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  1. RunBrettRun

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    compared to the roads I frequent out the back of wauchope, the roads we race on are top shelf..
  2. RunBrettRun

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    I've done my fair share of laps around muz when I first got into tris. Great facility, wish the council would stump up and put something similar in at port.
  3. RunBrettRun

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    I actually thought the roads were good. That might say more about the roads I ride on at home than it does about the race site though.
  4. RunBrettRun

    Shoes for crossfit

    Bags AP for being passionate. Starts CrossFit. Ironic.
  5. RunBrettRun

    Motivating People - Who's yours?

    I watched another video while on the trainer last night and I'm also ready to buy his book.
  6. RunBrettRun

    Calf Strain

    The point of the ultra muscleeze is to give a high dose of Magnesium which we can become very depleted in. Salt stick is a great way to improve overall electrolyte but wont fix if your overall very depleted as it isnt a high enough dose (11mg vs ~280mg). Great way to top up while training/racing though... Personally I have found a good combination of using the Ultra muscleeze at night and adding pink rock salt to my water during the day to keep my sodium levels up.
  7. RunBrettRun

    Motivating People - Who's yours?

    The two aren't related mate, he will struggle in kona regardless.
  8. RunBrettRun

    Motivating People - Who's yours?

    A mate of mine pointed me to watch a few of the videos by David Goggins the other day, wow what a dude. I do love a good motivational clip but this bloke has blown me away. Who's someone you have come across who motivates you? This is a few of the "Rules for success from David" found here ---> https://www.madbarz.com/blog/203-david-goggins-life-isnt-fair-get-used-to-it Top 10 Rules for Success by David Goggins: #1 Go towards the truth - Don’t run away from the truth, don’t forget who you are. The world needs unique people. As David says: “The only way I became successful was going towards the truth. As painful and as brutal as it is, it changed me. It allowed me to become, in my own right, who I am today.” #2 Have a cookie jar - Believe in your accomplishments and your failures. Put them in a cookie jar. And when you feel everything sucks, reach into the cookie jar and remember who you are. “Wow, you got called Nigger your whole life” or “You’re the only person in history to do this or that”. Remind yourself of how badass you really are in times of need, says Goggins. #3 Get out of the routine - If you life in a comfort zone, it becomes your everyday norm. It stops you from gaining new experience, knowledge or development. #4 Thicken your skin - Don’t tap around the truth trying to find the right words. Tighten up. It’s okay. No matter what they call you, it’s okay. They don’t own you, only you own your life. #5 Break through the walls - Every wall has a door. Just reach for the key in your pocket and don’t be scared of what is on the other side. #6 Ask yourself “What if” - What if I can be that person I want to be? What if I can pull of a miracle? What if I hadn’t tried that? What if I can be that guy? Because you can. #7 Be driven - You got to believe you’re the hardest guy in the world. You did it. Drive will take you places unfathomable to ordinary man. #8 Accept your journey - Don’t be afraid to take your journey, don’t take the easier path. Accept it, because after suffering, you’ll have it your way. #9 Give back - Pass your message to kids and people around you, people who are in need, people who lack motivation and drive. #10 Test your limits - Train until your feel uncomfortable. You wake up for a run, and it’s raining cats and dogs - no excuse - go out. Don’t set the bar high, don’t strive to be excellent, just to give your all.
  9. RunBrettRun

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    It would be good to hear the views of the players involved in this. TA, Ironman, Challenge, EE etc.
  10. RunBrettRun

    Good Brisbane Physio

    Qld Sports Medicine Centre which is at the Gabba. I used to see Dolph Francis and found him to be the best physio I have ever seen. In saying that they are all pretty good there and if you're a Brisbane Lions fan (there aren't many of us left) you will get to see most of the players walking in and out while getting treatment.
  11. RunBrettRun

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    Yep hence the comment "some people take the piss" there is a difference between just being in a bad spot and sucking a wheel
  12. RunBrettRun

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    Robinais almost impossible to race fair on. Given some people take the piss but that course is way too small for the number of people they jam on it.
  13. RunBrettRun

    I just thru up at Tim dons shiv

    Weird. Everyone that came back from kona that I spoke to said the opposite.
  14. RunBrettRun

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    Just makes it more rewarding when you pass them on the run.
  15. RunBrettRun

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    I disagree it's easy to pass. 12m on flat is what 2 to 3 seconds going 35kph. Hit a hill the gap closes. Doesn't mean you're going faster than the person in front. Same as hitting a aide station and everyone slowing for a bottle. Cause you enter the draft zone do you skip the bottle and bust yourself to overtake so you don't get pinged. Remember we aren't breaking the rules for gain here just circumstances make this happen and you have to decide if you're going to live your life to the letter of the law or be realistic about what's going on.