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  1. Sorry, I forgot it was the Trump thread.
  2. He didn't ask for a ruling. He simply claimed it and told his staff and former staff that they were not to testify. The reason there was a ruling made is that one of his former staff went to the Federal Court to ask them what to do, as he'd been subpoenaed but told by the white house that he wasn't to testify.
  3. I always thought the kiss & medal from Karen Pini was a great way to finish Forster.
  4. The guy probably doesn't know what trimester means.
  5. Watered the garden early & took the dog for a walk. Then painted the laundry. It'll be sitting in A/C for the rest of the day (from 8:30am) as it's ridiculous outside. And no wind at all to cool down.
  6. Cooling down nicely here too, but it doesn't last long. This is today's temp's. It's lovely when you get up, still only 18 degrees by 7am, but 30 degrees by 8am.
  7. 41 here at Highvale today. I'd hate to think what tomorrow will be like.
  8. Ex-Hasbeen


    A good mate of mine, and the guy behind the set-up of most major Tri's on the East Coast, is living through it all at the moment. He had to race home early this week to fight the fires & back-burn his property a few days ago. Here are a couple of photos of his back yard this week. On the much lighter side, we had ash dropping in our yard today as well, but cold & from fires 15km away.
  9. 41 degrees here today, so after some early work in the yard (I'm still on holidays) it was into the laundry to do the remainder of the new bench top (with the A/C on). Unfortunately I can't finish it, as it arrived with a split in the laminate, so will be replaced, but I had to get this one cut in and ready to use or we wouldn't have a laundry to use for the next 2 weeks. To this And the wall taps are now gone and the basin tap is in place. I have to wait for the replacement top to arrive before I tile the back, but happy with how it's all gone.
  10. I would have thought she was appointed because Clinton wanted a woman on the seat, more than a crony. Coming off the "Year of the woman", and no female appointments to major roles, he needed one, and there were no other options really for him at the time.
  11. You understand that when you listen to some of the film & support crew talk on the doco, Free Solo. They talk about the responsibility they feel in doing what they're doing, and how they want to be there, but don't want that fact to be any influence in alex's climb, or break his concentration in any way.
  12. Ex-Hasbeen

    Busso 2019

    The only time I ever beat Nick Croft out of the water was a race where I body surfed past him in the last 50m. Normally he'd do me by 2 or 3 minutes.
  13. That's an awful lot of donuts to have delivered.
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