a combination of an active contraction phase, berthing techniques and a relaxation phase) which make a huge difference to the muscle spasm.
  9. Ken Ho

    pain, sleep, endep

    I won't bash you for using Stilnox. It got a bad rap with the swimming teams using it, but that was mostly media beat up and I don't look to them for balanced info. Look at how well the team did when they banned it, and the poor buggers could not get any sleep. It's better for short term or occasional use. I don't get emotionally invested in medications. They are just tools. I have posted some unpopular opinions here in the past not condemning the use of PEDs for that matter.
  10. Ken Ho

    Run commute backpack

    So many options out there, so much choice these days. da Kine has some great stuff, as does Oakley. I have a Camelback Snow blast which does what you want, with a bladder as a bonus. So much awesome outdoor gear these days. All teh PNW brands like Eddie Bauer, Arcteryx etc all do good stuff too.
  11. Ken Ho

    pain, sleep, endep

    5mg is a bit homeopathic. He's gone that low as an intro dose so you don't reject it. Not a bad strategy. Dot be scared to use a bit more. 10mg won't knock you around too much, and as you have noted, you are rooted in the morning anyway. Sleep is a wonderful thing, and I've believed in it all my life. It's finally become trendy after years of people boasting how little they need. I'm a ten hour a night man myself.
  12. Ken Ho

    pain, sleep, endep

    Endep is a great drug if used wisely. I have personally used it for control of tension headache with great results. and have prescribed it numerous times for that and other things, most of which involve wound up nerves of some sort. It's good for irritable bowel syndrome, tension headaches, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and generally highly strung people. The important thing to consider is the dose. The maximum dose for depression is 150mg daily, in divided doses. That is a zombie dose, which I is why it's not often used for depression these days, though still is at times. I tend to prescribe 10-25 mg to be taken at night. Take it 12 hours before you want to get up and move. I generally give a script for a 25mg tablet, for patients to take half or a whole. It's good in that you don't have to wait a fortnight for it to kick in. Take it on the night you want sleep, don't take it other nights. Advantages are that it is non-addictive and tolerance does not develop, features which contrast sharply with benzos for example. Yes, it's dangerous stuff in the overdose situation and historically caused a lot of ICU admissions and some deaths. So has alcohol and paracetamol. In sensible hands at sensible doses, it's fine. Side-effects include drowsiness the next day, blurred vision, constipation etc, but not usually troublesome at the small doses I'm describing. If you want more info, PM me. BTW, you might have eased, yes, I am a doctor.
  13. Again, conflating Cavill Ave with the rest of the GC. But, go for it. Stay away, it sucks.
  14. Pretty much identical yo Cudgen Ck where the Kingy Tri us held. Depends on how much recent rain. At present, it's crystal clear.
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