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  1. High School Reunions

    I didn’t go to the 10 or 20 year reunion as I was relentlessly bullied by the people organising them. I think the thing is that everyone has their own opinion of High Schooll and I hated my experiences there, despite it being a great school, with fantastic teachers, great facilities and taught me a great deal. My parents and I saved every penny we had to go there (I worked Friday nights and Saturdays to fund it), but a lot of the other kids were over-privileged a-holes who were taking the piss. Most of the girls were bitchy and awful and most of the guys were using pot. I still keep in touch with one mate from School (it was 2, but he’s about to start a stretch for embezzlement, so I don’t think I’ll be seeing him for 3-5 years) and that suits me fine. I don’t care what the others are up to and I guess they’re not losing sleep over me, either. Each to their own, I suppose.
  2. The way I read this is .... not at the moment. The revocation will only apply to e-bikes, but it doesn't sound like it's too far away before it'll apply to normal, high-end, bikes. This will protect a limited number of frame builders, but the tariff would apply to wheels and components. Not only do you need a new bike .... you need one NOW!
  3. Who is in the wrong?

    Doesn't need to be a motorbike. I remember one of the St Kilda races back in the early 90s and one of the guns of the era hitting a pedestrian coming out from the Palace ... killed him instantly. From memory, it put the gun into hospital for a long time.
  4. KF no C

    I can't believe that people are getting outraged at not being able to sell something they were never able sell in the first place!!! This had clusterf*&k written all over it and the Unions warned them not to move to this model as they had 4 backup plans and they went to none! Same thing happened with Burger King last year and KFC Corporate ignored it. Someone is going to lose their job.....
  5. Facebook, I dont like it!

    Go out into the world and talk to people. Engage. Some you might like, some you may not, but the process of engagement is brilliant!
  6. Guilty by association?

    SFA sympathy .... see this for proof of a f*&ked up attitude to drugs in sport http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/six-charged-in-connection-with-linas-rumsas-death-investigation/
  7. Lock laces

    I just use the locking mechanism and the original shoe's laces.... been working fine for me since 1991!
  8. Bike Cleaning/Maintenance

    Little and often. Some citrus degreaser for the drivetrain and brakes, and muc off on the frame / wheels. Low pressure hose to rinse. Every month, chain off and into a jewellery cleaner full of citrus and clean every tooth of the cassette (off the wheels) and cranks. Complete strip down and rebuild every three months to check for wear.
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-5335111/Formula-One-announce-axe-grid-girls.html Whatever happened to the good old days of fag and booze sponsorship and blokes being blokes??? (I'm being sarcastic here!)
  10. Club? Or by myself?

    Right, I need some advice here. For some context, I used to train in Melbourne where groups were structured and planned, everyone knowing each others' abilities, strengths and weaknesses. If you were more than five minutes late, we'd just ride off. No questions asked. We made sure we were all looked after and safe, but none of the bunch were in a Club. Have just moved to Dublin after 10 years in London and joined one of the larger clubs to meet some people and do some training. Am only in town on weekends as I FIFO to London for work. London clubs were very cliquey and selective - I didn't mind, I held my own. Have been on a couple of club rides with the new Club, I have found it bloody frustrating. On one ride, no-one knew the way and there were a couple of near-misses with people going in separate directions at intersections because they didn't know the way. Next time I rode with them it was -2C and we went into the hills where the ice caused 16 crashes in a bunch of 8 and covering 30km before I said "F..k this, I'm outta here". Then, yesterday, it was forecast for strong winds (although 13C when we kicked off) and they insisted on taking to the hills for another spin of 90km. After 20km, we were hitting crosswinds of 70 - 80km/h on exposed roads. Now, being of of the .... more ample athlete / Clydesdale / fuller figure (can still hold my own, though), I was being blown around, but 2 women in front of me got blown into each other and ended up in a ditch. One - we think - has broken her shoulder and another had to leave in the ambulance with her as her front wheel collapsed in the crash. Again, I said, "F..k this, I'm outta here". So, the question is (and I think I already know the answer) .... should i just train by myself, or continue to mess around with unstructured junk miles and poor execution and even poorer planning?
  11. I’m a celebrity au. Wtf? Tomic?

    The issue I have with "reality TV" is that it's not reality at all!!!! When was the last time someone asked you to eat flambéed goat's anus for $100,000?
  12. Robson racing again...

    The Rotto Swim guys should do what the WTS did when Robson "qualified" for Worlds a couple of years ago. They asked Jimmy Riccitello to chaperone him around the course, watch his mid-4's "times" go to mid-6s .... and then DQ him on a technicality and slap him with a 2 year ban! Jimmy had no issue with doing it, either, and thought the guy was a nob! What a toss-bag this bloke is. We should be more concerned with people like this as they are diverting much-needed funds from our sport and where it should be spent - development!
  13. Workplace smackdowns

    Don't talk to people at work about what you do outside of work .... keep your worlds separate! The more you dig into what they do, the more you're like to find out they're into dogging, swapping or are Keith Urban fans!
  14. Icarus

    Yes, awesome film .... even before it became interesting with the Russians and Sochi!!! Says so much about sport in society (and sport and society) these days!! Watch it and report back.
  15. Club? Or by myself?

    Thanks for the replies, all. All good suggestions. I've had a bit of time to reflect on it and I think it's best that I train by myself and that way I can only be critical of myself. There are a few decent cycling clubs over here and another Tri Club option just down the road, so I'm going to be a bit selective. The other thing I have noticed is that the Club (BTW, great craic on a night out and very sociable) puts a great deal of emphasis on "Winter miles = Summer smiles" and "don't overcook it in January ... it's a long season ahead of you" and then they do stuff like this. I was taught the hard way through the Mitch Anderson method (in short, train for efficiency and don't be a d1ck!), so this is where the frustration lies. I have thought about penning an open letter to their forum, but i don't want to alienate people.
  16. Perth driver stabs cyclist in kings park

    26th February 2001 - had a guy pull a gun on me and a mate, when we were riding through Seaford on the Nepean Highway. Still remember the incident vividly, the car, the rego and the aftermath. Please, please ... as confronting as this is, DO NOT confront anyone like this. You don't know what you're going to get! Get a camera and ride in a bunch if you can.
  17. I’m a celebrity au. Wtf? Tomic?

    I love the fact that this was the thing that had made him reconsider playing tennis again!!!
  18. Your 1st race

    The 1991 Captain Triathlon at Pykes Creek just outside of Ballan on the road to Ballarat. Had a panic attack and was dragged from the water. Mum and Dad were quietly pleased that this phase of my life was now over....
  19. The Expat weather thread

    I’ve done -35C for a XC ski race and there’s no messing around. It’s dangerous right from the off! Once you’re moving, you keep moving and keep feeding. Once you’re finished, you have to immediately get into dry clothing as wet clothing will freeze up and can send you into thermic shock - remembering to do that when you’re spent takes some doing...
  20. Favourite Tee Shirt

    Nuf said!
  21. What gets on my quince....

    I don't even know what to make of this .... https://www.informationliberation.com/?id=57745
  22. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    Bitcoin starting to tank ....
  23. What gets on my quince....

    I've only seen chicks called Bambi in films ....
  24. The Mental Health thread

    I used to hate Christmas with a passion - something about working in Family Law and seeing parents use children as pawns and weapons and then working weekends in a shop!!!! It brought out the very worst in people and I used to switch off and disengage entirely. I found the whole thing draining, so would disappear early on Christmas morning for a ride and come back just before lunch in the mid afternoon. I am now part of a family which embraces Christmas for all of the right reasons and am starting to feel like a child again at Christmas. Seeing the positive and recognising how fortunate I am. I probably wouldn't do lunch with the ex's family, as nice as it sounds that they have invited you. Could I suggest you do a Parkrun on Christmas morning as a start. You will find some other people who are in a similar situation and who knows what might happen. Otherwise, find a lake to swim, a hill to ride up or a forest trail to run. Have a safe one, though.
  25. Rugby League Keeps on Giving

    I did. And it does sound like BS and a money grab. But, it could also sound like a legitimate rape in different hands and with different eyes and ears. Whatever happens, any court case will be horrible to endure, so if it is for cash, it'd better be worth it!!!!