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  1. This is Maggie. Maggie is nuts. Maggie is obsessed with chasing balls, eating (or foraging) and swimming. Dumb as a bucket of hammers, but I couldn’t imagine our lives without her!
  2. The good news thread

    Had a look at the renovations over the weekend of the new house in Dublin. Jesus, they are making a mess, but it's coming along strong. Despite the fact that I will only be living in it 3 nights out of 7 and I have to fly in to London for work, am feeling a lot less stressed and a lot more motivated with work, life, family etc. Am also starting to enjoy training again and feel muscles I haven't felt for a while. If anyone is in the Dublin area, let me know and we'll have a bed there waiting and your choice of G&T or the black stuff!
  3. Fly6- how stable?

    They're brilliant - bright, stable and very clear. Wouldn't go out without one.
  4. New Wetsuit Time

    I'm an Orca man - since 2006 when I split my QR in Taupo and they had a 2 for 1 deal (the second was a sleeveless). I now have a whole pile of them and rate them as the best in terms of fit and price. A couple of points to note, IMO: - 1) A good wetsuit won't make you a faster swimmer - only you can do that. The suit should be comfortable and not slow you down. 2) Most of them are made from rubber from the same factory in Japan (the good people at Yamamoto). Any marketing bumf that tells you that you'll swim quicker in one over another is, largely, that ... bumf. 3) Sleeveless suits are slower for most people, although they have their advantages. They tend not to be as restrictive and are easier to remove (in most cases). Try some out and don't be driven by "[insert name of gun swimmer] uses one, so I have to get one"....
  5. Drug & Alcohol Tests

    Read "Breaking the Chain" if you're ever interested in how the pros of the 60s, 70s and 80s used to submit samples. Micd-boggling!
  6. No dnf for this lady

    What a unit! Hard as a coffin nail. Chapeau, Beryl.
  7. Respecting the Race

    I would have - and have in similar circumstances - stopped. Then again, when there are others there who have infinitely more access to phones and other "tools" to help than a tired triathlete carries on his / her bike, he probably did the right thing.
  8. Where's Macca?

    Again, probably time to lock this down. There are three likely sides to this story - his, hers and the actual truth. No-one here knows the truth and we're not getting any smarter debating this.
  9. Lances Tour Podcast.

    Lance is a dick. Trying to re-invent and re-market himself. He's lucky he's not in the can .... but there is still hope! From a former fanboy.
  10. Respecting the Race

    Got to love Jesse's attitude to it .... never say stop (learning)...
  11. Respecting the Race

    IMO, they can do what they like with their day .... it's their day, just as mine is mine. Any of them, on any given day, have the ability to finish, so they have to live with it if they are softing the race. Personally, I try to finish every race I start. My only race for the season resulted in a mechanical DNF and I wasn't travelling too flash when that happened, but I couldn't go on. Two DNFs in 26 years of racing (both mechanical) is not a bad record and I want to maintain that. I also think PJ should have gone on, but I don't want to open that can.... Good debate though.
  12. $500 can save you 2.4 watts

    By definition, nothing where two surfaces are rubbing together is ever "no" friction. It is low friction, yes, but not no friction.
  13. Hurricane Ophelia

    Flew out of Dublin on the last plane yesterday before they closed the runway. Pretty bumpy for the first 20 minutes, but done worse! And then you get these tools .... http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/hurricane-ophelia/watch-worrying-footage-shows-man-swimming-in-very-choppy-sea-during-hurricane-ophelia-36231819.html
  14. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Things PJ has done: - 1. Won Kona; 2. Divided opinion on Trannies Things PJ hasn't done: - 1. Probably given a toss as to what's said here. Seems like a nice bloke, albeit a little "lost" at the moment. May not return to the form he had, but he's still won Kona. Probably time to lock this down as it's getting a little bit personal. Thoughts?
  15. Facebook, I dont like it!

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert. Introversion or extroversion is not about liking company or not, but about how you get your energy to recover and refresh yourself. I like my own company and need solitude to recover. Others like to be around people. People are different. I also relate to the "being around other Dads" thing. Although not a father myself, I can't stand the boorish mentality of some Dads and some of them bore me to death - put a bullet in me before I'll willingly traipse around Ikea or a garden store on a weekend. I hate small talk and I hate how some people seem to mock their wives and kids like it's some sort of joke!
  16. http://www.thecourier.com.au/story/4981462/woman-throws-shark-out-of-rock-pool/?cs=2452#slide=1
  17. Facebook, I dont like it!

    I don't think you will. A colleague of mine is researching Peak-Facebook and reckons we're so saturated with information that we have descended into responding to each other in a more human, 1:1 sense. His research suggests 3-5 years before it goes the way of MySpace / Bebo etc. There will still be people who live off this, but businesses are starting to look for other ways to promote and differentiate themselves.
  18. Drug & Alcohol Tests

    I remember a mate (top semi-pro / AG triathlete and PhD in Exercise Physiology) being tested in Canberra for Sri Chinmoy back in 2000. Drinking too much water when he was dehydrated made his pee-pee was too alkaline for testing. They kept feeding him water and it became too diluted to test .... Best way was to get a hamburger from the fast food van and increase the salt levels to test protocols. Might work. He was as clean as a whistle, by the way!
  19. Your best concert memorabilia........

    Saw the Oils and Killing Heidi in 2001 at ANU after XTerra for the princely sun of $12.00. The mudslide in the middle of the set was free. Awesome gig and great times!
  20. Saddles???

    Selle Italia Flite. All bikes. Been using them for 20 years and seem to do the trick for me!
  21. My brother used to drive around looking for cheap fuel. Tool!
  22. Household Budget

    Almost went into Bankruptcy back in 2000 and started a spreadsheet of incomings and outgoings. Have maintained this ever since and it's one of the reasons I know where money comes from and goes to. The wife, on the other hand, comes from a bit of money, has never needed to consider these things and - most importantly - is a GP with a strong income. Trying to get her to see sense in a budget was hard until we had to get a mortgage together and look at things like different tax rates in the different countries we work in, interest rate changes and ForEx. When you consider how easy this can be, if people don't have a budget and still complain about these things .... it's their own fault, really.
  23. Tubular tyres

    That is why I don't use rim tape and prefer glue. The seam sealer tape on the tub is perfectly even and provides a good guide for ensuring the tub is on and balanced. IMO, tape just adds to a problem that isn't there to begin with.
  24. Kona Pro Field

    I didn't even know there were veins in those places. Cut.