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  1. New items added! I keep finding stuff in the garage!
  2. Will reply to the pms sometime tonight. sorry, been very busy. Pick up location is Townsville, QLD. In case anyone's from around here
  3. Hi, I'm trying to clear out my closet of items that I do not need anymore. Most are in excellent condition as I am admittedly an impulse buyer. Running out of excuses on why I need 3 pairs of radars, a bigger closet, etc. PROFILE DESIGN AERODRINK CONDITION: USED - 5 times. Straw cut but plenty left. PRICE: Make an offer. VISION STEM 100mm CONDITION: BRAND NEW Forged, then CNC detailed from AL6061-T6 2-bolt front clamp designed for easy assembly with clip-on bar Fits Ø26.0mm handlebars For Ø1-1/8" fork steerer PRICE: $39 VISION STEM 70mm CONDITION: USED Forged, then CNC detailed from AL6061-T6 2-bolt front clamp designed for easy assembly with clip-on bar Fits Ø26.0mm handlebars For Ø1-1/8" fork steerer PRICE: Make an offer 3T DORIC TEAM CARBON SETBACK SEATPOST SIZE: 27.2 x 350mm CONDITION: USED. ***The alloy cradle has a crack on it that I was not aware of until I took the saddle off. New alloy cradle from 3T is $20 PRICE: Make an offer SHIMANO ULTEGRA 6600 RD CONDITION: USED PRICE: Make an offer
  4. Price is $3200
  5. Hi, I bought a Cervelo R3 last March and now thinking of selling it because I think it's too big for me. It's a 54cm frame. This bike's never been crashed or ridden in the rain. Barely has any scatches on it. I've ridden it for approx 700kms. SRAM Rival groupset. Everything is stock. What would be a reasonable price for it if I do decide to sell this 4 month old bike? *HED wheels not included.
  6. How much do you want it for then?
  7. PROFILE DESIGN ZBS SKI BEND AEROBARS PRICE: $90 DETAILS: Size: 225mm Multi-fit System accepts 26.0 mm and 31.8 mm oversize handlebars. 6061-T6 aluminium forged brackets are strong and lightweight. Aluminium aero extensions are adjustable for length, width, and rotational movement. J-brackets allow the lowest possible arm position. Includes F-19 arm rests that adjust for length and rotational movement. USED - Mounted on bike then removed after one ride due to upgraditis GOOD AS NEW
  8. Oakley Radar path lens - H.I. Persimmon PRICE: $90 DETAILS: Used twice. No scratches. Orange hue great for low light conditions Nice bluish semi-reflective tinge on the outside that looks cool I'll ship it with the black oakley foam case my radars came in. RRP is $140
  9. SRAM presta valve extension Price: $16 Postage: Free Details: Includes complete installation instructions Tighten/loosen it with an allen key. Black 48mm
  10. For better quality and still very portable then I'd suggest the Canon G12 or the Panasonic LX5. You cannot go wrong with either camera.
  11. If you want something small that fits in your pocket and is waterproof then I suggest the Panasonic Lumix TS3. You can take it anywhere. here's a review: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/Q311waterproofcompactgrouptest/
  12. T.shields

    GU Energy Gel

    There's no rule saying you can't. In fact I know a few people who do this regularly because they dont like the thick consistency of gu gels. Just make sure you don't squirt it over your head on a hot day.
  13. T.shields


    I was suspecting that that would be the case as with most prequels. Thanks!
  14. T.shields


    I saw the trailer and thought it looked cool! Never saw any of the alien movies though. Will it leave me wondering about a lot of things if I haven't?
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