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  1. Ex-Hasbeen

    How to improve the run?

    If you're worried about injuries from too much running, then build into it gradually. Otherwise use long rides to boost your overall endurance to help at the business end of the race.
  2. Ex-Hasbeen

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    Have you mentioned anywhere that you're Vegan now?
  3. Ex-Hasbeen

    Sanders still obsessed with jan

    Sanders has just "kind of" announced he's moving. What's the bet it'll be to Noosa?
  4. Ex-Hasbeen

    The Politics Thread

    Interesting that her linkedin profile disappeared overnight. Could be some interesting discussions today.
  5. Ex-Hasbeen

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    85.9kg this morning, after a Sunday comprising people over for a big fried up breakfast, then off to the pub for lunch for my brother's 50th, then friends over for drinks & nibbles late in the afternoon. I suppose I should be happy with anything remotely near what I was last week.
  6. Ex-Hasbeen

    The Politics Thread

    But it doesn't make getting from Manus to Australia any easier for anybody who is not already on Manus this very instant. Any new person from now that gets to Manus is not included under this bill. This is what the Government should be advertising to potential boat people if it really wanted to keep the numbers down, rather than trying to win votes with the headline grabbing lines they are currently running with.
  7. Ex-Hasbeen

    The Politics Thread

    So why would this bill make any difference to the number of boats wanting to turn up? Unless of course, the Government starts a campaign saying it weakens our borders, and will allow more asylum seekers to come here by boat and be then sent on to the mainland for medical treatment. I thought this bill only applied to those people already on Manus & Nauru. It makes no difference to new asylum seekers, and therefore if the Government truly wanted to keep the numbers of boats down, they would highlight that fact, instead of what they are doing and sending out a message to the smugglers and their customers to start trying to get here again.
  8. Ex-Hasbeen

    Improved race times

    No, it's less than 1%. Could you imagine Usain Bolt going 30% faster? No. At the top level, 1% takes you from nearly on the podium to a World Champion and record holder.
  9. Ex-Hasbeen

    iFoz - care to explain?

    He can prefix himself with "Brown" in future.
  10. Ex-Hasbeen

    USA next political star

    What substance? That they realised people would prefer to fly for about $80? Is that the real reason? Or is it your opinion? I would certainly prefer to spend a shorter time getting on a train to travel a couple hours than go through what is sometimes a nightmare at the airport for a flight not much shorter.
  11. Ex-Hasbeen

    USA next political star

    And a yes from you to Peter's comment by the looks. Me commenting that your second argument, "may have made sense if you'd made it first" is what is termed a "response". So if you'd like to lay out the full references behind your second statement, rather than give it as your opinion piece, it may graduate to "does make sense".
  12. Ex-Hasbeen

    USA next political star

    Did you read what you quoted?
  13. Ex-Hasbeen

    Improved race times

    Reminds me of a Melbourne Cup day I had at the Home Hill races. I wandered around the stables looking at the horses before each race. I made 5 bets, and got 4 wins and a 2nd, only 1 was a favourite. Even in horses you can tell who is going to perform. This. This got me any good result I ever had. It's not just can, you have to WANT to hurt.
  14. Ex-Hasbeen

    AP. What else does it take?

    He should.
  15. Ex-Hasbeen

    USA next political star

    Probably the ridiculous one that served no purpose but to try to incite argument, followed up by the post that may have made sense if you'd made that first.