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    Housing Bubble thread.

    Lots more mortgage stress to come .... during the good times, people blow cash like it's going out of fashion and extend on mortgages, cards and generally living beyond their means. Australia has one of the highest rates of personal indebtedness on the planet and this will come home to roost very soon. There will be a significant correction in this in the next 6 - 12 months. Also, and I agree with his point on this, ScoMo's talk about not abolishing negative gearing is a smart move (sadly for those trying to buy their first property) as so many of the Super / Investment funds have invested in negatively geared property that the abolition of NG would cause a flood of properties onto the market, a subsequent crash in value and also impact Super / Investment funds. Damned if they do, damned if they don't!
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    iPhone X

    It's a phone - like most technology, most of the features on it are those you'll never use. The prices of these things are insane!
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    Podcasts - What's everyone listening to?

    Heard that and I think that there are so many parts to this which are loosely connected, the only way he'll go down is if he confesses (unlikely), they find a body (again), they try a trial based on circumstantial evidence (risky) or someone shops him (again, unlikely as they are so close knit and are approaching an age where health usually beats them). The NSW Police Department don't come out of this in any way covered in glory and neither do the Education Department. I remember there were a couple of teachers at my school who disappeared in the middle of term as they were having inappropriate relationships with students .... but nothing like this! The 70s and 80s were a different time!
  4. Rimmer

    Cutting corners during a race

    Never okay. I even run the full course at Parkrun. I run the tangents (legal), but I run the course!
  5. Rimmer

    Work place politics and millennials

    I don't know whether I posted this earlier, but I sat in on an interview with a young, bright-eyed Grad (I won't use the term "millennial" for the same reason that I don't want to be classified according to nothing more than when my parents "got busy") a couple of weeks ago. This kid was a piece of work. They demanded that the Client I work for issue them with a MacBook Air instead of bog-standard HP / IBM / Lenovo / whatever and also demanded half a day a week (paid) to continue their social media influencing. I asked to see the IG account and pointed out that my dog's IG account has more followers. We won't be hiring them, but I feel for those that will!
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    Podcasts - What's everyone listening to?

    Monkey ... I have to ask ... are you on email?
  7. Rimmer

    Podcasts - What's everyone listening to?

    I am listening to it at the moment and it's disturbing on a number of fronts. Domestic violence, the disappearance of a well-liked woman, the teachers roles in student's lives, Police inaction. Sadly, I think Dawson has dodged this all of his life and will continue to do so.
  8. Rimmer

    Podcasts - What's everyone listening to?

    Even funnier in real life! Reminds me of Saturday Afternoons on JJJ where they would sit around talking shite for hours!
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    It's goodnight from me..............

    Thanks Roxii. Thankless task that I’m going to say thanks for. Enjoy having a bit more time in your life, Cam
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    .... and here is me thinking bikes are expensive!!!!
  11. Rimmer


    Just made the comment that the Bugaboo / Stokke thing is like Campag / Shimano... pick a side and stick to it!
  12. Hi All, Been a rough couple of months lately and am throwing out a chance for you all to have input into my life (I may not use any or all of it, but these suggestions might provide a nugget of information) and a chance to improve it - I am also seeking professional help as well as the unprofessional here! Some context for you all: - General - Life has been manic for the past 11 years since I left Australia. I run my own consulting business and triathlon is very much a "what I do in my spare time thing". I have been competing since 1990, done 250+ races and competed all over the world - IM, Halves, OD, Sprint, Multisport, Swim races, MTB, Cross, TT, Marathons, Road Racing and Cross Country. Also do XC Ski Marathon racing in the Winter. Life is busy; This season - Had entered two 70.3 races, a couple of sportives, 6 sprint races, 4 duathlons and 2 OD races. I ended up doing 1 sprint race due to fatigue - slowly. That was in May. I don't want to enter any more races until I can get a base down and enjoy it again. Swimming, though, is improving on 1 session a week OW and I am doing 150km / week on the singlespeed commuter; The Wife - Got married to the love of my life in 2016 and her life was similarly nuts - we fitted the wedding into a break in my MBA course and between her Worlds sailing qualifying regattas. She is a GP and we lived together in London for 3 years, the last 12 months of which we were joined by our Labrador, Maggie; Where I live - In 2017, we moved to Dublin and bought a run-down house next to her parents, right on the beach. Yes! Right next to her parents (who are fantastic and supportive). The mortgage was massive and the house was poorly-designed, badly-built and never maintained by the previous owners. We did one round of renovations last year and another huge job this year - it is now much more liveable; Work - The wife works 3 minutes up the road and is on track to become a Partner in the practice. Unfortunately, there is very little work in Dublin for me and my line of work (Procurement consulting) that pays what I need to , so I travel to London each week and live Mon - Fri in a sparsely decorated, 1BR apartment, before getting home at midnight on Fridays. This costs a fortune and I hate being away from the wife and Maggie. I have wasted 19 days since October just commuting between London and Dublin and now get moody and irritable when I see planes .... not easy when your view out the front of the house is the Dublin flightpath! Family - Sadly, my Dad passed away in July. We knew this was likely as he'd been ill for a long time and my Mum and the nursing home did a fantastic job of looking after him, but that doesn't make it any easier. It was a long, lonely flight back to Australia. I have no other family in Europe, apart from my wife's; Mates - When I am in London, I am there to work, so that it frees up the weekends. When I am in Dublin, I am too r00ted to do anything and my sport and fitness has suffered as a result. Some of my London friends have drifted off as I'm not there as much, and I don't have the time to make friends on weekends as this is wifey / family time; Health, generally - I suffer from insomnia and get 3-4 hours a night, 5-6 on a good night. I have been making mistakes recently and almost put a rental car into a pub a couple of Mondays ago when driving 2 hours to the airport on a Monday morning. Not cool. I have also put on a bit of weight which I am not happy about; Good news - We also have a baby on the way. This is awesome news as I never thought I could ever be a Dad (lack of willing partners until now), but I have the stress of working in one country while the wife is in another ready to go in the next 6-7 weeks; So, throwing it out there to see whether anyone has any ideas. Happy for as little or as many suggestions as you want to make. I will take it all in and process it - I may not follow it, but keen to hear from you as part of the decision making process. Thanks, in advance, Cam
  13. Rimmer

    IM Wales: yma dwi eto

    Top effort, my friend. Enjoy the recovery and the time with the family. We need to a pizza at some point!
  14. Very fair question and happy to answer this as i think I know. Career growth is something that I need, but it's not necessarily climbing the greasy pole of the corporate ladder or more cash. What I need is the "spiking hair on the back of your neck feeling" about doing a job well and contributing to improving something. Which is why my 3 month contracts have turned into 4 or 6 year engagements - I end up knowing more about the companies I work for than they do themselves. I like pulling things apart and putting them back together and I am not concerned about the cash as I know that I will always have work. I tend to work smarter, not longer or harder a I am trying to find the balance, something that it appears is the mainstay of the responses here. To be honest, the career growth is in the form of working on more and more complex deals and the challenge that this entails.
  15. Don't be silly ... I threw it out there, so happy to share. I buy professional services for companies (legal services, audit, advisory services, outsourcing, change management etc). I am contracted and work with big, global corporates. At the moment, I am working on contract with a "supermajor" oil & gas company and there isn't the demand for what I do in Dubh; the feedback is that this would happen in 10% of engagements whereas in London it's more than a FT gig.
  16. Rimmer

    9 year old takes a knee

    Advance Australia Fair every morning and a flag raising to go with it. Except for the Fowkes family kids who were conscientious objectors ... but didn't seem to mind the excellent, free education that the state provided for them.
  17. Thanks for that, mate. Have mentioned this to her and we have talked about a move back to Australia for a period, although the Pilbara might be a stretch for someone who likes to be close to the sea .... and the shops! The Partnership thing is something that would change things for us as the model is very different in Ireland cf the UK. This would ease one burden and allow me to be a FT Dad for a while, but I want also some career growth and that - from the research I have done - isn't going to happen to the same degree in Ireland. It's about the balance, I think, but what that balance is is another thing. Thanks for the thoughts ... I think we're even now!
  18. A real keeper ... you have to go looking a long way to find someone as beautiful, patient, smart and funny as my wife, so I'm going to hang onto her!
  19. Wow! Thanks a lot for the contributions, everyone. It's very nice to know that although I don't know most of you, you don't mind chipping in with some advice and perspective. There were a couple of moments over the past few weeks that I felt that it could impact on my mental health, but it seems that the problems (from my own understanding and others) is the confluence of many change aspects all at the one time. There are a couple of snippets in there (run a bike shop or a coffee shop .... both of which are not done well in Ireland!!!), but it has confirmed that time (my kid's, my wife's and my own) seems to be the common thread and this is consistent with my own thoughts. Thanks also for the well wishes for the birth. At 45, I will be an older dad and don't think for a second that I know it all, or much of it, so the perspectives given are very much appreciated. Will keep you posted with how it's all going. Again, my thanks.
  20. Rimmer

    IM Wales: yma dwi eto

    Well done, mate. Enjoy the recovery and the time with the family. Now onto the real challenge of completing on the house!!!
  21. Rimmer

    Sickness in the Workplace

    Much the same, really .. they each think that they rule the world, but really don't know their arses from their elbows!
  22. Rimmer

    Anyone can do Kona this year (2018)

    They were a top bike. I had the Hotta TT and it was great in a straight line, but like butter in corners. Collectors items now. Both of them.
  23. Rimmer

    Crowd funding gone crazy!

    Alex Salmond, the former First Minister of Scotland is seeking crowdfunding to cover his alleged sexual misconduct charges. i wouldn’t donate a spare haemorrhoid to that bloke .... and especially not for what he’s alleged to have down ... and especially not after him being on the public purse for thirty years!!!
  24. Rimmer

    Can people/companies own statements?

    The short answer is that certain products can have a trademark / slogan / brand / definable characteristic attached to them and that ownership vests with the holder who has registered that product, with that mark / slogan / brand etc. It is also jurisdiction by jurisdiction, so if you’re prepared to go global, be prepared to spend a lot. If you violate hany mark, also be prepared to spend a lot. As an example www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/court-threatens-mcgregor-with-250-000-fine-over-trademark-1.3592261%3fmode=amp. PM me for some further advice as it can get mucky!
  25. Rimmer

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner