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  1. Buggeracup

    Nice 70.3

    Just got back from there last month on a holiday. The Nice Old Town is nice to wander around. Definitely check out the walk around Cap Ferrat. If you like quaint hilltop villages then St Paul de Vence is well worth a visit. I also took the kids white-water rafting in the Verdon Gorge which is beautiful and great for hikes and cycling. Didn't really enjoy Monte Carlo or Cannes, just a bit of a concrete jungle but St Tropez was nice albeit a little more difficult to get to (in the summer at least). Enjoy.
  2. Can't really agree with you on Paphos. The pools that I saw weren't great (or over-crowded) and the roads around Paphos (and much of Cyprus) are shit and the drivers are worse (although not as bad as Australia!).
  3. Buggeracup


    Also, James Pattinson should be back in the selection mix by then and I think he has the potential to be an absolute super-star as an all-rounder (assuming he can stay healthy!).
  4. Buggeracup


    While I agree that the current hardship is tough to watch (I hate losing to the curry-munchers!), I think it sets us up quite well for next year. Our Ashes batting order for the tour next year looks something along the lines of; Warner Harris / Renshaw Khawaja Smith S. Marsh Head That batting line up looks pretty solid to me to be honest. I know S. Marsh gets a lot of flak but I do think he's one of the top 6 batsmen in the country and one of the few with a first-class batting average that warrants him playing Test cricket.
  5. First race was on the Gold Coast at Elanora in the old Gatorade Series in 1996 I think it was. Sprint distance of 750/20/5. Decent runner and rode to uni every day but figured I could bluff my way through the swim. I bluffed my way through the swim for about 100m and then had to breast stroke most of the rest of the way in........🙄
  6. Buggeracup


    Yep, I've got no idea why they decided to play the match Sunday - Thursday (which is the exact working week in the UAE for those that don't know), stupid idea. Considering entry was free it was a very poor turn out. I at expected a few thousand Pakis to rock up but even they were few and far between. I wasn't able to attend for all three sessions but I took my young fella down for the last session and a bit on three of the days.
  7. Buggeracup


    I just spent 3 days at the match as part of a crowd of about 200 I reckon. As soon as we lost the toss we were going to be up against it, realistically, a draw was the best result we could aim for. That being said, the pitch didn't break up nearly as much as I expected and from 0/142, we needed to at least get on par with their first innings. Khawaja was amazing in the second innings (and the first for that matter) and in reality he is probably the only world-class batsman in this line up. I've never understood his perceived lack of ability against spin bowling, he has never really been given a chance against spin bowling in this part of the world. We never used to pick 'horses for courses' back in our glory days so I'm not sure why we do now - the best players are the best players anywhere in the world. A draw would have felt like a win for our guys (although I'm glad Paine didn't admit that) and maybe we can use this momentum into the second Test. Although, make no mistake, we were outplayed for over three days. I rate Mitch Marsh as an all-rounder, but all-rounders bat at No. 6, and Marsh is not a Test No. 4. For the next Test, surely Renshaw (to replace Labuschagne) comes back in as opener and everyone drops down a spot. Except, Head can stay at 5 and Marsh drops backs to No. 6. I'm glad that I was there to watch that!
  8. The wall's total demolition was a planned process however the initial opening of the border crossing was, as stated, the result of a misinterpretation of a East German government press release. True story.
  9. Buggeracup


    I agree that Renshaw should never have been dropped in the first place. 10 Test matches with 6 of them in Asia, averaging 36 including 1 century and 4 fifties plus he's the perfect foil for Warner. I'm not sure what more you could ask for from a 21 year old early in his career? His only problem is that he's had no avenue to force his way back into the team. If they pick him based on no cricket, it's almost like the selectors are admitting they got it wrong, I can't see them doing that.
  10. Buggeracup


    Mitch Marsh certainly proved me wrong, he has batted very well. That being said he still goes hard at the ball and plants his front foot very early which has all the hallmarks of a flat track bully. Additionally, he certainly hasn't been an all-rounder, his bowling has been poor and he has looked very much like a bowler who is coming back from a shoulder reconstruction! Shaun has always had the talent and I've actually always been a fan but he's never seemed to have the mental fortitude to be honest. Hopefully this time it clicks for him because he has been a revalation in the middle order but gee, 9 chances in the Test team = blessed! The South African series should be awesome and I expect them to comfortably beat the curry munchers because they tend to travel like a bag of prawns in the sun! Steyn is injured again and Philander has a history of never making it through long test series so our strength might end up being our resilience. I don't think many changes will be made for the squad for that tour. For me, I would take the current 11 + Handscomb, Bird, Sayers, Agar/Swepson and Joe Burns. If they decide to drop Bancroft, I hope they don't move Marsh up to open, he looks settled and confident at 5, Joe Burns would be the new opening batsman.
  11. True. It's a shame the roads are a death-trap here, as there would be some pleasant rides along JBR and up around Business Bay etc. I also get frustrated that I've got a 40min drive just to get to the bottom of the stick before I can even start riding!
  12. Boring as f$@k after the first couple of times you do it though! There's only so much sand that one needs to see on their ride before it gets monotonous!
  13. I'm certainly no expert having only raced 5 X 70.3 but I definitely agree with Zed with regard to the running training component. There's a big thread on it over on Slowtwitch regarding running a minimum of 6 times a week consisting of 3 x short runs, 2 x medium runs (roughly twice the length of your short runs) and 1 x long run (roughly three times as long as your short runs). ALL of the running is EASY (conversation pace) and the improvement comes through volume and consistency. Approaching races, the medium runs can be used to add some above race pace intensity if required. I'm still not doing the volume of Zed but I'm running more than I ever thought possible and it's surprisingly easy and repeatable with no hint of injuries yet. My 'easy' pace is improving too. At the moment my short runs are only 4-5km which can easily be knocked over in under half an hour so it's easy to fit in and these are the days when you could also schedule one of your bike sessions. But when you do 4-5km three times a week, 8-10km two times a week and a 12-15km session it's easy to see how the weekly mileage can quickly add up. Obviously, once you can handle that load, you slowly up the distances. Its taken me a long time (I'm probably not the sharpest tool in the shed) but I'm finally realising that a single session or a single big week is irelevent. It's about aerobic consistency over a long period that will get the results.
  14. While I'm sure there will be numerous spin-offs in a similar ilk of last years, "Rogue One", there should only be one more official film in the 'series'. Of course, Disney now own all the rights so I guess they can do what they want. However, based on this movie, they are getting away from what made the originals great and they also risk diluting the brand. I assume that was part of the reason for all of the meaningless sub-plots in this movie and the introduction of new characters with no relevance to the series storyline - so that they can spawn other spin-off movies.
  15. Saw it last night. I need to see it again (and again!) to make an informed decision but based on one viewing I think; - there seemed to be a few too many cheap, corny jokes that, while funny, weren't required and weren't a fixture of previous instalments. - there seemed to be too many sub-plots going on. Additionally, these sub-plots didn't really have any relevance to the main story line. Again, confusing and not really required. - the introduction of several new characters in this instalment seems superfluous when there is only one more movie to go.
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