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  1. Thanks for the great summary. I can relate to a lot of what you have been through. It’s interesting that you were swimming so soon as that is the one activity that really flares the pain. It must be the way I rotate in the water puts pressure on that joint compressing the nerve. Running, riding, walking, sitting and lying have only really started to cause a lot of pain In the last six months. Who was your surgeon if you don’t mind me asking and where about did you have it done? I’m Victoria based so would be looking at having it in Melbourne. Thanks again
  2. Have tried core strengthening work with no improvement. The strange thing is I have no pain in my back at all, just the nerve pain in lower leg. MRI’s have shown no problems in leg just at L5 of spine. Is there any other rehab I should be trying? To be honest I’d be happy to give away all sport if the op fixed the pain. It’s becoming more of a quality of life issue as at the moment walking for 30min flares it up, lying a certain way in bed, sitting on couch, etc.
  3. So been having nerve pain down one side of my leg now for over 3 years due to a pars defect (slipping of a disc) of L5 that is pinching a nerve. Been told by sports doc that it is irreversible with rehab and after trying every pain numbing medication, cortisone injections, etc that a fusion of the disc is the only way to relieve the pain. Has anyone had this done before? What was your recovery/ success like? Are you able to do all activities like swim, run, bike, day to day life stuff? Also what was your out of pocket expenses for the op. As there is likely to be a long wait list to get it done, is it worth getting private health insurance?
  4. Had my travel agent contact Hawaiian airlines about this and they are allowing soft bike cases for the Ironman event only but not for any other time of year. It’s now noted on my ticket that I am a competitor and the soft case has been pre approved.
  5. 2.5km ocean swim at Kuta beach, Bali in prep for Kona. Testing out the new swim skin.
  6. Yep, 13th in 35-39 with 10 slots. Rolled to 14th or 15th i think.
  7. Tried doing a search of previous topics but couldn’t find anything. I was lucky enough to qualify for Kona at Cairns last month and am trying to sort my travel insurance for the trip. What have people done in the past who have raced there? Specifically, cover for during the race. If I was to have an accident of some sort and be carted off in an ambulance to the hospital for treatment, does the USA one day membership cover this or not. Struggling to find something that will cover me during the race.
  8. Tracker is rooted but worked out off Shortis' run splits, that if you add all the splits down to 38.1km this adds up to their 21km split roughly and then the 42.2km split is there 2nd 21km split. Clear as mud!!! Doesn't help if you are trying to work out where someone still running currently is. That's a rough calculation - it would mean shortis ran a 1:33:00 for the first 1/2 and a 1:15:00 for the second 1/2. negative split of 18min!! doubt it, but hey closest I've got to working the thing out. I've got a headache now....
  9. hoping you could give me a bit of guidance. Have just purchased first pack of go far and am just trying to calculate how much I need to take per hour to cover what I use to take with my torq gels. Previously for a half IM id take 2 gels /hour which would give me 224 calories plus Id also consume approx 500ml electrolyte and about the same in water. Go Far gives me 280calories per 600ml (2 scoops), so am I right in thinking that this is equivalent to 2 and a bit gels? I currently do a 2hr 20min bike split so I would go through about 5 gels. Therefore I would need a bit over 2 bidons of infinite plus water. Or by adding an extra scoop it would boost each 600ml up to 420 calories? Hope this makes sense. I plan on using gels still on the run. Is it as basic as that to work out?
  10. Just wondering if anyone has purchased off the official ironman website the 9 disc box set of the world champs from 2004-2012 for $99. Is each disc the cbs coverage (highlights show) that we see each year on tv? Also when I tried to place order they wouldn't give me a shipping cost. Is there one and if so what has it cost? Also are the discs compatible with aus dvd players?
  11. Should have got done for drafting the kayak in the swim as well!
  12. Some BOP riders better put their lights on their bike seeing that the bike cutoff time will be 630pm. First 20 odd km of run could be very lonely running in the dark through the cane fields.
  13. Hearing that riding on the bike course proper is a bit risky due to traffic, what are the safest roads to ride on during race week? Locals advice???
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