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  1. Respect! And before anybody says it's just for show, he's been an active member for about 15 years.
  2. With 13 years as Commissioner, surely his views would have been worth listening to? He's been trying since last Summer.
  3. Sorry, the snippet you took the "doesn't take many but see's hundreds" I was specifically talking about female cab drivers. The second part regarding Australian was from a quote that said "I haven't had an Australian one for about 10 years." and had no reference to what I had seen. And yes, through talking to them. A few of them were actually Kiwis here in the northern Brisbane area.
  4. Race of the century. Trump vs Kim jong-un.
  5. Top level pro? Didn't he qualify in some 2 bit race in Ireland that didn't even have a swim, then he finished around halfway through the pro field in Kona.
  6. All I've heard up here is about people complaining about the Greens stopping controlled burning. They've been copping it from everyone. The stupid thing is that their policy supports controlled burns, and they haven't been in power, or holding the balance of power in any of the states affected, so it really didn't matter what their policy was anyway.
  7. I probably only get a dozen cabs a year, but I work in the city and see hundreds. I've seen a few female Uber drivers, but no taxis.
  8. I don't think I've ever had a female taxi driver in Australia. Then again I haven't had an Australian one for about 10 years.
  9. No swim Short ride Short run. Should get a PB
  10. I thought it was only baths you didn't have over there.
  11. I assume the organisers don't mind that much. They still get an entry fee from each of them (I assume it's not discounted) and they get the money in their account earlier.
  12. I'd have hated to have been racing or even training in Brisbane today. If it's anything like it was here it could likely get called off.
  13. Bring back the cotter-pin. I loved the chunks out of the ankle.
  14. Kona would be a tough day out for them.
  15. Even more likely to be a cable issue if the bike hasn't been used much for a while.
  16. I put the 100g back on that I lost last week. I'll weigh in a couple days early next week before I head off to India. A good solid week of Dehli Belly and I should see some impressive losses for the latter few weeks of the challenge.
  17. Toolish, you pick the bunch, and then you sit in.
  18. Seems an incestuous lot the channel 9 journalists. What with Peter Stef married to Sylvia, I just realised today that Alison Langdon is married to Mike Willesee's son.
  19. Ex-Hasbeen

    Noosa Tri 2019

    But but but. "It's all about me!" said the triathlete told to go home.
  20. Your body is telling you what your brain is refusing to let you acknowledge.
  21. Ex-Hasbeen

    Noosa Tri 2019

    Lucky the Noosa triathlon wasn't scheduled for a week later. Many roads around Tewantin are closed due to the bushfires, and from what I can gather the course would be closed as it leaves Noosaville. Diversion may have been possible to bypass the danger areas, but I imagine it would have to have been cancelled as emergency services wouldn't have wanted everybody out on the roads anyway. Smoke would also have been a nightmare. Thoughts are there for those affected. I have a friend spent the night in a shelter up there last night after being evacuated.
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