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  1. Smoke too many Grass clipping's today Mate, i belive his tweet says "Fight" not Flight.
  2. They look pretty good be interested in the quality as well.
  3. Milney

    Ultraman Australia

    Robbie Andrews or Stephen Gage will go close I think..
  4. Giant power bar Oakley blue Seventy
  5. Milney

    2014 Roth live

    Looks like luke has pulled the pin..
  6. Milney

    2014 Roth live

    Maybe PJ saving his legs for next weekend
  7. Milney

    Port race day thread

    It's disappointing to drive around today and see the supporters of Maxi #72 use spray paint on the roads and trees.. No wonder some locals aren't happy with the race in town.
  8. Loved it.. Best IM start to date.
  9. We had the same problem changed the cable that goes between the handle bar unit and the USB dongle and it seemed to fix the problem. Other then that send Phil a email and he will sort it out pretty quickly..
  10. I generally carry a business card and one of my wife's business card with my phone in a clip lock bag. Cheap and nasty but has everything you need which hopefully I won't.
  11. Milney

    Cycling Shorts.

    I have been using the new Jaggad ones for a couple of weeks now, they are pretty damn good
  12. I would be keen for a copy as well if you find one.
  13. I have some SRAM Red brake Callipers if you are interested PM me Located in Brisbane
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