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  1. Rimmer

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    I believe she is doing something, but I don't believe she is doing this all for charity - especially when this charity is registered to her own address. She just doesn't seem the sort by what she wants you to see. Also, if that pool is 33m, I'd hate to buy real estate off her! And her stroke needs some work!
  2. Rimmer

    Cardinal Pell

    The Police in Victoria was one of the most sectarian organisations around. If you were a "Prod" in a "left-footer" town, it was trouble. Honestly, all this over a belief in an imaginary friend!
  3. Rimmer

    Cardinal Pell

    Cuts down on any commuting time he had. What a f*&king joke! Any DPP Office worth their salt would be appealing. Don't hold your breath, though.
  4. Rimmer

    swim buoy, anyone use one?

    Use one all the time.... a must if there are tools about nearby on Jetskis!
  5. Rimmer

    Bullshit excuse Geoff Huegill shoplifting

    Ullrich.... a bloke who had it all and chucked it away! Most of his mental problems appear to be his own doing.
  6. Rimmer

    No More Soft Bike Cases On Hawiian Airlines

    And I would also believe that they have stopped accepting them because the likelihood of damage is far greater. Certain Euro airlines have stopped accepting skis unless they are in a hard tube and I have had to make my own as classic skis run 210cm. Unbelievable PITA whereas they could just take some care in the loading and unloading of other people's valuable items!
  7. Rimmer

    No More Soft Bike Cases On Hawiian Airlines

    Ahhhh, sorry, I forgot about the extra leg to Kona. Understand. What I hate is the way that we are penalised for looking after ourselves, but they don't weigh morbidly obese people who don't! I remember having an argument with United on the way back from Wildflower about the weight of my Tri All 3, when the woman beside me in the queue must have pushed 150Kg yet didn't get charged extra.
  8. Rimmer

    Am I turning into a right winger?

    Midway between Stalin and Ghandi, both of whom tried to appease Hitler!
  9. Rimmer

    Trannies Blighty Chapter AGM

    Resolutions decided upon were: - Hardtail or FS - HT all the way. Decrepit houses - ignore anything where there is no structural engineering report provided, but where the builder up the road happens to provide a quote to "put it right for the single mum who lives there" Airports, commuting - it's all shite and there should be a basic human right to live within sight of your work .... unless where you work is a toilet! Dogs - they're all good. Something at the end about training and racing - details, but the racing will always be there to come back to and sometimes you have to feel the love for the sport(s) again. Meeting closed at 2030 with a nod not to leave it for another year!
  10. Rimmer

    No More Soft Bike Cases On Hawiian Airlines

    US$150 from Australia is pretty good value!
  11. Rimmer

    XC or trail for beginner?

    FP, as you know .... my recommendation is a HT with 2 x 11 (or 1 x 11) and you are living the dream in Winchester with the trails and bridleways you have there!
  12. Rimmer

    AsiaTri - another doper banned + a list.

    I flip it the other way around and am happy when I am not right, but then not disappointed when I am!
  13. Rimmer

    Cardinal Pell

    Why would there be any remorse? They still think they did nothing! Pell next. He must have known about Ridsdale and all of the other Paedos.
  14. Rimmer

    Another doping AGer

    Obviously has an engine, so why would you risk sitting on the sidelines for 4 years???
  15. Rimmer

    Aero bottles on frame

    For my 2p worth, they are cool looking, but expensive for the gain that you get. Often, unless you buy up on the bottles and wash them religiously, other brands won't fit exactly in the cage when the bidon dies. No real aero gain in Tenby is there???