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  1. Some Vegans have spray painted shit on the road up Mt Coot-tha where we do reps. It can't be a good diet, because I was always going too fast at that point to spray paint anything legible on the road.
  2. Yeah, but he wouldn't have got near that time on a lot of other years. If it had been a hard one he would have blown a lot worse.
  3. He looks like I felt, only an hour and three quarters faster. As bad as it looks, he's still the 3rd fastest British athlete to finish Kona.
  4. I was a compliance officer at one stage. I hated the job. I could see what needed to be done by the guys on the tools, but there were so many impediments in their way it was a joke. Some are worth-while, if they get you home alive, but I remember an experience when we had an auditor come in to a work-site one day. Everything went great, until they got to the vehicle and pinged us for it being dirty. FFS. Brisbane was at its highest water restrictions in my lifetime. We had a policy not to waste water washing vehicles. We've had $5k jobs that have been costed at $20k due to the induction training courses we've had to do to get on site. And that's just to put a card into a piece of equipment in the comms room on the LNG site. Why do you have to go through a 4 day induction to do a 15 minute job inside a sealed room?
  5. But what if it's not raining?
  6. Unfortunately with the move to FWoW seating, work has to accommodate the lowest common denominator, which is laptops that can't support a wireless mouse, so every desk has the wired mouse. There's probably also the issue of mice going missing if they weren't attached to something. There's even a bloody keyboard supplied, but I refrain from touching that.
  7. And this is my Desk today. And this is out the window beside me. The brick church with the white steeple is where I got married 27 years ago.
  8. I just can't get my head around the legal ramifications of this though. You hand over an illegal substance for a Government authorised group to test, to confirm that yes, it is an illegal substance. Then they give it back to you to take. What happens when someone who does this dies?
  9. Maybe going through withdrawal after not racing Kona.
  10. I got it for 8 weeks (though it was called the dole then). I left uni & was trying to find a temporary job. I knew I had one sorted for about 3 months after (and I'm still there 34 years later), but was trying to get something to tide me over. CES wouldn't look at me unless I did the full registration bit, and that meant I got the dole. I paid more tax this fortnight than I received for the dole in that 8 weeks.
  11. Ex-Hasbeen


    Comparing war injuries.
  12. No, I meant the religious lobby groups with conservative views. ETA: The Australian Christian Lobby springs to mind. They were the mob that funded Falau's appeal.
  13. Were you out of the country during the Gay Marriage debate?
  14. My desk is a bit messy, but this is the view when I turn around. I just noticed this right outside as well. The photo isn't great, as it's just an old phone, though a flyscreen, and the glare is bad, but that nest wasn't there yesterday. I wondered why they were noisier than normal today.
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