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    Kid's scooters

    Not a big break down there in Winchester, is there?? Think of it as motor skills development and let her have her fun. I completely get the thing with Supermarkets, so teach her about being social (rather than anti-social) and she will be fine. She will also come back to cycling and surfing when she realises how boring those things are .... like jet-skis!
  2. Rimmer

    How do I approach my manager

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Remember to have three solid reasons why it would make sense for them (don't drop them immediately) and also the counters to their challenges as to why it may not! It makes sense to me, from what you've explained. Make it make sense to them....
  3. Rimmer

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    You'll be back ....
  4. Rimmer

    Cycling. Forget cars. Animals.

    Went night XC skiing outside of Lillehammer about 5 years ago and rounded a bend to find a gathering of elk. F*&k me. Not much else makes you wake like that. No footage unfortunately.
  5. Rimmer

    Team Building

    This is why I have contracted for the past 10 years ... I am Employee of the Month, every month. As to morale and team building, in my latest role, we have done 2 outings .... one was a colleague who had a (fairly run down, but safe) boat on the Thames and we took it for a spin to the pub. Another was a guided walk-through of Highgate Cemetery .... I have never seen more people connect as subtly as they did, even in the pi$$ing rain. Sometimes it's the left field options that bring people together....
  6. Rimmer

    The cost of cycling on the road...

    Where I work it's the same, but even with hands free! And it does change the mindset.
  7. Rimmer

    2018 top aussie sports stars

    Sorry, my interpretation is a little different. DR played with fire with Renault and he got burned. They were always going to prefer Verstappen, because of his Dad's connections and that he has always been a decent pedaller. DR should have gone to Ferrari before Seb - even on the money they were throwing - as he now seems destined to be running either non-competitive equipment in an underfunded team, or 2nd fiddle driver in a decent team. Sorry to say it as he's the most interesting bloke in the paddock! Also, word on the street is that Renault are going to be scaling back their funding of F1 because the boss (Ghosn) was on the fiddle!
  8. Rimmer

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    Also did the 1993 Australian Long Course Duathlon Championships there in September. Temperature around 0C all day and the warm-up consisted of sitting in the car with the heater on until 2 minutes before the start. Windy as hell and miserable day. I won my AG (first and last time for everything) and they posted the medal to me a couple of weeks later. G Town can throw up anything!
  9. Rimmer

    Anyone up for a glide???

    Each to their own, but I've never understood jumping off a perfectly good mountain! And yes, I've seen it and it's insanely high!
  10. Rimmer

    Anti Fog Solution (For Goggles)

    Watered-down Coke also works. We used to use it on windscreens that would fog and it also does the trick on goggles.
  11. Rimmer

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    1991 was the first, the Captain Triathlon at Pykes Creek just outside of Ballarat. Parents drove me there and they were hoping that would be the end of it. Since then: - 5 x IM 33 HIM 27 OD 200+ other sprint / MS / duathlons. Been a bit of a lull recently, but putting together a comeback plan....
  12. Rimmer

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    I did that same race and they allowed wetsuits - it was insane hot. Drank 2L of Coke afterwards just to be able to drive home.
  13. Rimmer

    Bait bikes

    At Melbourne Uni in 1993, there was a bike locked to a fence with a D-Lock around the seatpost. Over a couple of days, everything was stripped from it .... bars... wheels .... derailleurs .... cranks ... HS and forks .... BB, so that all that was left was the frame, post and saddle, dangling from the D-Lock. Who carries around a BB tool (the old cartridge style) for that purpose???
  14. Rimmer

    The good news thread

    Don’t know yet as we’ve not done any VO2 or LT testing .... but his T1 (wet) and T2 (brown) transitions are blinding!!!
  15. Rimmer

    The good news thread

    He doesn’t look like he trusts .... taught him all I know!!!
  16. Rimmer

    The good news thread

    Little George Leo was born this morning by C-Section. Weighed 3.49Kg and HR of 155, but sleeping like a baby (what would you expect, Rimmer?) and drinking like there's no tomorrow. Mum a trooper, Dad in love with his Mini-me. Will post photos when I have slept.
  17. Rimmer

    Holidaying with work mates

    No. He was a relatively senior member (excuse the pun) of Staff and he hired the now CEO of the company about 30 years ago in South America. Whatever he wanted to do, he could. Untouchable. He even brought across a woman from the Moscow Office to work in his Department, even though she knew absolutely nothing about what we did. He ended up involved with her and, at the Christmas Party, they ..... got it on. The worst part about it was that his wife was at the Party as well! She left the Company with a payout about a month later. I go to these things, say my hellos and ask obligatory questions, be seen, then take my leave.
  18. Rimmer

    Kona 2018 - a short story

    Well done AP. There has been a lot of crap against you on this site (which I never understand), but it works for you and not many people have done 19 IMWCs, especially at the pointy end. Don't worry about the "narrow life" barbs either - as if you would - it's your life, you only get one and you're dead a hell of a long time!
  19. Rimmer

    Holidaying with work mates

    Slight clarification on this .... when I met my now wife, we soon clocked that her father was the Chairman of one of my clients. We went to her brother's wedding in Miami (I think I was drunk for a week) and, bobbing off the Coast of Miami, the now F-I-L came to an agreement ... we don't discuss work at all. Nothing. Not a mention. Don't ask - don't tell. If you can get that from your workmates, and you like them, then possible you might enjoy a holiday with them.
  20. Rimmer

    Holidaying with work mates

    After seeing the Head of Department at one of my former clients engaged in a $ex act at the Christmas Party a couple of years ago, I keep a very measured distance. Would I go on holidays with them? No!
  21. Rimmer

    Transgender Cycling World Champ

    And that was the point I was trying to make ... that we as the human race have segmented ourselves into so many categories that the lines on objective measurement of performance have become so blurred. And, if there was an Olympic sport for chasing and retrieving a tennis ball, Maggie would be World Champion!
  22. Rimmer

    Transgender Cycling World Champ

    The point I am making here is that humans ascribe subjective judgments to themselves and other humans that is often artificial. When it becomes an objective measurement (i.e. who crossed the line first), this is where you have other people disappointed. Which is what you see with 2nd and 3rd places in that photo.
  23. Rimmer

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    That is GOLD - love the way he grabs the bottle of coke and chugs it!
  24. Rimmer

    Transgender Cycling World Champ

    Agree that teenage years can be horrible (and teenagers can also be horrible during those years), but there needs to be a point of calm where these decisions can be made ensuring that they are the right decisions to be made. From what you describe, it could be seen by some like she was alternating between different fashion styles....
  25. Rimmer

    Transgender Cycling World Champ

    This is now becoming a problem as there are more than just LGBTI as categories .... The correct classifications (I don't think that is the correct term .... but you know what I mean) is "LGBTQQIP2SAA" Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two Q’s to cover both bases (queer and questioning); I for Intersex, people with two sets of genitalia or various chromosomal differences; P for Pansexual, people who refuse to be pinned down on the Kinsey scale; 2S for Two-Spirit, a tradition in many First Nations that considers sexual minorities to have both male and female spirits; A for Asexual, people who do not identify with any orientation; and A for Allies, recognizing that the community thrives best with loving supporters, although they are not really part of the community itself. My Labrador, Maggie, goes to the park and chases other dogs of any breed, sniffs their butts, plays with tennis balls and can curl up and have a sleep with any dog, of any breed, of any age, of any shape, of any colour, of any sex. She doesn't give a sh1t. Why can't people do the same?