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  1. FP, at least out here, they cant give Anthems away. They are a steal 2nd hand too, as everyone that buys one realises they need more travel and fork rake as they get into it. Buy a barely ridden 2nd hand one to dip your toe, and always get a dropper.
  2. Following keenly. Planning a similar trip later in the year.
  3. Tell me the downsides of having a canopy. I have nearly convinced myself to go that way.
  4. Hey guys, Just joined the BT50 club (4x2 XTR) partly based on you blokes raving over them, and the changeover at runout time making it a no brainer of the available options. Can i ask that one of you MY16 year owners check your tub specs vs the MY18 for me pls. There is a sports bar, tonneau and tub liner from a 16 going locally for ~20% of the dealer new price, so did not order anything for tub yet, as Ill cop the 2nd hand if it fits. Ta
  5. We are pretty regular Snowy area riders these days. We generally hit up Jindy and Thredbo, often with a Stromlo or Majura stop either way. Stopped at Mt Gladstone on Friday. Well, well worth it!!! Such fun, descents flow fantastically, but even the climbing trails are fun and interesting. There is a new DH (more enduro) run called Gladiator which is great fun, but not yet on the park map. Carpark is only 200m of the main road out to Jindy from Cooma. I really rate it, so we will be regulars there now. Thought Id post for anyone else who flies on by it in haste to get to Thredbo. Make sure you stop.
  6. Cmon Roxii. We were about due to rehash it
  7. Diamonds

    AFL 2019

    Could be shrewd by Giants and probably worth ther punt by Hawks. Reports he was on over 500k for next 3 seasons and his ankle may be in the Daisy Thomas territory. Probably likely to head back to Melb next contract anyway so cash out and retain others with the extra coin.
  8. Anyone else enjoying the Uncle Tony Betoota Advocate series?
  9. Diamonds

    AFL 2019

    Thing is, I am sure he wasn't going for the head. That action in no way resembled a traditional punch. Hopefully though, it leads to all that closed fist, torso stuff going. Not really necessary and they only throw it because they know there can be no meaningful retaliation. Zak Jones, amongst plenty of others, throws that stuff all the time. If it lands high it is trouble, but mostly not.
  10. We must have answered the same
  11. Abcde (Absidy) or L-A (Ladasha) are the go
  12. There is a 200 buck and ~400 buck Giant one. My young bloke has intermittent issues with the cheaper one. I have nil with the more expensive one.
  13. Well said, Parky. Such an experience. Even knowing the area as a local (or from the perspective of a local) is so much better than just ticking off the traditional tourist stuff. Prospect Park in Brooklyn is like a massive Centennial Park and you can train there fine if you can deal with the loops on the bike. In summer, it is was worth the subway trip into Central Park for the kids to play in the park with water spray jets. $25 a casual swim might be a shock though..... I want to go now.
  14. An interesting thing was they never had a vehicle even though they were doing very well. They used the subway for work but were members of a "carservice". You just ring up and prebook for the few times you need it. Subway pretty much gets you anywhere and I didnt really have to look at the lines after a few weeks.
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