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  1. Ex-Hasbeen

    Winterfish 2018

    I just google mapped it. 600m from where we are at the Lanai Riverside, so it looks like an easy walk again in the morning.
  2. Ex-Hasbeen

    NZ / AUS what am I?

    Yeah, I get that, but I really meant how will you identify at the race, not qualify. If there were uniforms available, would you wear theirs or ours?
  3. Ex-Hasbeen

    Gold bike.... WTF?

    Gold is heavier than lead. How do you get that down to 6.8kg?
  4. Ex-Hasbeen

    Winterfish 2018

    I'll try out Mackay pool in the morning, or maybe the 20m pool downstairs.
  5. Ex-Hasbeen

    Tim Don

    I thought you got a free entry the year you won it. You were busy winning the British Open & couldn't get in a qualifying race.
  6. Ex-Hasbeen

    NZ / AUS what am I?

    I don't think they'll have you then.
  7. Ex-Hasbeen


    And that's twice now this decade! Firing!
  8. Ex-Hasbeen

    NZ / AUS what am I?

    Who do you intend to represent in 2020?
  9. Ex-Hasbeen

    Winterfish 2018

    BogFrog, Limited & I are both chasing an additional 50km in the next 50 days, so why don't you join us. Keep your own spreadsheet unless you know how to modify the current one, but keep yourself honest with regular updates on here. We drove 7 hours to Rocky yesterday. I felt shocking when I got up this morning, but the recce I did last night showed a 50m pool 600m from the motel we were in, so I went down & did 2.2km this morning before anybody else got up. I feel great now. It's a great pool, and get this. Only $2 entry.
  10. Ex-Hasbeen

    TA Membership time

    It's what NSW triathletes consider the home of Triathlon in Aus. edit: which is kind of funny when the oldest race in NSW is at Nepean, the oldest club in the country is Melbourne, & the National Association was formed on the GC. Discuss.
  11. Ex-Hasbeen

    Swim coach west Melb?

    Personally I wouldn't worry about that. What happens above the water mean 2/5 of FA. A lot of very good freestylers have what looks like shocking recovery.
  12. Ex-Hasbeen

    Plastic bag ban.....

    How do you deal with a thick shake?
  13. Ex-Hasbeen

    What training did you do today?

    45 minutes in the gym. Mainly upper back & lat work to help with my shoulder. Feels good to be back inside a gym.
  14. Ex-Hasbeen

    Plastic bag ban.....

    I wonder how long till those straws are gone as well. I've never used them myself (I hate soft drink through a straw) but my wife & kids always use them. I tend to "forget" to get them when I'm sent up to get a round though.
  15. Ex-Hasbeen

    Plastic bag ban.....

    These days up here they tend to just have a glass of straws on the bar for you to take one if you want it. I've been noticing a lot less people using them too. Not that I am at the bar often.