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  1. The Politics Thread

    I liken this stunt (and it was a stunt) to the Cronulla Riots. If there was some seething undercurrent of views in Australia, best that it be brought to the front and debated, rather than continue to seethe and distract. What I learned today was what I knew beforehand. Pauline is a tool who represents some people and has a point-of-view - people knew that before and she just made herself and these people look more ignorant. I don't agree with the burqa or the naqib as I consider them the clothes of oppression, but it's not my place (nor Pauline's) to tell people what to believe or how to dress.
  2. Uber v Cabbies

    Accepted, but I'm saying there is a pecking order and I would rather take a minicab than an Uber!
  3. Uber v Cabbies

    That's not the half of it - 148 cases in London of sexual assaults by Uber drivers in the last 12 months. Many of them live in their cabs and can be seen pi$$ing and $hitting in the streets around airports and train stations as they make only 8-10% of the fare value, so need to keep the cars going at all times. Many of them have been in the country only 10 minutes and drive like idiots and don't know the way to get to major landmarks. The cars (mainly Toyota Pruises) are in shocking condition and only insured to prove validity for the license to operate as cabs. I hate Uber in London. Then you compare it to the Black Cab drivers who spend - on average - 3 1/2 years to pass the knowledge and it's a no brainer. Okay, they are more expensive, but you get what you pay for.. Good thing Uber's license to operate is up for renewal.
  4. City Joggers are Rude

    They just arrested a bloke for this in Battersea! Typical. South of the River. No wonder the cabs don't go down there!
  5. Help me pick a multi-tool

    Crank Brothers all the way!
  6. Wage Increases

    I contract and have had steady pay rises over the past 8 years by doing the jobs that no-one else wants to do and making myself as close to an expert in these areas as I can. The issue with collective bargaining is that it presumes - often correctly - that everyone is the same and everyone has the same skills, work ethic and capacity to work as everyone else at that band. My advice is, if you are yourself looking for a raise greater than standard or market (there are obvious exceptions with PS roles and mass labour): - 1) Differentiate yourself; 2) Make yourself an expert in your role; 3) Put an element at risk; 4) Make yourself indispensable; and 5) Make your employer know that they need you more than you need them.
  7. Things to do in Sydney

    What I always recommend to people when they visit Sin City! The other thing I would recommend is Fort Denison, but have just seen it is now closed. The Powerhouse Museum is also well worth a look.
  8. Proud Dad moment

    Have been talking about the same thing with the missus recently and, although we come from completely different worlds, the relationships we each have with our parents has formed us into who we are, the company we keep, the interests we have and the paths we lay for ourselves. They housed me, fed me, supported me, nurtured me, bailed me out occasionally, taught me right from wrong, showed me affection when I needed it and kicked me when I needed it. I live half a world away from Mum and Dad, but still talk to them twice a week and email with the most trivial - and important - stuff. I would love Mum to come and spend some time in the UK and Ireland (Dad can't as he's in the home) and for me to show her around more. They have been amazing role models for me and, if I become a parent someday, I hope to be 1/10th as decent as they were to my brother and I when we were growing up. That said, FP, I think it's entirely your choice to make your Mum suffer through an Ironman ... it's not like it's an edge-of-the-seat experience, is it?
  9. Ironman in Victoria

    I volunteered at that shambolic Ballarat 226 race back in 2003 and did so as the RD went AWOL (with the cash) and wanted to make it a fun, safe event for those racing. That said, there were still VIPs walking around doing 4/5ths of 5/8ths of SFA! In Ballarat! I think they can rely on volunteers for some of it, but they require a level of paid workers to support them as well - the balance has to be right or someone's going to be disappointed!
  10. Norseman

    Good Luck tomorrow and enjoy the scenery - the Noggies are famous for random support in the middle of nowhere, so lap that up as well.
  11. Rooad ID shipping time

    Sometimes their range varies - I got one for my "Prison Tag" (the Garmin VivoActive HR) which is no longer available. Email them with requests and they usually come through.
  12. the 2017/18 financial year cost of pool swimming

    £900 / annum for use of a pool and gym (unlimited classes) and access in the centre of London. It's a 25m, reasonably chlorinated, brand new change rooms (thank you Sir Richard Branson) and not that busy. However, every session requires a couple of laps of fly to clear out the Wombles and make it regulation. As a side note, a mate of mine got free swimming in Manhattan when he was there. It was at a Jewish School on the Upper East. He did a deal where they gave him a key and he could use from 0430 - 0600, but as payback, they required him to teach swimming to the kids after that. Completely free on Saturdays!!! Some of the country Victorian pools are run the same way.... volunteer for a bit and get reduced entry costs. Look into it.
  13. Rooad ID shipping time

    I would contact them as I received mine (into the UK) in 5 days. Great product and great customer service in my opinion.
  14. The good news thread

    We had a similar experience last week. With me pushing 44 and the missus 37 with a few complications to her name, we went to see the quack who said that everything was "normal" and we may not need the added help. I had already had an analysis of my system and the results came back that I was 15 times greater than the average - Samantha rang pathology to see whether the decimal point was in the right place. Training has suffered this week, but I've been wearing a smile like a 10 year old all week!
  15. Your 'hardest' race?

    It was fairly logical in the end and you carried all of your gear from the first bike to the run up Ben Nevis. Logistical nightmare as we had to have someone who could take two days off work, could be insured to drive the Cayenne (and me trusting them) and who you could trust to be in Fort William at a certain time to collect and load bikes through to the finish. Funniest part of the weekend was my mate from Melbourne went from the Balmoral (5 star) to the Smithton Pub outside Inverness (1 star) to a YHA .... and then onto Qantas 1st Class home.