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  1. The Politics Thread

    Or Bob Hawke's hooking.
  2. This is what happened to Jan

    Maybe guys like Wurf are going to add a new dynamic to IM racing that is going to see more come to grief as they try to stay with the lead few.
  3. This is what happened to Jan

    When I saw him come out of transition I thought he was grabbing at something & it just didn't look right. Didn't suprise me at all a few minutes later when someone mentioned he'd pulled up.
  4. The Politics Thread

    He didn't even make sense when he was saying nothing.
  5. What training did you do today?

    4km squad session this morning. All short stuff, lots of variety, and short breaks. At the moment Goughy, I don't think I could do 1 push-up.
  6. Kona race day thread

    Go and read the PJ thread for a harsh review.
  7. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    At Kona, or another WC, I agree. But when they are at most other races, they are there to earn a living. If I have to quote on a job this week that I know I'm not going to win, why would I bother doing it if I know doing so will take away from my ability to quote on a job next week that I have a good chance of getting. Of course for up & coming pro's, or those that have been given appearance money etc, that all changes.
  8. Melbourne Marathon

    Probably because she didn't lay down & have a nap.
  9. Kona Counts

    They were probably all freebies Rapp gave away at various times. Surely nobody good enough to get to Hawaii would buy one?
  10. Kona race day thread

    Not only was the live coverage better than any year I've seen before, but for some unknown reason, the tracker was actually working all day. Unbelievable!
  11. Kona race day thread

    I think they took it out a bit harder than normal too. The field really split in the last 15km.
  12. Kona LIVE Coverage 2017

    Through Mrs IP.
  13. Kona race day thread

    Agreed. I was watching for nearly 10 minutes then gave up and went to IM tracker to find out who was leading the men's.
  14. Kona race day thread

    Just watched Frodo have 5 attempts before getting his water bottle. Looks like the 4th attempt hurt a bit too.
  15. The Mental Health thread

    Great to hear things are so much better now.