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  1. The Politics Thread

    Gotta respect him for taking on the shortball. Turnball would be a leave the periscope up style ducker. No glory there.
  2. Obesity being classified as a disease

    Big Macs are awesome. They are mushy enough you can stuff a whole one in your gob.
  3. the 2017/18 financial year cost of pool swimming

    No-one else on the Fitness Passport gig? Was $21.90 p/fn for me and covered every pool plus a heap of gyms within 60kms including squads at the Uni. Bumped it to family at $37.90 p/fn and now covers 4 of us which has 28 pool entries per month for my daughters squad as well as me. I am getting about $108 worth of swim value per fortnight plus my wife gets about 5 gym classes too. I think I am winning.
  4. dropper seatpost on a budget

    If you monitor the Facebook mtb buy and sell pages you will get something for that price rangr. I picked up an internal routed 125mm giant dropper for $140 a few months back for the young fellas bike. I run the same post already.
  5. AFL 2017

    Just back from a cracking finish to the Cats Giants match. Great viewing ground from the top deck at Spotless. Top amenities and food vendors etc. Very impressive first visit there. Last 10 mins was great with Razor Ray just itching to get into it. Crowd going nuts by the end.
  6. Greenvalleys Bike Park

    Actually, just realised my shuttle prices in first post are wrong. $30 GV member, $45 mtba lic holder, $60 with one day lic. Those were a clinic price I think.
  7. Greenvalleys Bike Park

    No one else had a crack yet? We have been a few more times since. Young fella hitting the airbag now. DirtArt have just started doing some Illawarra Escarpment stuff for the council so good times ahead.
  8. AFL 2017

    They were a stray finger away in all honesty. Must just be bad juju.
  9. AFL 2017

    Oh dear
  10. That's fukd. Knew I shoulda done it this year.
  11. Ben Johnson's New Add

    Best ad in a long time.
  12. Private schools...

    Not sure why. Bro in law is (a high flying, every other week overseas) one plus come into contact with a few through work. Couldn't pay me enough to be owned by the firm (more than a few of his wedding guests arrived from UK and US only to be summonsed on business before ceremony and leave ASAP), work so many hours I don't know my kids and get fat and unfit living the life. For the record the BIL was non metro public school to post grad Harvard Law scholarship so it cant be all about the school. There are 5000 lives I'd lead before that one. Readily admits he hates it. Addicted to the status and the one luxury holiday a year they squeeze in ?
  13. Private schools...

    A mate has got his kid to yr10 via Private but realised he isn't a tertiary study candidate. Reckons that apprenticeships are so scarce, that some parents are pulling kids out of yr 11/12 and going back to public and using the saved fees to "buy" an apprenticeship opportunity.
  14. The 10,000 step farce

    I think that is it.
  15. The 10,000 step farce

    18 holes of golf was coming in at 7k or so, but I reckoned it wasn't counting when my arm was anchored on the buggy handle. A few weeks of carrying my clubs instead showed it to be 14.5k carpark to carpark. 10kms of running is just over 9000 steps for me. Probably 3000 for a Kenyan.