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  1. Looking at Cam Brown's IG feed on the history of IMNZ from the mid-80s, I would love to see a return to that quality of racing.... proper, old school, hard as nails, no excuses, dirty racing!
  2. https://www.flickr.com/photos/carltonreid/10739147314
  3. I also think that the ITU world has become a bit vanilla in racing and allows these arrowheads to form. Week after week after week I see races of the same, flat, boring, circuit landscape that I wouldn't bother to go and watch if I lived in the same city! Take Capetown for example ... why didn't they take the race down to Camps Bay or use Houts Bay or Llandudno? What we had was a view of a City that looked much like any other harbour city! I would like to see some proper courses, technical, with chances for breakaways and the stronger swim / bikers to get away.
  4. Agree that it's awesome to see, but have a look at the packs on that tight course .... there really is no Craig Walton / Death or Glory racing anymore. I know what I would prefer to see!
  5. In Kona (I was spectating ... they haven't lowered their standards that much) I had a discussion with a teacher from Wisconsin who thought that Obama was a commie and that she was having an "overseas holiday". And she teaches!
  6. Just had a look at his track form .. 27:51.94 for 10,000! That is going to take some beating!
  7. Yeah, Mavic make some with Alu nipples (tee-he.... sorry) and brass is the way to go. Brass is still fairly light duty as it's a "much metal", but much stronger than Alu. I used to have a pair of Mavic Open 4CD Ceramics / Ultegra hubs / DT 14-15 / Brass nipples which were tied, glued and soldered and they were the business. They are still doing service on a mate's pub bike 23 years later! Would love to know anyone with the patience to do tie / glue / solder nowadays.....
  8. Aluminium nipples are the problem. They just aren't as robust as brass or SS. I have a pair of Chris King / Mavic CXP33s / DT Swiss 14-15 / Brass DT nipples that I have had for 12 years and now they are doing service on my cross bike, so sometimes it is just the ingredients in the pie!
  9. Agreed. Young and exuberant, but inexperienced and unaware of how the world actually works. She reminds me of the debaters at school who were strong on bizarre ideas .... then went into a life of academia.
  10. Glad you're okay, mate. Dad used to have a little, 20c, plastic air-flow device fitted to the front of the car that scared them witless ..... they would literally turn on their heels and bolt in the opposite direction. Let me see if I can find a better description.
  11. Not just sitting on a tropical island ... I sit around at night in a pokey 1 BR apartment and know that distance is a massive relationship threat, especially with a young family.
  12. Rimmer

    Bike Lights

    Am a massive fan of Lupine ... have the Betty 14 for commuting, which is probably overkill even on low beam, but better to be seen by a bus than under one!
  13. Same as "Life Coach", really .... pulling apart their clients to work out what makes them all so messed up!
  14. I find the man as funny as polio .... but this was a pretty good tweet!
  15. Rimmer

    Creating Value

    All of the above .... be approachable and pleasant, hard working and humble, open and transparent. Above all, be loyal and give feedback to sponsors. Set out your goals and keep those who connect with you in touch with how you are achieving them, or not. Don't make it obvious that you're pushing the sponsors products, but make them visible, no matter the medium. As a case in point, look at Craig Lowndes. A harder racer you couldn't meet, but he's there at the start of the meeting to sign for the fans and he's there long after the obligation ends. Also helps with the clean up for the team and is one of the last to leave the track. People relate to that, the brand recognition is enormous because of the relationship and the punters walk / drive like zombies into the shops to buy the sponsors products.
  16. Rimmer


    The thing is that my phone has been running off the hook with Agents and Clients looking for implementation assistance - there will be disruption, that is a given ... it's just how you handle that disruption!!! Also, many of the companies I have investigated no longer have a base in the UK and have established satellite offices in the EU. BA is a classic example - now HQ'd in IAG's Offices in Madrid, so that they can still comply with EU Regs and Open Skies.
  17. Rimmer


    And this is the problem that people are starting to see, sadly, when immigration should bring so much to a country (said as an immigrant, myself). It was unfiltered and unchecked and we had the situation here in the UK where men in their 30s were lying about their age and being sent to secondary schools to sit alongside minors. A lot of them have brought problems and become a drain on the resources of the host country. People eventually resent this, despite the best of intentions. And Britain also has itself to blame by offering a welfare state (housing, health care, education, cash etc) far, far better than any migrant would ever get in their home country, inside or outside of the EU .... the fact is that freedom of movement and the lack of enforcement of the Dublin Agreement (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dublin_Regulation) have contributed to this to Britain's detriment and caused the resentment toward immigration that we saw in sections of the community during and after the Brexit debate. A colleague of mine runs a business in Germany called LQ Enterprise GmbH. This company tries to place migrants into jobs and he is sick of the lies and untruths about skills and education which are found out when they are placed. Many of them don't want to live in Germany where the benefits aren't as great as the UK, but are using Germany as a stepping stone. Merkel knows this, which is why she's keen to push the problem to Britain as she now has 800,000 unplanned, extra (that they know of) mouths to feed, house, clothe, and train. Macron in France is simply holding the door open for them toward Britain as they have no cash or inclination to spend on migrants. Italy, Spain and Greece are the same. But, the most telling country is Sweden; as a Swedish mate of mine said ... "When Sweden has a problem with immigration, you know there is a problem". Contrast that with Norway, which enforces a rule of only safety net benefits, dis-aggregation, enforcement of sharing of language and culture and all of a sudden, migration is less of a problem. And they are not bound by the Dublin Agreement, but follow it better than any of the other signatories. Upshot - it's a mess!
  18. Rimmer

    Awesome Sports doco

    What's your point, FP??? I thought you had negotiated WFH into your contract?
  19. Rimmer


    Barclays shifted £160B worth of assets to be managed in Dublin for 5,000 high net worth clients last week - their Office in Dublin is 6 people and will continue to be managed from Canary Wharf. All companies are hedging their bets on the outcome and wanting to ensure that their Stakeholders and Shareholders are protected - unfortunately, the workers may suffer in the process. The manufacturing process and the trans-shipping of parts and finished products is very interesting and another case where some caution should be exercised. I have seen a study that BMW commissioned that demonstrated that the parts and cars flowing backwards and forwards between mainland Europe and the UK, with the imposition of WTO nominal 10% tariffs (for the Mini manufactured in Oxford and BMWs on mainland Europe) is enough to put BMW out of business in its volume of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Series and Minis. And that is just BMW! People need to have some clear heads on these negotiations.
  20. Rimmer


    Canada’s negotiations were described as “half-hearted” by a colleague as they were pretty self-sufficient and their trading partners didn’t need reciprocal trade and could afford to wait. When you look at the volume and value of trade in goods and services Britain want to trade with the EU and the rest of the world, there is a greater imperative. When I look at my UK shop, almost all of the vegetables and fruit I buy are sourced from outside the EU, and the rest from markets which can ill afford to lose this as a market. It mght not happen immediately, but threatened with competing with the rest of the world, this will bring the EU to the table. I also think that certain Eurozone countries teetering on the brink (Spain with 37% youth enemployment, Italy with significant debt and cashflow issues, Germany with their manufacturing, Eastern European markets which export labour to GB etc) will ensure they don’t miss the bus on keeping nice with Britain. This will cause a fracturing in the case of a no deal. i also think it’d be different if it were the likes of say, Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia leaving.
  21. Rimmer


    Yes, you did. By leaving the single market and the possible imposition of tariffs on EU products in the process, the EU27 Member States products become less competitive than other imports from nations which will have a trade deal signed in April (these are being worked on at the moment, believe me). As an example, 40% of Irish food exports are to the UK and that is an industry which supports 1.3m people in the Republic. If that food is less competitive that imports from the US and Canada (agreed, not as fresh) and the Irish don’t have replacement markets for that food, yes, it won’t end well for them. Leo Varadkar has admitted this! And then there is the automotive sector .... Germany and France headed toward recession and car sales tanking in the UK (their highest yield market) and 1m people in Lower Saxony alone (directly) dependent on sales of their product. It’s like I said, everyone needs to sit back and realise what they all have to lose. That’s what a negotiation is.
  22. Rimmer


    From the perspective of a dual Aussie / Brit Citizen who lives in Ireland on weekends, here is my 2p: - - Teresa May wanted the job. It was never going to be easy. She has made mistake after mistake and betrayed the British people (both Leavers and Remainers by delegating the negotiations to a Civil Servant, not getting the approvals for what she was seeking before she negotiated it and checking with Merkel and Macron that the deal was valid before checking with the British public. She is an idiot and I have no sympathy. - Trying to find a solution to this is like going to the video store with 8 of your mates and finding something that no-one has seen and everyone wants to watch. Except it's not a video store. It's 650 people representing 70 million people who have many different views on the topic; some banal, some extreme. - The North can't simply secede the Union for the sake of a geo/economic/political construct. The Republic of Ireland don't want the North as they can't afford to give the same handouts and services and the NI population don't want to become part of the Republic as they would give up better schools, housing, roads, healthcare. They also don't want the Troubles to restart, but everyone is aware of the RA reforming and incidents in Derry which make people a bit nervous. - The EU is a flawed institution and will be massively reduced in scale if there is no deal and no ongoing payments from GB into the EU. The whole notion of the EU was to reduce the possibility of another WWII by France controlling the steel and Germany the coal. It has grown and morphed into an unwieldy bureaucratic juggernaught which controls every aspect of the lives of European citizens. It also massively erodes the sovereignty of member nations by ceding authority to groups of people we cannot elect (admittedly, we elect some of these). If their are no further GB payments, either all of the remaining countries have to contribute more, or receive less. Greece and Italy also have massive loans to Germany and are watching with interest to see whether they can default on those if the EU fails - they cannot pay them back under their own steam. Other separatist bodies are also looking at the future as a way of advancing their cause (the Catalans, the Basques, the Walloons, the Flandrians, the Scots and the Northies just some). - Trade will continue. GB is the biggest, most profitable European market for cars, especially German ones. If the CEOs of VAG, Daimler-Chrysler, BMW, Group PSA and others aren't lobbying for preferential trade terms in the case of a full Brexit, then they are idiots. People still need to be fed and trade contracts still need to be serviced and honoured - no-one has the luxury of time to find other business partners. Also, Britain does more of it's trade outside the EU than within and has massive trade deficits with the countries seeking to punish GB hardest. That is not going to end well for them. All in all, the negotiators are not sitting back and realising that everyone has something to lose from this and being pig-headed and obstinate. I wish that there would be no deal to just get on with it. PS - I could go on ....
  23. Rimmer

    The Ironman story

    What you have done there is assume that Sepp has ethics!
  24. I need to fess up ... I had an alloy TCR about 20 years ago, whilst saving up for a better ride. It was okay, but I recall a mate (who went on to ride Pro for Giant) say "what are you doing riding that? I would never ride a Giant!!!" Things have moved on since!
  25. Rimmer

    The Ironman story

    Don't know what or who to believe, but I know that Silk has virtually nothing left of what she got and the Chinese aren't going to give them a nickel!
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