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  1. I would probably have voted Liberals this election, as their policies see me a little better off, but I cannot for the life of me vote for him. His duplicity in so many things is cringe-worthy. The fact that he had a go at other candidates for not living in the electorate (one lives less than 10 minutes outside, and has worked in the electorate for 12 years), when he first stood for a seat on the south side of Brisbane while living 25km north of Brisbane, and then 3 elections ago trying to parachute himself into a safe Gold Coast seat, but got rejected by the local party. edit: I just heard he sold his Canberra apartment last month. Maybe he's seen the writing on the wall.
  2. This was Pete last night bringing the house down with his comments that he was from a poor family and didn't get to go to, in his words, "a Tier 1 School". He was only able to go to St Pauls.
  3. What probably didn't help was my "pre-triathlon" days of running barefoot. Cross country trails & grass were probably ok, but I also used to do fun-runs & road training barefoot.
  4. I was the same. Now I have knee arthritis. Maybe I should have replaced them earlier.
  5. 2.5km this morning with a group before sunrise. I enjoyed my first "dark" swim of the year.
  6. Surely some companies will introduce non-franked dividends to counter this though? Or people will just invest in things other than shares.
  7. I'm not for or against impeachment. I couldn't care less.
  8. For now. If this Fox article is correct, then yes. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pelosi-were-not-there-yet-on-impeachment
  9. Maybe you should have the beer mile on the Saturday afternoon?
  10. I was organising events before most of the regulations & insurance etc came in, and with just a couple police, the permits, some donations to a couple volunteer groups, and the general items needed to put on the race, we made about $2/hour for our time. You certainly wouldn't have done it if you didn't love the sport.
  11. This is a quote from the AFR last week. Which is why I had assumed it was approved from a Federal level.
  12. I've got a "meet the candidates" at our local hall tonight. I wonder how potato head will fair with the truth?
  13. But what's the point of bringing this into the debate? Bill can say he hasn't signed it, and Morrison's government has already approved the project.
  14. Like a really good NBN that put fibre into the homes of 92% of Australians.
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