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  1. So now the Turkish President is using the video of the attack, and references to it to drum up his anti-anti-Muslim agenda. Appaerently he's slipping behind in the polls (remind you of anyone else). Even going as far as stating the Anzac landing ayt Gallipoli were Anti-Islam oriented. Also threatening to send anti-Muslims home in a casket like they did their grandparents in the war.
  2. Apparently he did IM Austria a couple years ago & still competes in Triathlons. Maybe he's looking to put together a team to rival the sheikh's?
  3. Looks like they'll have even more money than they previously did. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/mar/18/team-sky-set-for-takeover-by-britains-richest-man-jim-ratcliffe
  4. I'm the opposite now. When I last raced, I took pride in having one of the only steel bikes in the race. 20 year old wetsuit, 25 year old bike, and loved flying past all that carbon.
  5. You usually turn up on your bike.
  6. Did you even read them? "As worshipers gathered in January"
  7. I think you said it all in the last 3 words. New Zealand is known the world round as a "safe" place to visit. This was REALLY significant. There have been clashes and hundreds of thousands of deaths over the past 30 years in what has really been a civil war in Nigeria. Whilst the church attacks are horrible, when compared to what else is happening in Nigeria, and a lot of Africa, it is nowhere near as significant on the world stage.
  8. Truly tragic that those massacres are happening in Nigeria, and very interesting that you cannot get a single hit from any mainstream media outlet when you put "Nigerian Massacre" or "Nigerian Church killings". It's as if it doesn't matter because it's in Nigeria.
  9. She'll probably KQ, and that'll blow your whole argument.
  10. If you're referring the the bombing in the Philippines, it actually occurred in January, although there has been some posting in various social media about it happening last week (with an inflated death toll).
  11. I think there would be a few people that would do it, but then they mightn't have the best gear. Personally I wouldn't hire it out, but would loan it out. But then would anybody want to borrow a 34 year old steel bike with 1 chainring and and a friction shifter on the downtube?
  12. See, it takes all kinds. Myself, when I go to a seedy massage parlour, cleanliness, health & personal safety are at the top of my list of priorities.
  13. On the "unconfirmed stories" theme, has anybody else seen the feeds about Geoffrey Bayldon dying popping up in their feeds? It actually made a couple of the news sites as well. The only problem is the former Catweazle star dies 2 years ago.
  14. So that's one less professional Triathlete posting on Trannies now.
  15. I think Ricciardo had money on Honda, so he didn't give his Renault time to blow up.
  16. Well done. I burst through my 85.5 +/- range this weekend. Unfortunately I hit 86.3.
  17. https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/category/news/
  18. So would it be worth me trying, given a dodgey knee that can't take any weight went bent past about 15 degrees?
  19. Ex-Hasbeen

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Not even a plastic trophy? Yeah, there should have been something for a National Championship.
  20. I agree with Bosco. For a 7 year old, active play is what you should be looking at. you can tailor it to put a bit more running in it, but just have him outside running around having fun. If he starts to get sick of running because training isn't fun, he won't be doing PB's for very long.
  21. And just last weekend it dropped off the wall and smashed, and a piece of the glass wrecked the print. I looked her up on line but couldn't find anything other than a reference to a gallery at Tambourine that she used to display at, so we went down there for lunch today. The owner said she now has her own place further down the road, so we went and had a look. We had a chat with her for a while, and when we told her what happened the first thing she did was offer to have her husband frame up a smaller print of the same painting (she no longer does the large L/E prints). We thanked her, then told her what we were really after was something to replace what's missing on the wall, and would like a painting rather than a print. So, it turned into a bit of an expensive lunch, and we really can't afford it, but we both love the new painting we picked.
  22. Ex-Hasbeen

    Mooloolaba Tri

    But you looked better than the others. That's what really matters.
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