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  1. It's actually a part of the largest group of Pentecostal churches in the World, the Assemblies of God.
  2. What a great race for the first high mountain stage of this year's tour. Ineos must be worried. All the Aussie hopes are dashed (both Aussie teams & individuals) The French must be ecstatic My Fantasy Tour hopes are dashed.
  3. No swim this morning. Far too engrossed in last night's stage of the tour & didn't get to bed till after 1am. I was right though. I'm aching all over now.
  4. Not really training, but I feel like I raced an IM at the moment. I moved 3 trailer loads (a bit over 2 tonne) of gravel an average of 10m 1 shovel load at a time, all after 2:30 this afternoon. I think tomorrow morning is going to feel worse, but I've been told the dam is under 15 degrees (very unusual up here), so the crew are heading out for a swim. Maybe some cold-water therapy will help the sore muscles.
  5. A number of the folk I swim with head down there every couple of weeks for a swim with them. It's a great crowd & they do some good swims. Well worth checking in on.
  6. Reports are starting to surface that this may be it. His statement below seems to look that way too.
  7. Does it matter? Mexico is paying for it.
  8. Didn't Trump promise to reduce debt during his campaign? Was that a lie, or just a broken promise?
  9. Unconfirmed reports are saying he has issues with his TT bike and has been arguing with the team about that. Team director says he doesn't know why he pulled out, but it wasn't physical or mechanical reasons.
  10. Any idea why Rohan Dennis has abandoned? He seemed to be arguing with his team car, then got off the bike.
  11. Ex-Hasbeen

    Wurf watch

    So he looked fresh at the finish? Mission accomplished.
  12. You could always buy a slippery skinsuit.
  13. This was from a Cycling News "10 questions" interview with Rohan in 2013.
  14. Great comeback just to get into the mix, and then even better to reverse the result from a couple nights ago and win by a couple cm. They also had Wurf on Commentary last night. He did quite a good job. Maybe a future in the media side of things after he finishes racing, taking over from GW.
  15. Eat more fish. Mackerel is probably the best you'll catch up there, so you can send the coral trout over to me.
  16. It seems running up a mountain beside the riders is a bit boring these days. The new thing is to jump the peleton. https://asgthestore.com.au/daring-or-dangerous-another-mountain-biker-flies-over-the-tour-de-france-peloton/
  17. I was thinking these guys wouldn't be interested in that, but next year is quite a hilly course, both for the RR & the ITT. The RR even has a 7km (10%) climb in the latter stages.
  18. Don't pack bricks. It's a TT. There's nothing at all to worry about. Yeah if it was your first crit or big RR then nerves are expected, but as you said, you are just paying someone to let you ride your bike out & back in a straight line. Hopefully you'll enjoy the experience & graduate to a RR or Crit where it really does get "Big Kev Exciting".
  19. That certainly doesn't make sense. I can't see how B@W is an example of someone united behind Trump and supporting everything he says.
  20. I think B@W was saying the person he quoted was example 1.
  21. The Magnetic Island Swim is on Sunday week. It was cancelled a couple years ago due to a croc in the area. I'd hate it to be cancelled again.
  22. I bought the vivoactive for my daughter from Pushys for $319 a few weeks ago and they still have it for that price. The only difference is it's white with silver rather than rose gold colour. The silver goes better with all her other bling anyway, so it worked out better. Great service so far too. I ordered it on a Wednesday morning, and it was delivered the next morning.
  23. Yet they still carry on about a single ball that was bowled within the rules in another game of limited overs cricket 38 years ago.
  24. I took it as meaning Lance thought Richie could win Kona.
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