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  1. How fast is fast? Or... how Mo can you go?

    I did 5km better than that pace, but as Goughy would know, the run from Eastgate to Withcott is a little assisted.
  2. Jerry Lewis passes

    I just saw it on my news feed sitting here at the airport. I suppose it is inevitable, but very sad to see one of the great comedians pass. I to used to love the Saturday arvo movies with him.
  3. The acid in the cola is probably worse for your teeth than the sugar, as it eats the enamel away. Add sugar to it and it's a double whammy, but even the diet drinks are very bad.
  4. I'd fall to pieces without a carbonated caffeine hit at least a couple times a day.
  5. Latex tubes, worth the faff?

    He's talking about his sex-life, not triathlon.
  6. Grand Tour Tipping Contest - Vuelta a Espana

    3rd. Awesome. Leading again.
  7. My first new TT thread

    You see, this is the problem with so many triathletes doing all there riding on an indoor trainer. FatPom's kid is riding unassisted before her 4th birthday, and you still need training wheels.
  8. Dick Smith fair go.

    And I'm looking forward to my son playing a big part in this, a keeping me in the manner I wish to become accustomed to in my retirement.
  9. Grand Tour Tipping Contest - Vuelta a Espana

    A last plug for this one. Entries close at 1am tonight when the TTT kicks off. Only 11 teams to date, so at least we'll make the top 20 Dave.
  10. Tour of Spain 2017

    The words "filthy drug taking spaniard" come to mind.
  11. The Politics Thread

    That women voting rubbish. You do realise that they've been voting for these foreigners the whole time now.
  12. BHG6 Road bike

    And she likes having the gardener do it.
  13. The Politics Thread

    You can't vote, but you can be deputy PM. That's a good lurk.
  14. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    He probably wouldn't let you into his own square metre.