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  1. Happy to take an offer on these shoes, don't need them any more.
  2. I wouldn't recommend them as a wide fit personally. They might be wider than some other brands, but they are not a super wide fit shoe, as they do offer a wide fit option in their sizing.
  3. Lightly used, and in good clean condition. Around 1 year old but didn't get much wear in that time as they just never felt comfortable for me. Looking for $115 including postage or $100 if someone wants to pick up from Red Hill Vic. PM if interested.
  4. Similar boat to you Downsey, we had around 0.9-2.0 mps consistently on download speeds. Went with the free trial on Netflix (at the lowest image quality) and it was unwatchable due to bufffering. Called Telstra (only option in our semi rural area) and it is now around 6.0mps, and streaming is perfect now, so you should have no worries at the moment. I use apple TV to stream and thats a really easy option, the fact that Netflix supported Apple TV made it a more attractive option to us than Stan or Presto. As to the content, thats really a matter of taste. With it being school holidays here my kids have pretty much watched a movie every night, which for $8.99 a month would be reasonable value, and I've got so sick watching free to air TV with ads lately. For those that can be bothered with VPN's or searching for free stuff, then its probably a little bit of a dull option. But for me its a convenience factor of paying 8.99 a month to have a reasonable amount of ad free content available without stuffing around.
  5. Once you start lowering tyre pressures, make sure you are carrying a spare tube or two. very easy to get pinch flats once you get the tyre pressure low. Eventually I went to tubeless after continually flatting, and have not looked back, riding was becoming a bit of a chore always worrying about flats, now no worries at all.
  6. Quadrple, I reckon the you could add wanaka in before IMNZ I knew IP was was a secret Melbourne fan, he just cant seem to stay away.
  7. Snuck in under the 13hr mark . Beautiful conditions, couldn't have had a better day for an ironman. Felt the race organisation was pretty good, volunteers were amazing. So many people on the run course cheering on athletes, some supporting athletes of their own, others just local families enjoying the day. Bike ride was pretty honest, only saw a couple of blatant drafters, it was really up to you how you raced, echo most of Charles comments about the race, love the point to point run and the bike course.
  8. The only brick I will contemplate doing is due to not having enough fibre in the diet.
  9. I just took a punt with wheels/tyres. Had some 26" and measured the clearance on them, so thought it might go okay. The frame has loads of clearance, the biggest issue is with the crown of the fork, I don't think I could run a really aggressive tyre or the knobs wouldn't fit. The interesting thing would be comparing overall diameters if I ran 26" with a really big tyre, I don't think there would be a huge difference.
  10. I'm a RHR member, but never ridden on a group ride. Trails are easy to find, they have even started some trail marking with consent from parks vic. Park up the top at the primary school, head over the road and follow the single trail left from there. If you check out strava you can see a few routes down the hill, I would recommend wombats for a first run down, the tracks straight down the hill from the school are proper downhill tracks for adrenaline junkies only, (not me).
  11. Phoebus 569 Lachie94 14 ScubaSteve 1717 Naut 1413 Toolbox 1902 Mike 1788 Av8tr 1251 Birdman 528 blobby 1891 Spudmonkey1405 Craig Taylor 632 Scuba Steve 1717 (possible DNS) Tinman2 730 No idea how its all going to go, last run was on Jan 19, and not a whole lot of cycling and swimming since then. On the plus side the weather is looking good so far (although that issue probably deserves its own thread . Ill be in a Two Bays cycle top.
  12. Chinese Carbon Hardtail 26 inch frame and 26 inch fork (Suntour epicon 100mm travel) 27.5 nukeproof generator wheels, mainly shimano SLX or deore XT parts. So its a bit of a mix of a Cross Country, but with flat pedals and heavy tyres. Never ridden a dually and was just after something simple to head out the door quickly on a ride (live right next to local trails).
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