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  1. PaperMan

    TA Membership time

    I renewed. Haven't done anything tri-related in over 18 months, but it feels like giving up to not renew. Didn't read anything Oompa said, but I probably agree with some of it.
  2. PaperMan

    Sagan at Fault?

    He really went very far to the right though didn't he. Left Cav with nowhere to go but down. Elbow of no consequence. I don't really know the rules but it does look like a dangerous swerve to lose the door that went badly wrong. Will miss Sagan on the tour anyway, just because he is funny. And Cav deserves total respect for being a gentleman about the whole thing.
  3. Guarantee he was doing the Strava #mymile challenge. It finishes this week. Couldnt yield or nod because that would cost PB time.
  4. Watch this. http://edition.cnn.com/videos/us/2017/06/23/road-rage-california-orig-bpb-vstan.cnn (motor) Cyclist kicks out at car. Car tries to kill him. Injures someone else. Everyone here at fault except the guy who got injured. Motorcycle guy very lucky. Moral of the story: if you act, don't be surprised if random stranger reacts. Also, people are generally kind of shitty so are best avoided, especially when they are driving By the way, the motorcycle guy apparently didn't stop. I wonder if he will get charged for that. I wouldn't have either, on the basis that the guy in the car might not be done trying to kill me.
  5. I did the motorcycle course a little while ago. Most useful advice was "how often are you putting your life in someone else's hands, expecting them to see you/yield/stop?"
  6. I've raged a couple of times after near misses, feeling the red cloud of adrenaline after near-death. Nothing like that thankfully, but I don't blame the rider But... the general point that cyclist behavior doesn't help much is valid. I do in fact lump all truck drivers together and all tradies in utes together, so to others I s sure that cyclists are cyclists. All one obnoxious bunch. (Also Volvo drivers, school drop off mums, taxi drivers, p platers, and Mr Whippy vans) Recent stuff I've seen that has made me dislike cyclists as a group: - on Military Road toward the city at peak hour, taking the transit lane up the hill at 20kph. This is legal but super-obnoxious, given the slightly longer but more bike friendly routes available either side of the main road. - past the airport on Southern Cross. Big bunches that look 3 or 4 abreast and all over the place, making it hard for traffic to get safely past them. Scary as hell as a driver and just dumb as a cyclist. Doesn't take much for that to go very badly. No major crimes committed, but the fact is that we as cyclists have a lot more to lose, so need to do the appeasing.
  7. I was a DNS. Daughter admitted to hospital on Friday so pretty much no option. (She will be fine). Kudos to those who did it. Tough distance with a tough course in tough conditions. Met Lucy B in Pace briefly one day. She was just hanging out. Very very low key and seemed very nice. Was thrilled to see that she won.
  8. UTA100. First one. Just aiming to finish. Ideally sub 17 so before midnight.
  9. PaperMan

    Busso Swim - Shark

    Sounds like a full evacuation because a helicopter saw a shark. Seems odd. I mean everyone knows the sharks are there. I would have thought it was better to at least know where one is.
  10. Wait iFoz and IronmanFoz are different people?
  11. I got mine at Pace Athletic for the same reasons. Needed local advice and try on etc. They are true experts and have run just about any event you can mention, usually many times. They don't seem to have a Melbourne store but maybe call them? I know the Mosman one does UTA gear checks by Skype so maybe they can sort you out?
  12. I've got the Solomon 12L thing. Seems to be very standard for ultras. Holds a surprising amount of stuff, including a bladder and/or soft drink bottles. And very comfy. A little hot, but I don't see how you could avoid that. Even has a whistle that I hope I never need to rely on to save me.
  13. Would be hard to organise. Imagine trying to agree what order people ran in. The solo guy is absolutely nuts. 24 hours by himself at 5:30. He's been doing 7 and 8 hour training sessions in a room alone with no music or tv, to prepare himself mentally. Bonkers.
  14. I'm on board with AP's view that most people doing absurd fundraising challenges, like cycling across Africa or crossing the Tasman on a blow-up unicorn, are mostly just doing it because they want to. But in this case, I think we can all agree that no one would want to spend 24 hours on a treadmill at 5:30 pace. I believe that these good people are genuinely in it to raise much needed funds for Camp Quality, so I'm sharing here for your consideration: On April 29th & 30th, Jeff Hunt , Laura James (BFS) and Luca Turrini will attempt to break 3 Guinness World Records for the farthest distance run on a treadmill in 24 hours! They will run their knees off to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality to support 30 families impacted by cancer for one full year… Laura will captain a team of 12 elite female runners, with the goal of reaching 320km in 24hours (4:30 pace) Jeff will captain a team of 12 elite male runners, with the goal of reaching 400km in 24hours (3:30 pace) Luca will go solo, with a goal of 261km in 24hours (5:30 pace) Yes… this is quite extreme and slightly crazy. And yes, the mental and physical effort required to keep up the pace for the full 24hours is extraordinary. Still, this is nothing compared to what the families they are fundraising for go through for weeks, months and years at a time. If you believe in their crazy record attempt and that their cause is worth supporting, please donate at https://www.outruncancer.com If you would like to see it all unfold as it happens, you can join them at the Fitness Show at new Sydney Convention Centre in Darling Harbour on April 29th from 10:30AM. Or you can enjoy the show comfortably from your sofa and tune in on the Facebook live stream @outruncancer! Thanks in advance for your support. Laura, Jeff & Luca
  15. Spectacular @Turtle I am so impressed that you not only did it but argued with the sweeper! Would love to see a full race report if you ever feel like writing one.
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