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  1. Rimmer

    The good news thread

    I love an 800hp donk straight through to a diff and the only thing keeping them level was throttle control and a complicated suspension set-up called a Jacobs Ladder.... and +/- 1 or 2 psi on the tyres was the difference between winning, spinning or binning!
  2. Rimmer

    The good news thread

    Hell of a racer .... both of them!
  3. Rimmer

    I don't understand.......

    And the "eyes off the prize" approach by many internal legal functions .... Have been advising my mate recently and am damn sure that the lawyers haven't seen anything of this claim. All being buried until the flash point ....
  4. Rimmer

    I don't understand.......

    I was in a similar position about 20 years ago when I was sexually harassed by my boss (yes, really ... ME!!!!) at a law firm. When it came time to quitting that job, they tried an NDA on me and I told them to go and stick it. Fast forward 20 years and I have just advised a (male) mate who is in a similar position .... seems we haven't moved on from the caveman!
  5. Rimmer

    What training did you do today?

    3 x 1Km descending repeats open water, 200m warm-down. 18:00, 17:30, 16:30. Starting to get the feel back!
  6. Rimmer

    Why can't we all just get along???

    I'm a lover, not a fighter!
  7. Rimmer

    One in the hand worth two in the bush ?

    Houses. Jobs. Cars. Living that at the moment. Strangely, bikes are not part of this equation!!!
  8. Rimmer

    The good news thread

    I always loved doing the Sprintcars / Speedway season over the Christmas / New Year period in Warrnambool / Portland / Mt Gambier ..... such a difficult beast to get right, either on 2 wheels or 4 and the noise and the AvGas and the mud ..... Takes me back.
  9. Rimmer

    Cardinal Pell

    We had Ronald Mulkearns in Ballarat for over a quarter of a century and as soon as the $hit hit the fan for him and he was implicated in the cover-up, they pensioned him off to a friendly retirement home in Apollo Bay where he saw out his years. I bet the old CC will be pulling the same stunt with Pell if / when he gets tried! The Catholic Church ... a business too big to fail!
  10. Rimmer

    Why can't we all just get along???

    Understood and - not personally knowing some of the participants - this might be nothing more than banter between friends ... but the tone could be really off-putting to any newbie! Roxii, thanks for your work, as always.
  11. At the risk of starting something up, can we all just get along, please? I only know or have met a few of the people on this forum and you're all pretty decent characters. I remember Cranky's dilemma's, reading FP's reports and helping Kieran further himself in the workplace, just to name a few instances. However, there seems to be a battle going on between a couple of factions on here that is worthy of some self-moderation. Not ascribing blame or naming names, but we get that you may not get along, so probably best to leave the discussion there. Otherwise, can we keep the "community" in this thing, or I'm off!
  12. Rimmer

    I don't understand.......

    I don't think you're meant to understand .... this case has a lot of similarities to the Adrian Bayley case from afar (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Jill_Meagher) (similar circumstances, location etc) and it will be interesting to see whether any of the lessons have been learned from the past. Everyone should be able to go anywhere without fear, but I think the reality is different. That area was always dodgy when I went to Uni just down the road and there were always some suspect characters hanging around. Definitely not her fault. Very sad. Poor woman.
  13. Rimmer

    Kona qualifier 15+

    If you are referring to the same person, I have been reading her IG posts - am not a stalker, but they come up - and she appears to be in a fragile place at the moment. I agree that if she - and people like her - were to withdraw from the sport, the sport would be the lesser for this and their lives may not have been as fulfilled. Sometimes getting to the top of the mountain is hard because there is nowhere higher to climb! I wish her well.
  14. Rimmer

    Kona qualifier 15+

    Just for the record, I have been to Kona - twice - as a spectator. I have no intention of ever racing there as I think I would be miserable and suffer in the heat and winds! Hats off to anyone who does KQ, but if you ever see me qualify, punch me in the head (repeatedly) and send a letter to the WTC that they have lowered their standards! I race for fun and to travel, meet people and experience the race and what it teaches me - I have no interest in titles or trophies. Seriously, though, the current rules are the current rules. Just like in the 80s you could pay your money and turn up and race. How fair is that for people who wanted to do Kona and weren't born then? The KQ system, in whatever form, is what makes the race, IMO. It enables the average joe's / female equivalent of Joe able to race the best in the world and be part of something. If we lose that, we lose the essence of the sport and make it too elitist. Other people have different opinions - that's fair also. On a related note, I struggle with triathletes I meet who are looking for something in this sport that they probably aren't going to find. Some people think it's a magic bullet to enlightenment .... or some shite ... but I think they're looking at it too deeply. It's a swim, a bike and a run. It's meeting people and enjoying their company, having a race, performing (or not) and not thinking this is the making or breaking of us. The young KQ being referred to here has done something that many her age couldn't do in 3 days! Congratulations to her and I hope she has a cracking time, whatever her time.
  15. Rimmer

    Rebel Wilson

    Hard one, this issue .... which do I dislike more? A woman who isn't funny and trots out the same awkward / fat / fart jokes in every film, or magazines that print sh1te! I wish they would both disappear, but both appeal to some!