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    Is this a good deal?

    Flanman, I have a 2011 and had the same problem. It slipped significantly twice in races Port Macquarie - no surprise really with the vibration. Also a number of times in training. (Quick fix by carrying an alien key) I know a lot of people had success with the shim, but it didn't work well for me. The design of the post clamp is floored. The problem actually lies with the fact that the clamp tightens against the frame before putting enough pressure on the rear of the post to hold it in place. You can tighten the bolts all you like, but all your doing is tightening the bolts in the frame and not adding pressure to the post and at the same time running the risk of damage to the frame. You could be tightening the bolts to 4-5Nm but could be only appllying 2Nm to the post. I found some info which suggested the following fix. I bit the bullet and tried it and the post has not slipped a mm since. I tighten using torque wrench to recommended 5Nm (or is it 4?, I am not near the bike to check) Take the clamp from the bike and have 1.5mm of material taken from the flat side of the clamp - as below. I used some.wet and dry paper on a flat surface. This extra space between the clamp and frame allows the 5Nm of bolt force to be applied to back of the post rather than the frame. (FYI I am still riding that bike at around 102kg and the post does not slip. When it was slipping I weighed 90kg) Hope all that made sense.
  2. JGF

    IMOZ Race day thread

    Flanman, you also left your Trannies cap in the change tent. If you would like it back I will deliver it to beer mile tomorrow.
  3. Spectators best take their walking shoes.
  4. Looks like Bike is changed too. Again shit for spectators. Instead of the end of the lap passing through the regatta centre - it now leaves and returns via the white white centre and the turn around point is also at the white water centre. So if spectators dont leave the main grand stand area they get to see the swim first 200m of the bike last 200m of the bike finish line Again takes away the whole attraction of the facility.
  5. Good move taking away the Saturday Check in. I agree that this makes it more appealing to Shire and Northern Beaches Athletes. But the run course is now shit house for spectators given that more than 50% of the run is outside the regatta centre and out of sight and what is inside the centre is mostly on the opposite side of the lake to the grandstand. I dont mind the run course itself, but it takes away from the regatta centre's greatest strength of being spectator friendly. http://www.ironman.com/~/media/721c1e8adf2f4fb28a76a2af1f0b5a16/im703ws16%20run.pdf
  6. JGF

    Parramatta Park

    Done heaps of early sessions in the park. Never had a problem. Around 5am you will start getting joined by the cyclists. It is quite dark in places, so if your not familiar with the park, some sort of light would not go astray..
  7. JGF

    Ironman Oz on TV

    Cairns is on tonight. Same channel and time.
  8. JGF


    Anyone ride London yet? Promo vid looks cool
  9. Sagan, D Martin and Majka scored well for me, but the lack of a GC contender (I had Contador) cost me big time in the last 4-5 days.
  10. JGF

    25 mm tyres

    I put 25mm conti's on my P2 for Port this year. I had fitted them on Caden 88/88 wheels and checked for frame clearance (which seemed fine) but didn't ride them. Whilst walking to bike check in it felt like the brake was rubbing slightly on the front but when I checked it seemed all good. Spin the wheel and it stops. Do it again, stops. Took me a minute to figure out tyre was rubbing in the top of the fork. The tyre was too tall in the fork, so with no way to adjust like you can the rear I did the rounds of Port looking for a new 23mm. Note: none of the shops in Port are conti dealers. Luckily I found the only one left in town at the expo. Ran 23 front, 25mm rear. So, just for info - 25mm tyres do not fit in 3T funds pro forks.
  11. JGF

    Anyone ride on Zwift?

    Yes it will. I know because that's what I use.
  12. I would suggest it is calculated based on the flow setting of the pool. I think speed is set by a per/100m pace. So if its set at 1.30 per 100, then for every 15 minutes you swim you can claim 1km.
  13. Yep. That's busted. (I was only joking by the way)
  14. Raced Port this year. I remember her passing me out on the run (I think she was a lap in front) Checked results - she went 10.36.
  15. I was thinking the same. Thought about asking the question a couple of times but obviously did not. Seized the opportunity to ask someone who clearly uses the Kickr a lot (broken belt after 10 thousand odd Km - Jesus, who rides that much?) Thanks - thought as much. Comes down to clueless users or BS. Nibali had the same issue as your mate in the uphill TT. Or were you riding the Kickr whilst watching the Giro? Spent so much time on the trainer your delusional.
  16. As someone who clearly uses the Kickr a lot, have you had or heard of any damage to bikes? I was talking to a bike mechanic at Port this year who said his shop had had three or four bikes with unusual damage around the drop outs over the past couple of months and the one common factor was they all owned and rode the Kickrs regularly. I have not read anything about this anywhere - Maybe the shop is a Tacx dealer
  17. JGF

    Ironman Cairns 2016

    Jo-lene Crank is #987
  18. JGF

    Aero roadies

    Do you have clip ons for your S5? Curious to know what if, any clip ons actually fit the standard S5 handlebar.
  19. I am sure its all in here somewhere - http://forums.transitions.org.au/index.php?showtopic=69698&hl=%2Binstagram+%2Bcorky#entry1171870
  20. Results - http://m.ap.ironman.com/triathlon/events/asiapac/ironman/australia/athletes/ironman-australian-triclub-championship.aspx?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWlRBMk5XWm1ZV1JoTnpZNSIsInQiOiJKdjkwWjM1MkNTNTBuSitIbFlqdUtlWTBmXC8zR0tPWEMwbjZmMzFxMUYxNkFDT01FMmRYMmNFSVNvTXVGUEIzcjQ4dVQxWEs2RVVoMGJka29ydnFjQkxJQ0VHWXNwNWNkKzRrVExUZ3czR009In0%3D#axzz48UVifYvI All athletes points - http://m.ap.ironman.com/~/media/8ed4a6a43b37407d93bc65e0a5641a54/imoz%2070%203%20triclub%20points%20final.pdf
  21. Well they have sent a congratulations email out this morning with Red Dog as champions.
  22. A typo is different to incorrect spelling or leaving something out. Either way, I am out.
  23. F'n knew it as soon as I posted but did'nt want to edit it. Because when you edit it looks like you fixed a mistake.
  24. Umm... Punctuation. Did you mean ill or I'll Now, what's that saying about people in glass house's?
  25. JGF

    Ironman Cairns 2016

    Not sure of what if any benefit there is. I would have ran 25mm tyres front and rear had it not been for clearance issues. Most evidence would suggest that 25mm tyres do not give away any rolling resistance, but you can run lower pressures, which for rough surface courses like Port is a god send. My training wheels have 25mm tyres on them with no clearance issues. Race wheels must sit differently, so need to run 23mm for clearance.
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