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  1. I'll finish season 1 of Ozark tonight. Remembering how much I liked it. Got annoyed last night though when Charlotte goes out for a swim at night & panics. She's wearing a full length wetsuit, and sinks to the bottom. Geez!
  2. Ex-Hasbeen


    I just use soap now. I have a small squirt bottle (dishwashing liquid bottle) with liquid soap and water. I squirt the handle of the trolley & give it a really good rub before I use it. After shopping I then give my hands a good scrub with it before touching the car. Either that, or like last night I only had a few things to get so carried my bag and put stuff straight in there. Didn't even unload them at the counter, just got the guy to scan them while in the bag. Not perfect, but the best I can do in the circumstances.
  3. Ex-Hasbeen


    I made my numbers up just to give an idea of how the problem can grow, but yeah, it's serious. Apparently a number of factories are repurposing to make ventilators and other items. One of GM's factories in the US is hoping to be producing 10,000 copies of an already approved version a month from the end of next month. It also means 1000 people have jobs again. Dyson are doing the same in Europe but with their own design. VW are using their 3D printers to make the difficult to source parts required for a lot of these. Hopefully they can start making a difference. But on the lighter side.
  4. Ex-Hasbeen


    True, that if we maintain only 400 cases a day this will help, but of those 400, we might have 10 end up in an ICU bed. They don't recover at the same rate as the mild cases, and those on ventilators may take even longer. The numbers using these critical resources will continue to rise and become a higher proportion of the "active cases".
  5. I just use the website. Even that's high tech for me.
  6. Ex-Hasbeen


    Queen St Mall from Edward St at 11am today.
  7. Delays at the blood bank this morning due to the extra cleaning & processing of everything, even though numbers were lower than normal. My daughter & I both gave Plasma. Mind you, I think there were more people in the bloodbank centre than in the Queen St Mall.
  8. Rebel used to have them, but probably sold out.
  9. Ex-Hasbeen


    "In most economies that have taken strong confinement measures in response to the coronavirus — and for which we have available data — electricity demand has declined by around 15 percent, largely as a result of factories and businesses halting operations," Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Association (IEA), wrote in a blog post Sunday.
  10. Ex-Hasbeen


    Those stats work on days at GMT. It's currently only 9:45 GMT, so only part of a day, and US generally reports most of it's stats later in the day.
  11. Ex-Hasbeen


    Then flattening the curve and herd immunity is all a fallacy, and we just have to sit in isolation for 18 months till we have a vaccine. I hope that's wrong. ETA: And a vaccine normally works using the principle of once your body has fought it once you don't get it again. Will a vaccine even work then?
  12. Ex-Hasbeen


    Probably a little early with so few having recovered yet, but how would a take-away/delivery service go, only employing people that have recovered from Coronavirus. I reckon a lot of people would prefer them preparing & delivering the food, if it is a case of once you've had it you can't carry it again. It wouldn't be fool-proof, but would be safer than any other take-away. Set it up in an affluent area with elderly people, and partner with what was a popular 4/5 star restaurant in the area.
  13. Ex-Hasbeen


    I'm driving in to the city tomorrow to give blood, and looking forward to the quiet roads.
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