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  1. And I would listen to Prince Harry and his missus on anything? Why again?
  2. Career guidance given to me was "jockey" and "oyster farmer". I am not joking with these. I was a heavyweight rower at the time and 1,500kms from the nearest oyster farming region. Did work experience at every opportunity I could and got into law at Uni. Tried it for a while - and was successful - but hated the people. Now I do what FP does, in Switzerland, buying Professional Services for a drug company!
  3. I had a Hotta back in the day .... seriously quick bike in a straight line, but handled like a bar of soap on a wet floor on anything technical / hilly.
  4. What about Hawaii and their flag? They wear it with pride? Scotland's independence costings were on Brent NS Crude at $125 / barrel. At the moment, it's running at $62ish. They would be broke by Christmas. Scottish independence is also a diversion by one of the most hate-filled, divisive, useless politicians the world has seen in Sturgeon .... a woman presiding over schools being run from pubs because the school buildings were collapsing and hospitals having worse standards of hygiene than developing eastern European countries. Utterly useless group of people, the SNP. Am open to challenge on these points.
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7247821/Hunt-horrific-grunting-gimp-man-black-rubbery-suit.html
  6. Hi All, Thought I would give you an update on things from over here .... and thanks for the suggestions sent via the site and privately. Little baby George is growing up super strong and is so chilled and relaxed; we truly are so very lucky as he doesn't complain much, sleeps like a champion and eats like a machine. Everything is well with him. However, the wife and I have battled over the last 12 months given the interference by members of her family - and there seems no sign of that abating. It has not been fun for either of us and I have only just finished doing the FIFO thing to and from London. In all, it set us back as a couple and a family, cost us a fortune and wasted a power of time. My contract with BP has come to an end, right about the same time that she returned to work on a part-time basis. George is with a babysitter for the day, while she is at the practice. Apart from that, there have been no changes in our circumstances and they remain an issue. My relationship with her family is probably at an end given some heinous and malicious allegations made by them ... and I am still wondering what I didn't do to deserve that. I have been through counselling and we have made an attempt at couples counselling - I feel like I benefitted from the solo session, but the couples was a waste of time as she didn't open up. So, I have been headhunted for a role in Basel in Switzerland and am taking this up in a couple of weeks. As we couldn't agree on the changes we needed to make, I felt the only option was to make the changes unilaterally. I cannot understand why someone wouldn't defend and support their husband over these baseless and disgusting allegations (and still can't fathom why someone would make them in the first place), but I hope in time she will see - why I see to be - the error of her ways. In the meantime, I need to crack on and provide an income. It is a drastic step, but nothing changes if nothing changes! If anyone is in the Basel area (or within 500kms), look me up. We can go for a spin. Happy trails for the moment, Cam
  7. I use the Lupine Betty 14 and it kicks out 5,000 lumens .... light enough to light up a small country town! I use filters on it to dull it down a bit, but it's still pretty bright. Gives 6 hours on low beam and 2.5 on high. The only thing to use when trail riding. Pricey at £800, but someone in Evans Cycles screwed up and didn't exclude these from a 60% off sale they were running in 2009 .... and I'm still using the same lights. Better to be seen by a car than under one.
  8. I remember having a beer with the mate of a mate who climbed Everest in 1996. He was still going through decompression for the frostbite on his remaining 3 fingers. I didn't see the point then and I don't now. I would never put myself into the position where someone should have to rescue me or try and save my worthless ar$e! Even more macabre that people just walk by and allow others to perish while they go on to their "goal". The photos of the summit look like they should put a handrail on it, or even a travelator! Then you hear the stories that some are so inexperienced that they don't know how to use their equipment like crampons! Scary. Also, 4,032 people have climbed Everest and only 1,831 have swum the English Channel - which is more desirable?
  9. Rimmer

    Farewell Card

    This is the end of an error!
  10. Yes, he is scum and the 14 years non-parole he gets is nothing to the impact on the poor (but strong) victims. I hope he doesn't enjoy prison!
  11. I learned to drive on the farm when I was 6 and my father drilled habits into me that remain today (always looking, never get distracted, drive to the conditions, indicate your intentions, remain calm, think about what you and doing and what others might do ..... etc etc). I have driven everything from articulated trucks, motorbikes (dirt and road), go-karts, buses, ski boats, fishing boats etc etc and the same rules still apply. When I started road cycling, it is amazing how some in the bunch just aren't aware of the conditions and how to ride to them, how not to put yourself in danger and how to demonstrate courtesy....
  12. I work as a contractor in the Oil & Gas sector and use of mobiles - holding them or hands-free - is a dismissable offence. Studies have shown it's more in the distraction than the use. I won't. When I get in the car, the phone goes in the boot.
  13. Is this it .... https://drag2zero.co.uk/product/shims/
  14. You're making that trip to Canberra with Jim, Kev and staying at Chiron's place seem an eternity ago. Happy Birthday, mate.
  15. Rimmer

    Cardinal Pell

    There was a lot of weird stuff going on in the 70s .... but just NO!
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