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  1. Is this it .... https://drag2zero.co.uk/product/shims/
  2. You're making that trip to Canberra with Jim, Kev and staying at Chiron's place seem an eternity ago. Happy Birthday, mate.
  3. Rimmer

    Cardinal Pell

    There was a lot of weird stuff going on in the 70s .... but just NO!
  4. Imagine being on the receiving end of 72 awkward experiences ....
  5. The Kickabout With Johnny Vaughan https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-kickabout-with-johnny-vaughan/id1111579428?mt=2 Very similar to Roy and HG ... two blokes sitting around talking shite for a couple of hours.
  6. I live in the same country and am supposedly one of his mates ... and I didn't either!!! Happy Birthday Mate.
  7. If you're over this way and in Ireland, look me up. The roads down there are utter, utter shite, so bring your MTB!
  8. Rimmer

    Wurf watch

    Kim Brennan was also recovering from dating one of the most ordinary blokes around ... fuel for the burn!
  9. Rimmer


    Sorry, that was the point that I was trying to make ... It was binding because the Government of the day said that they would implement the will of the people. That Government ceased to exist and everything went out the window. Everything became "advisory" shortly afterwards. However, MPs are now being deselected by their constituencies for failing to deliver on the will of their electorate. This is going to get messy and, with the first past the post electoral system in operation (which I think is dumb!), we may have the situation where a Brexit Party commands a considerable slice of the Parliament if there is an election (which I also think would be dumb). The EU want Britain gone. In fact, de Gaulle didn't want Britain in in the first place - twice! They certainly don't want Britain to vote in the EU elections as they are facing a wave of anti-EU sentiment from Greece, Italy, Hungary and Spain. I think the best thing is to "rip the bandaid off" and let us go it alone. There is no way any Parliament will command a majority on anything, so let's not prolong the misery.
  10. Rimmer


    That's not entirely correct .... apart from the politicians who immediately resigned. The vote was binding and required the Parliament to act on the majority view, the 17.4 million people. Admittedly, there were some people who were duped and didn't understand the question, but this is on both sides, Leave and Remain. Reading the vote question again, you would have to be an utter idiot not to understand the impact of the question by voting either way. Remain didn't campaign hard enough to Remain. Leave, like Trump did in the US, played the numbers and won. And it was not just lost by a little - it was over a million people. And then Cameron resigned and they elected someone who was never really in favour of Leave to lead us to Leave. She has done everything to keep Britain in the EU and drag this whole process out to the point people are just fed up with it. Her Ministers have been plotting behind her back and she agreed a deal with the EU (Merkel and Macron .... neither of whom will be around in 2 years time) that was never going to float with the Parliament. It is not that they refused to ratify it - more that they were never consulted until the deal had been agreed! May froze out Ministers and took responsibility for the negotiations (with a couple of civil servants) and this is the result. She gets what she deserves. *** I voted Remain, by the way!
  11. Finland is awesome .... I went clubbing in Helsinki after work one night and .... let me just say .... the hospitality shown was first class! I woke up in a bedroom in a town called Kotka, about 10 miles from the Russian border and my host gave me a lift back to the airport. I missed work that day, but cannot fault how hospitable they are!
  12. You were out there doing it and I was volunteering to make sure that it went okay. I did the Team swim and it was okay (as you said, if you were in trouble ... stand up!!), but the rest of the day was a shambles .... Absolutely nothing about that race was kosher and I still remember the great Barry McCormack telling me "Maaaaaaaaaaate, I was watching Kimmy run and stood in the same place for 10 minutes and saw 7 runners come from 5 directions, none of which were the actual course!". I also worked with the creditors to see how much money was squandered during the event, to make sure the Suppliers all got paid their dues. There was some monumental waste, including the purchase of 14,000 witches hats and some 2km of security fencing. That said, and I am biased as I am from there, I reckon it makes for a great course!
  13. Ahhhh, the memories ..... where to start? Promises of 1,400 entrants, drought reducing the lake to a walk, paying the life savers in cash before they would go out, random course changes, unsafe course, no medical aid, RD going missing, post-race feed in the Park Hotel afterwards as the caterers didn't get paid .....
  14. I hated Matthew Flinders Drive from my perspective!
  15. I drove from Melbourne to Sydney in a clapped out Mazda 323 in 2000 on their "farewell tour" and they were awesome.
  16. I don't get fishing either .... for me, it is trying to outsmart a fish. I used to go fishing with my Dad and I hated it (loved spending time with him, but the activity of fishing????). I only used to go so that I could swim into shore when we had pulled the lines and were heading home.
  17. Rimmer

    Devonport History

    The only National Championship I won was the 1993 Long Course Duathlon, raced in horrendous conditions at G-Town. OK, it was AG, I was 18-24, it was chucking it down and most of the competition were too soft, but I'll take it! Prize was a medal about the width of 2 50c pieces.
  18. Rimmer

    Devonport History

    Back in the day when there was no online entry and they posted the results out (usually a teacher photocopying them at the school after hours)! Gold!
  19. I’ll happily pay it forward with gear that I no longer need, but I’d be reluctant to lend gear through an Uber-type arrangement. Part of the problem I see is that some people believe that there is a need to have the latest / the lightest / the most aero when they start, whereas just as fun can be had with “mend and make do” gear.... when I started, we used to crave lending a Club Fly front wheel ....
  20. Rimmer

    Cardinal Pell

    And then there is this guy .... https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/anti-priest-sentiment-lawyers-for-paedophile-ballarat-priest-tried-to-delay-case-after-pell-verdict-20190319-p515i5.html Bishop Mulkearns was a truly disgusting human being in the town!
  21. We never owned a record player either in our house, but we used to listen to obscure radio stations my Dad would play in the shed.... everything from Indie / rock to a station that played annoying steam pipe organ music!!!
  22. This...a DDD recording that cost me $90 back in the day (or 6 hours pay at Ray’s Tent City)!!!
  23. Well done, mate. Way to stick to the plan!
  24. Rimmer

    Cardinal Pell

    Absolutely ... the only grounds for a successful appeal would be an erring in law. Facts have nothing to do with an appeal process.
  25. Rimmer

    Cardinal Pell

    And another possibility is that Pell was the figurehead to lynch as part of a vendetta against the Catholic Church. I don't believe this would be successful as he was given ample opportunity during the trial to proclaim his innocence, but chose not to and instructed his counsel not to. These are active, not passive, decisions. Furthermore, when his counsel described the acts as vanilla, there is an open admission of guilt. I cannot see this appeal being successful.
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