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  1. Sarah has stepped in France for a 2nd time. just the homeward leg left. 37 hours in the water so far. Incredible.
  2. You could always run to Albert Park & swim at the Aquatic Centre there.
  3. Then they found somewhere better than I did last time I was in Winton.
  4. If you are up that end of town, City Baths are fine. I've been there a number of times on trips to Melbourne. No crowds early in the morning (mind you I travel in July) and a lovely historic building. Change facilities are great if you are going straight from there to work as well.
  5. Zone 1, or whatever you want to call it should be wave start, with rolling after that for folk who aren't after a podium. If you aren't in the wave at the start, then you aren't "racing". I agree, having people nominate where they want to be will be a shit-fight, but maybe offer some incentive, like $10 lower entry to not be "racing" for a podium.
  6. Willie-Leaks I don't really like the sound of that one.
  7. Start zone 1 within each category should be for people interested in racing for an AG podium.
  8. Same here, but I have been known to give them food.
  9. She was going to do the quad crossing not long after that 104 mile swim, but was diagnosed with cancer, which put paid to that attempt. Great to see her back.
  10. Maybe WTC could create a new way of "qualifying" for the World Championships. You "qualify" and get to pay them the $1,000+ entry if you also bring along 2 x volunteers.
  11. One day of swimming, and only halfway. I can't even contemplate something like this.
  12. And just for something different......................90.2kg I'm going to start with just giving up the high sugar junk I eat, and limit calories a bit. I'm planning a trip to India in week 9, and get back just before the week 11 weigh-in. A good dose of Delhi-belly should see me with large drop in the closing weeks.
  13. Maybe they should also have checks to make sure their hair is washed & they wear clean clothes.
  14. Funnily enough, anybody in our company that works on a Commonwealth Government contract is subject to random drug/alcohol tests, yet the Government themselves aren't.
  15. She's not going real fast (around 12 hours/leg) so it will look a bit worse, but weather is a bigger issue for them. Conditions are good, and they need a 2 day window of that. They seemed to time the crossing perfect to land on Cape Gris Nez, so she's still only putting in the minimum effort. You just let the current take you back & forth and don't put any work into fighting it.
  16. Sarah Thomas is attempting the quad crossing this weekend. Currently on her way back for the 2nd leg.
  17. I saw they are offering $1M for a WR at the GC Marathon next year. Will that bring anyone, or is that just standard these days as a publicity stunt?
  18. And I'm not aware of any Newstart recipients receiving Gov subsidies for negative gearing investment portfolios, capital gains tax exemptions, childcare subsidies & superannuation tax breaks whilst earning double the average income. Government subsidies & allowances actually benefit the rich more than the poor.
  19. Then he would have DNFed. And so he bloody should have. It's a World Championship.
  20. Not very subtle Jess. ETA: Congrats.
  21. They can add up real well. $318 + $318 + 318 +.............................
  22. He's been carbo loading on donuts ever since that shot. Prepping for weigh-in.
  23. You picked the wrong night. Hell of a stage last night, and 2 nights ago, but the night you were up was a boring sprint stage.
  24. Broncos set a new record. Biggest defeat in a finals match.
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