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  1. Doesn't XC provide you with a quick rub-down and freshen up just before you turn into Ali Drive?
  2. I did read the article. Conservatives said it was because of the ads, where-as the company said it was because of a downturn in the industry. Schick's parent company suffered a 22% drop in market value in the same period too.
  3. Not really. This is a thread about AJ, so a comment about him lying and denigrating people is very relevant. Maybe you can use it to push your case that your hero doesn't only abuse women. Mind you, he didn't threaten Wagner with violence.
  4. Ex-Hasbeen

    Tokyo Test Event

    By the same token, PEDs are OK for AG races where there is no prize-money. Rules are rules.
  5. No but I thought I'd take the bait of your condescending "but when has that mattered" comment. If it's good enough to have a go at Parky for lack of evidence.....
  6. Kind of like the defamation case Goughy referred to earlier.
  7. Not sure your point here, but you're a bit behind the times. This topic ran its course (in the soapbox) in January when the adds actually ran. You even commented on it at the time. eta: four times more than any other person.
  8. Yep. Wrong year, and distance. He doesn't look any better in this one either.
  9. I've got no problem with him speaking. Just keep the racism, bullying and bullshit off the microphone.
  10. Ex-Hasbeen

    Tokyo Test Event

    So why is a deliberate tie a DQ offence, but deliberately letting someone beat you not? Queue Brownlees.
  11. But it was a bugger throwing it without those tiny hands.
  12. When I could run, I used to enjoy racing around a large oval chasing a frisbee to try to catch it. It's actually a great way to do high intensity training.
  13. Do we? How often does he say these similar things about male individuals? Remembering, women make up a very small percentage of people in powerful positions, so if he was being consistent, you would expect 5 abusive comments regarding males to every one he makes about women.
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