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  1. What training did you do today?

    No OW swim today then? You just don't want it enough.
  2. Hand back your Pro Card

  3. Unions In Australia

    He was the one that leaked out about the union raid about to happen on the AWU offices to Michaelia Cash's office, and also happened to be just about to take up a job with her. But then others say the commission is biased the other way, stifling small business etc.
  4. Hand back your Pro Card

    I've still got an unopened Bud Light swim cap from 27 years ago.
  5. Unions In Australia

    I do realise a lot of the shit the unions do is ridiculous, but "fair work" is hardly an unbiased mediator. Just ask those around Mark Lee.
  6. Training Location

    Should have claimed it as a swim Ron.
  7. Hand back your Pro Card

    And imagine how much beer they'd sell at presentations.
  8. 40 lottery spot to Kona. But not for NSW ACT or SA

    No, they are native to South America, but we imported ours from Hawaii, who had already done the same thing previously to try to get rid of their cane beetles.
  9. Unions In Australia

    2 sides to every story. I'm not taking either, but the Union's side is that there were 20 people identified without the security clearance, and he was the only union member, and has been the only one denied shifts. There's probably a bit of a liberal interpretation of the truth in both sides of the story, but there does need to be an unbiased mediator, and at the moment, there isn't.
  10. 40 lottery spot to Kona. But not for NSW ACT or SA

    The bloody cane toads were originally introduced here from Hawaii. Send us back now.
  11. Training Location

    Enoggera Reservoir.
  12. What training did you do today?

    4km OW swim at the dam. Did it like a fartlek run, surging here & there and doing a bit of drill at times. I have to go close to it again on the way home as I have to pick up mt "click & collect" from Dan Murphy's, so may do another 2km then. Crowded this morning, with another person taking up some of the dam during my 2nd lap.
  13. 40 lottery spot to Kona. But not for NSW ACT or SA

    It will have to do with Lottery Laws in the countries & states that have been excluded. Remember the stink they got into a couple years ago about the same thing in Florida.
  14. Training Location

    This is deep with no snags as well. Before they opened it to recreation they went through & made sure of that when the level was a few metres lower. There's no currents, no eddies, there's a man made beach to walk out from, and most mornings it's that smooth. On top of that, the only fish bigger than a foot long are the occasional catfish, and the lungfish.
  15. What training did you do today?

    The dam was reopened late yesterday after positive water quality tests. 3.4km with the dam all to myself. Season best for the first 1.7km lap.