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  1. Python genius, Terry Jones died last night. One of a plethora of brilliant British comedians of his era, his work will be remembered for years to come with younger generations still loving his work. Just yesterday my teenage son said "Let's watch some Monty Python" when asked what we should put on after dinner. What are your favourite Python quotes/skits/moments.
  2. I remember a quote from a doco I watched on climbing in Yosemite, and after they banned base-jumping, more base-jumpers were killed trying to get away from authorities after the jump than died doing the jumps.
  3. Trivago being a little deceptive. Who'd a thunk? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-21/tirvago-mislead-consumers-on-hotel-pricing-court-finds-accc/11886096?fbclid=IwAR1aVWqGvINvsBfDmuoRyaSrc1RDrluHVfXkp78t-8pVCnmLWFcyjU8fVq0 Basically just recommending the group that pays them the most, not the one that has the room the cheapest.
  4. https://www.rte.ie/sport/athletics/2020/0116/1107954-kenya-athlete-runs-away-anti-doping/?fbclid=IwAR2HuL0wtEVAVWI7XrWzX-RY5fpYmKHWL_DGFKY0vnJi7vmyxd8ca0DlUsA
  5. Our local FB group is generally a "lost & found pets" page after really big storms.
  6. Keep us up to date with how this trial goes please.
  7. Panicking at the moment though. There was a storm coming, so I left the computer to try to finish mowing the backyard before it hit. She was following the ride-on & wouldn't let me get 5m away. There was constant thunder in the sky that I could here through the earmuffs over the motor. We've come inside now that it's hit, and she is laying under the desk at my feet.
  8. Ex-Hasbeen


    Woolworths offering 10% for the rest of the month for Emergency Services & Volunteer Firefighters at Woolies, Dan Murphys & BWS.
  9. He's OK. Still popping up on FB.
  10. A handshake to celebrate 35 years at the Big-T today. I started as an apprentice tech in the company's last big intake along with 120 others in Brisbane, and over 500 across the country. I travelled the state from the Cape to Quilpie, working on TV & Radio Tx sites in some of the most beautiful sites you could imagine (generally on top of mountains in National Parks). I spent a couple years in purgatory at Woolloongabba Exchange, then made my escape into Design. Along the way I studied and picked up an Engineering Degree, and with that moved into the Planning group, and have been in a few roles here since. I must say I've enjoyed my time, and while it seems like a long time in one job, I look back at it as 4 distinct jobs, with a few roles in each of them. For someone who was planning on leaving after the 4 year apprenticeship to have a go as a pro sportsman, it's been a long journey. I'd do it again at the drop of a hat though to meet the great folk I've met, and the see the wonderful places I've seen.
  11. He did mention a brain injury in court.
  12. So is it now in your poolroom?
  13. That works fine if they are building on a normal, or even extended building timeframe. Chances are some of these may be "constructions" that have been going on for years because they never got around to finishing properly, and therefore never got a completion certificate. One of the issues I suppose with not following normal processes.
  14. More ridiculous comments? If there is no debate, then he has nothing to respond to. Try playing the ball rather than the man in future.
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