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  1. Rimmer

    Strange denizens of the office

    As per my earlier post, I work in London and live in Dublin on weekends. I actually love coming into the Office as it gives me some contact with people and allows interaction. WFH in Dublin is great, but the dog will hound me (get it?) for throwing the ball for her and I can't resist and the wife always gives me a pile of jobs to do as she can't WFH. I end up spending 12 hour days for things that should take 7! It's occasionally nice, but is often abused.
  2. Rimmer

    Strange denizens of the office

    Jesus, what a can of worms here .... I saw the article and it started bringing up all of the strange people and their habits I have had to work with: - "Gary" and "Stafford" - two blokes in their 60s who worked together for 40 years and lived around the corner from each other. They were great mates, but wouldn't talk to each other outside work, even though they caught the same train to work! "Jim" - a Manager who used to openly scratch himself before he'd go for a wee and tell his female staff-member .... "Liz, I'm off for a slash!". Pig of a bloke! Once took a swing at me in the Office; "Frank" - his Office was like a Dutch Oven. Enough said; "James" - would go for a sleep under his desk at lunchtime; "Simon" - had a 15 minute, recurring, daily meeting in his diary for "Morning Tea.... Yum, Yum!". If you were in the middle of a meeting, he would turn around in his chair and eat his snacks and then expect that the meeting resume 15 minutes later. He also bought up all of the old Telecom Staff uniforms from the early 1980s from General Stores and was still wearing them in 2004! "Pradeep" - used to bring all of the ingredients for a curry and make it in the communal kitchen ... like a MasterChef episode crossed with a Chernobyl-type leak; "Hiren" - would sit at his desk and cough without making any attempt to cover his mouth or contain the bird flu that would emanate from him; "Jackie" and "Bernice" - two female colleagues who would, openly discuss their horizontal exploits .... I overheard some really, really base stuff from them; and "Trevor" - a bloke who would get his collection of magazines delivered to the Office as .... "If my wife knew what I was in to ... there'd be hell to pay ... hahahahahaha". Fool forgot to change his address after he was made redundant and the stuff kept arriving! In my view, fish, curries and other toxic substances are a definite no. Personal discussions are also out of bounds ... find somewhere private. Just be normal.
  3. Rimmer

    Regrets - Do you have any?

    A wise man once told me ... "you can make strawberry jam out of pig sh1t .... but it tastes pretty awful!!!" My Dad had such a turn of phrase when it suited him!
  4. Rimmer

    Regrets - Do you have any?

    I regret nothing I have ever done .... otherwise I wouldn't have done it at the time. But the question is valid. And, as I approach the next age-group in life, I have faced the same thinking. At the moment, I live 2 days a week in Ireland and commute to London for work. Mondays are an 0400 start and I finish about 2300. Fridays, I don't get home until midnight. During the course of a year, I will spend 15 and a half days traveling to and from airports. All to live in another country to afford a house I don't live in and away from my wife and the dog. I have to maintain a separate apartment in London and two cars to get around for work. And When I get home at weekends, I am often too knackered to train and just want to crawl up and go to sleep. Also, I know very few people in the country and those I do meet have often found their friendship groups and don't want / need any more friends. And we live in a house that has the insulating properties of Swiss cheese, hasn't been maintained to date, requires 3 days a week of upkeep (I have 2!) and with which I have no great affinity. Do I regret doing this? Only time will tell.
  5. Rimmer

    Referencing - APA style (any experts)

    Can I claim a percent or two for the help??? Congratulations. Well done. Bask and enjoy!
  6. Rimmer

    Paris Roubaix 2018 Gunna be awesome to watch

    Discussion today seems to be that he went into cardiac arrest after - and as a consequence of - the crash. Very sad.
  7. I love to ride my bikes - which I need to do more often. There is nothing better than the wind in your hair and the road / trail under your wheels.
  8. Rimmer

    Holy crap I feel old!

    You know you're old when you go to an Offspring concert and you're the only one whose transport option wasn't a skateboard!
  9. Rimmer

    Holy crap I feel old!

    Such a great band! Saw them in the Pit at Monash in 1994 with Hunters & Collectors. What I would give for a time machine!!!
  10. Rimmer

    Password Managers

    Apple couldn't be seen to be allowing this or their customers would walk in droves and put most of the world into a spin. I reckon they fought it long enough to make it look like they were doing nothing, but slipped some information a certain way!
  11. Rimmer

    Password Managers

    Have just changed all of my passwords in the last few weeks - they are all common now, but something that is so obscure no-one will ever find a way through it to my millions. 147 of them in total!
  12. Rimmer

    Campagnolo goes 12 Speed

    I lived with a guy who was a Rabobank Team doctor back in 1998 and he showed me photos of Shimano 13 speed in prototype form back then - they couldn't get it to work and gave up. The chains were too narrow and kept breaking under load. So, how many is too many? My FIL's Volvo XC90 has a 9-speed box and you can't tell when it's changing up and down ... even when towing his 25ft boat! I think 11 is enough on the bike for me.
  13. Rimmer

    No Shimano at Port Ironman!!

    This is disappointing and sets an alarming trend that sponsors will have to pay more for accessing these events to provide help! What would stop them setting up on their own??? Just outside of transition .....
  14. Rimmer

    Trusty steeds - what do you ride?

    2009 Litespeed (what would you expect from me???) Obed 26". 11 speed XTR, Chris King everything, Mavic / King / DT / Conti wheelset, Ritchey carbon finishing kit, Crank Brothers pedals. Mint.
  15. Rimmer

    Industry Insider Spills The Beans

    And Tri bikes ... remember the 26" phase? Those things were crazy unstable!