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  1. Rimmer

    The POMS have another superstar

    Agree that it's awesome to see, but have a look at the packs on that tight course .... there really is no Craig Walton / Death or Glory racing anymore. I know what I would prefer to see!
  2. Rimmer

    USA next political star

    In Kona (I was spectating ... they haven't lowered their standards that much) I had a discussion with a teacher from Wisconsin who thought that Obama was a commie and that she was having an "overseas holiday". And she teaches!
  3. Rimmer

    The POMS have another superstar

    Just had a look at his track form .. 27:51.94 for 10,000! That is going to take some beating!
  4. Rimmer

    What lifetime do wheels get?

    Yeah, Mavic make some with Alu nipples (tee-he.... sorry) and brass is the way to go. Brass is still fairly light duty as it's a "much metal", but much stronger than Alu. I used to have a pair of Mavic Open 4CD Ceramics / Ultegra hubs / DT 14-15 / Brass nipples which were tied, glued and soldered and they were the business. They are still doing service on a mate's pub bike 23 years later! Would love to know anyone with the patience to do tie / glue / solder nowadays.....
  5. Rimmer

    What lifetime do wheels get?

    Aluminium nipples are the problem. They just aren't as robust as brass or SS. I have a pair of Chris King / Mavic CXP33s / DT Swiss 14-15 / Brass DT nipples that I have had for 12 years and now they are doing service on my cross bike, so sometimes it is just the ingredients in the pie!
  6. Rimmer

    USA next political star

    Agreed. Young and exuberant, but inexperienced and unaware of how the world actually works. She reminds me of the debaters at school who were strong on bizarre ideas .... then went into a life of academia.
  7. Rimmer

    Kangaroos vs Cars

    Glad you're okay, mate. Dad used to have a little, 20c, plastic air-flow device fitted to the front of the car that scared them witless ..... they would literally turn on their heels and bolt in the opposite direction. Let me see if I can find a better description.
  8. Rimmer

    Other Peoples Jobs.

    Not just sitting on a tropical island ... I sit around at night in a pokey 1 BR apartment and know that distance is a massive relationship threat, especially with a young family.
  9. Rimmer

    Bike Lights

    Am a massive fan of Lupine ... have the Betty 14 for commuting, which is probably overkill even on low beam, but better to be seen by a bus than under one!
  10. Rimmer

    Whats a lifestyle expert?

    Same as "Life Coach", really .... pulling apart their clients to work out what makes them all so messed up!
  11. Rimmer

    Two tickets to Eddie Izzard in Sydney

    I find the man as funny as polio .... but this was a pretty good tweet!
  12. Rimmer

    Creating Value

    All of the above .... be approachable and pleasant, hard working and humble, open and transparent. Above all, be loyal and give feedback to sponsors. Set out your goals and keep those who connect with you in touch with how you are achieving them, or not. Don't make it obvious that you're pushing the sponsors products, but make them visible, no matter the medium. As a case in point, look at Craig Lowndes. A harder racer you couldn't meet, but he's there at the start of the meeting to sign for the fans and he's there long after the obligation ends. Also helps with the clean up for the team and is one of the last to leave the track. People relate to that, the brand recognition is enormous because of the relationship and the punters walk / drive like zombies into the shops to buy the sponsors products.
  13. Rimmer


    The thing is that my phone has been running off the hook with Agents and Clients looking for implementation assistance - there will be disruption, that is a given ... it's just how you handle that disruption!!! Also, many of the companies I have investigated no longer have a base in the UK and have established satellite offices in the EU. BA is a classic example - now HQ'd in IAG's Offices in Madrid, so that they can still comply with EU Regs and Open Skies.
  14. Rimmer


    And this is the problem that people are starting to see, sadly, when immigration should bring so much to a country (said as an immigrant, myself). It was unfiltered and unchecked and we had the situation here in the UK where men in their 30s were lying about their age and being sent to secondary schools to sit alongside minors. A lot of them have brought problems and become a drain on the resources of the host country. People eventually resent this, despite the best of intentions. And Britain also has itself to blame by offering a welfare state (housing, health care, education, cash etc) far, far better than any migrant would ever get in their home country, inside or outside of the EU .... the fact is that freedom of movement and the lack of enforcement of the Dublin Agreement (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dublin_Regulation) have contributed to this to Britain's detriment and caused the resentment toward immigration that we saw in sections of the community during and after the Brexit debate. A colleague of mine runs a business in Germany called LQ Enterprise GmbH. This company tries to place migrants into jobs and he is sick of the lies and untruths about skills and education which are found out when they are placed. Many of them don't want to live in Germany where the benefits aren't as great as the UK, but are using Germany as a stepping stone. Merkel knows this, which is why she's keen to push the problem to Britain as she now has 800,000 unplanned, extra (that they know of) mouths to feed, house, clothe, and train. Macron in France is simply holding the door open for them toward Britain as they have no cash or inclination to spend on migrants. Italy, Spain and Greece are the same. But, the most telling country is Sweden; as a Swedish mate of mine said ... "When Sweden has a problem with immigration, you know there is a problem". Contrast that with Norway, which enforces a rule of only safety net benefits, dis-aggregation, enforcement of sharing of language and culture and all of a sudden, migration is less of a problem. And they are not bound by the Dublin Agreement, but follow it better than any of the other signatories. Upshot - it's a mess!
  15. Rimmer

    Awesome Sports doco

    What's your point, FP??? I thought you had negotiated WFH into your contract?