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  1. Hey Rattie, I take it wife is still in the navy? As for big blocks maybe look around the Baldivis area, still a few on offer I believe. AVOID ROCKINGHAM!! It is the Frankston of WA. Ive joined the bumble bee army up north and thoroughly enjoying it. As for the working in the HSE environment Ill shoot you a pm with a lead or two
  2. niftybshifty

    Bikes of IMAUS

    I like the Trek with tri spokes and the big bags up front. Looks like my mates Harley.
  3. About the same Yo, theyre just better fed down that way
  4. Hope the weather improves here or the swim wont be pretty.
  5. Welcome aboard MOR31, to start with I used to go and watch races. You soon realise that to do triathlons you dont have to be an ultra fit thorobred. You just have to be someone that is having fun, staying healthy and able to smile through pain sometimes. Keep it simple and make sure its fun.
  6. Fettel first out of the water, would love to see him hang on but Crowie for the win.
  7. And so it has turned out that come mid May Im outa here having been thrown a cherry. Putting up centre pivot irrigation systems with a mate on Rio Tinto sites on reclaimed land. They then put it under pasture and produce hay to sell to the Saudi's on their dairy farms. Long hours, big bucks but its better than wondering where the next $ comes from. We start in Marandoo WA and end up somewhere in central QLD next year. Speeking of QLD I was hoping to come over to IM Cairns and do a reccy, play supporter and meet some of you guys but not to be, maybe next time.
  8. Im stoked hanging tough has paid of for you Sam. Hope the tide starts to come back in for you now mate.
  9. Driving to Perth with my son for state softball training we play highway cricket. A white car is a run, a red car is a wicket. A blue car either in front or behind the red car is a no ball.
  10. Look at the entrants list Nealo, half of Vic is on there. Probably a big list of "Bucket Listers" and some for real. At IMWA its about 50\50. Im lucky to live in an IM town, but I dont get the over excitement of it being in a major city either. Good race to all Trannies racing but WTF.
  11. Put a value on your sanity Sam, whats it worth? My great grandfather said if you dont love what you do and how you do it, you dont and never will love life. He also said that every man should have a mistress and every women a lover, just dont fall in love. Probably why he had 3 wives but he loved life. You have young children, dont think for a minute they dont catch the vibe off "daddy", they do, what you feel, they will dude.
  12. Yuk! cant even use the phrase "Few roos loose in the paddock" on that one. Why go that way, because its easier?
  13. Ha Ha welcome to WA, Hi Vis central
  14. Staring to play with what time to cut off coffee, alcohol, chocolate of an afternoon, eating earlier at night and getting good results as in I average 6 to 7 hrs sleep per night but getting better sleep.
  15. Vettal for the win. Weber 10th by turn 1, even though he has worked on his starts all off season apparently
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