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  1. Rimmer

    Transgender Cycling World Champ

    And that was the point I was trying to make ... that we as the human race have segmented ourselves into so many categories that the lines on objective measurement of performance have become so blurred. And, if there was an Olympic sport for chasing and retrieving a tennis ball, Maggie would be World Champion!
  2. Rimmer

    Transgender Cycling World Champ

    The point I am making here is that humans ascribe subjective judgments to themselves and other humans that is often artificial. When it becomes an objective measurement (i.e. who crossed the line first), this is where you have other people disappointed. Which is what you see with 2nd and 3rd places in that photo.
  3. Rimmer

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    That is GOLD - love the way he grabs the bottle of coke and chugs it!
  4. Rimmer

    Transgender Cycling World Champ

    Agree that teenage years can be horrible (and teenagers can also be horrible during those years), but there needs to be a point of calm where these decisions can be made ensuring that they are the right decisions to be made. From what you describe, it could be seen by some like she was alternating between different fashion styles....
  5. Rimmer

    Transgender Cycling World Champ

    This is now becoming a problem as there are more than just LGBTI as categories .... The correct classifications (I don't think that is the correct term .... but you know what I mean) is "LGBTQQIP2SAA" Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two Q’s to cover both bases (queer and questioning); I for Intersex, people with two sets of genitalia or various chromosomal differences; P for Pansexual, people who refuse to be pinned down on the Kinsey scale; 2S for Two-Spirit, a tradition in many First Nations that considers sexual minorities to have both male and female spirits; A for Asexual, people who do not identify with any orientation; and A for Allies, recognizing that the community thrives best with loving supporters, although they are not really part of the community itself. My Labrador, Maggie, goes to the park and chases other dogs of any breed, sniffs their butts, plays with tennis balls and can curl up and have a sleep with any dog, of any breed, of any age, of any shape, of any colour, of any sex. She doesn't give a sh1t. Why can't people do the same?
  6. Rimmer

    Transgender Cycling World Champ

    I accept that there might be people who identify as something else and that I may not know what is going on in their lives to understand the change they want. However, by making the change immediately as they do, they undermine the years of "oppression" (perceived or actual) that others have been through to force the change they want. To cite a case in point, a mate of mine at Uni identified as Koorie to get Abstudy and Austudy to prove the ridiculous nature of the policy! He then gave the Abstudy cash to the Aboriginal Collective at Framlingham. You also have to ask why there are fewer women who identify as men in sports like the NRL and AFL. Not hard, really - because there is a physiological difference!
  7. Rimmer


    Still love the comment about the Royal Wedding earlier in the year .... "Harry is disappointed that Meghan's father won't be in attendance at the wedding. And is also disappointed that neither will his father!"
  8. Rimmer

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    Had a similar race in Canberra at Sri Chinmoy back in 1998. Fat, unmotivated and left half my gear at home .... Went to The Bin the night before and stumbled through the door as my mate was off to race. Awesome weekend. Sometimes the tins call and you take it!
  9. Rimmer

    Transgender Cycling World Champ

    I've said it before, but paleontologists will look at the last 30 years or so of history and wonder WTF we were doing? Free reign and no consequences ....
  10. Rimmer

    Discounted Oakley's

    Retailers typically don't discount ... unless they are NOS / run-outs.
  11. Rimmer

    What training did you do today...

    1 hour 23 minutes on the SS commuter through Richmond Park and along the Thames this morning for 35km. Starting to get the feel back..... Same again tonight in reverse. Bliss for the brain.
  12. Rimmer

    New Specialized Shiv

    And Aussies seem to get reemed on bikes, especially when there are New, Old Stock bikes available at run-out in Europe and the US. Have a look at the Outlet store here .... www.racycles.com/outlet and see if you can tell the difference between some of these and the Shiv, P5X, Ceepo, Ventum..... And I know ... I used to ride a Hotta!
  13. Rimmer

    New Specialized Shiv

    I found a NOS Litespeed Blade on eBay and built the whole thing up for just under AUD$3K. This is proof that triathletes will buy anything if sold in the right way .... Ventum, Ceepo .... It also looks fiddly and a hassle if you had to pull it apart to clean and maintain it. The point is that it's probably not going to make that much difference to anyone else than a pro or 0.5% of AGers and, if you have that money to blow on a bike, well good luck to you.
  14. Rimmer

    The Batchelor

    I remember watching one of the first series of this from the US about 15 years ago ... the dude got to the end and didn't know who to pick, after sleeping with the last two. He was so confused, the producers gave him another date with each of them, he slept with both again, picked one and dumped her a couple of weeks later! I mean, what were they expecting?
  15. Rimmer

    Bathurst coverage trumps kona

    Worked at Ford about 15 years ago as the Marketing Procurement Manager - absolute highlight of the year was going to the Mountain for "work". Insane place. Sulman, Reid, McPhillamy Parks at night had me crying with laughter .... the stories ... Highlight was driving a lap of the track on raceday in my FPV Super Pursuit as part of the driver parade .... unbelievable experience. Good there is no crossover with Kona coverage.