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  1. Froudie

    Kona spot. No need to qualify

    I took a spot via the eBay auction last year, didn't pay as much as this one went for, but it was significant. Still conflicted about the whole thing, even 6 months after I finished the race. However, I don't regret doing it. I will write a review one day and post it in race reports.
  2. Froudie

    Weak ankles and trail running

    Same experience as other members here... Chronic ankle injuries from basketball to the point I would roll them by walking on uneven ground. Started trail running and walking as prep for OXFAM in 2010. Found that an unintended benefit was improving the strength and balance around the ankle joint. Rolled a couple of times early on, but find that now if I go over, my proprioception kicks in and I'm able to correct it, before I sprain it. Also do weekly balance work on a BOSU ball. Haven't rolled them in years, including at basketball.
  3. Froudie

    Jackie Fairweather -Canberra

    I never train in groups and very rarely ride on a road bike in a race situation. Normally I'm in the top 20-25% of my age group for the run, but I found the surging to try and stay on wheels after the hairpins and going up the small inclines cooked my legs and my run suffered accordingly (top 33%). I did the Yarrawonga race and got into no drafting packs all race, but managed to hold on for a few km's in Canberra, so I guess that's some small improvement. Will need to adjust my training if I continue to do D/L (unlikely).
  4. Froudie

    2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    I'll be a first timer at Kurnell next weekend... Any tips from the wise?
  5. Froudie

    Kona Legacy Lottery

    How many Ironman races will that make for you Ironnerd?
  6. Froudie

    Kona spots at port

    I know one of them, but he doesn't frequent here.
  7. Froudie

    Kona spots at port

    Prizes and Winning: ï· The random prize draw will take place at 12:30 pm on Friday 24 February 2017 at the Promoterâs office located at 24 Lionel Donovan Drive, Noosaville, QLD, Australia, 4566. The winner will be randomly chosen from the pool of entrants.
  8. Froudie

    140.6 predictor

    Formula was close for me; Olympic PB - 2:20 Marathon PB - 3:37 Predicted IM - 11:56 Actual IM PB - 11:59 All three PB races were within a five month period.
  9. Froudie

    Hawaii IM Live Coverage

    New run course record for Lange?
  10. Froudie

    ironman melbourne 10 slots for kona

    (Double post)
  11. Froudie

    ironman melbourne 10 slots for kona

    I've sent an email... Will post the reply (if I get one).
  12. Froudie

    ironman melbourne 10 slots for kona

    The email I have states the lucky people will be notified tomorrow. Not sure if that means they have already drawn it.
  13. Froudie

    Melb an Port IM double

    I did it in 2012 with no coach and not much idea on proper training, so this may not be as relevant for someone with those things ticked off. I was BOP for both races and very under-prepared physically for both, times were about the same 13:52 (Melb) & 13:36 (Port Mac). Took a week off post IM Melbourne, then struggled with motivation to train, eat right and do the 1%'s (sleep, massage etc). Having a disappointing first race at Melbourne certainly contributed to this. So for me, a few things I'd focus on if I did it again; 1). I think recovery of the mind and mental focus is just as important as the physical recovery. Dealing with the repercussions of the the first race on your racing ego. I guess an understanding that a lot of the hard work has already been done and in the bank and a few slips here and there are probably going to happen. 2). My splits at Port Mac were all slightly faster except the run, so I'd be more cautious about how I structured running between the two races as that's where you're gonna suffer in the second race 3). I think a week off post Melbourne was too long without any training at all, I should have done some swim and bike stuff Good Luck
  14. Froudie

    Melbourne IM Roll Call

    TPP - 1824 MxWalker Nick777 Bozza ltrevask PortRooster - 1365 Mrando Tivale Pete Symo - 1993 Toolish Tinman2 Cape_Horn - 395 Stikman - 611 Smiffy Joostoz Swanny POT gregb secteur pave Must tri harder Froudie - 332 nuked AndyBoy25 bigempty rcs Captain Slow LzBones MrsG (and MrG although not an official trannie) Clownboy steve_c Runforestrun Bam Bam longshot Dave T Catcam Truck Steno Fui Fui bored@work 821 NigelW - 1778