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  1. The Expat Thread.

    I managed to get a construction loan sorted as a non-resident for tax purposes to build our new place in QLD. We are essentially considered foreign investors like Softy said but we managed to get it through just before the major crack down from the banks on foreign investment. Three months later an Aussie mate that I work with over here tried the same thing and got knocked back unless he could front up a 40% deposit!
  2. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    There have been comments regarding HR / RPE so far on this thread but not much specifically on run pace that constitutes 'easy' in the 80/20 concept. For arguments sakes, let's say someone is currently running a 10KM in 45mins, which equates to 4:30min/km. What would be a good pace to run the majority of their easy runs? Should it be around the 5:00min/km, 5:30min/km or perhaps even slower? Would this training speed change depending on the race distance that they are aiming for? Similarly, what type of run pace would constitute their hard or fast sessions for the above athlete? Should it be faster than threshold pace, so something like 4:10-4:20min/km or even faster but shorter intervals? Or is a 'Sweet Spot' concept like that used in cycling valid also for running - so 4:40min/km-4:30min/km? Good discussions so far.......
  3. Facebook, I dont like it!

    I've had an account since 2009. Certainly not an addict and an infrequent poster at best. In fact I'm a late adopter for most tech things and don't ever really feel that they are indispensable or significantly improve the quality of my life. The reason I got a FB account (and an early one at that) was to keep in touch with family and close friends. We have a closed family only page where we keep them updated with what's happening, photos of the kids and tales from our travels. This has been invaluable based on my military job that has seen us move around Oz a lot, spend a couple of years living in the US and now living over here in Dubai. Other than that, it wouldn't devastate me if I didn't have it.
  4. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    I'm interested in this discussion. Why is there a significant difference of opinion when it comes to bike training though. I often read on this forum that there is no point cruising around doing easy miles on the bike. Ride hard at every opportunity even if training for longer distances with heaps of high intensity intervals for example. So why the difference of opinion for running? Is it purely a matter of injury likelihood versus injury avoidance?
  5. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    Clearly I spoke too early about the good work Sagan was doing for me!!! more good points from Martin today though.
  6. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    FFS, Cav has caused more pile ups in his career than anyone else in history. When he's on the wrong side of the ledger he's not happy. The real culprit was Demare who swerves aggressively, causing Bouhani to almost crash which causes Sagan to go further right which closes the (half) gap that Cav was aiming for. I thought the elbow comes out after the fall has started and is a natural reaction to him trying to regain his balance. Oh, but let's not forget that Demare is French, so obviously he can't be in the wrong! Also note that I had Sagan in my Velogames team! ???
  7. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    Sagan and Dan Martin are doing all the damage for me so far. Got a few chances for breakaway wins once we hit some hills as well. Well placed at the moment.
  8. Cricket

    Good article by Brett Geeves regarding how the longer this drags on the more public support will begin to wane as it starts to look like a money grab. This will be exacerbated when we have Warner rocking up to the meetings in a Ferrari and Shane Watson rocking up in an ensemble outfit worth in excess of $5000!!! The top echelon of players are multi-millionaires and, while the these negotiations may be aimed more towards the women and state cricketers, it still is hard for common people to relate to the amounts of money being spoken about.
  9. Zwift v TrainerRoad v Full Gaz

    I'm also interested in the responses to this. Summer over here so, due to the 48 degrees celsius when I left work today, I'm definitely confined to indoor air-conditioning at the moment!
  10. Heart Issues

    All the best for the treatment and recovery mate. How old are you out of interest Prince?
  11. Motorist hits cyclist - gets 1 demerit point

    Anyone know what e outcome ended up being with the original story? Did it end up getting referred for review and was the driver charged with something more serious?
  12. IM Cairns Debut

    Great report and race mate, congrats. How did your standard training week look in the lead up to the race? What did the doc say about pissing blood? (Hard core by the way!)
  13. My first new TT thread

    It's not a totally integrated headset. It was already essentially installed and I just had to move them from the folded position and tighten into place. It comes with a torque wrench to get everything set up and it was very easy although some of the Allen keys were a little fiddle to access. Importantly, the brakes are already connected and so is the Di2 connections. It was really just a case of install the wheels, pedals (which it doesn't come with), seat post and the bars and it's good to go. You won't be disappointed!