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  1. Cricket

    Burns is normally a good fieldsman but having a barry in the BBL at the moment
  2. Cricket

    You know you wouldn't. And long Tom Moody was too long for Test cricket and he had talent so you are no chance 🍻
  3. Cricket

    Is bowling very well tonight though
  4. Cricket

    Unlikely off a prep for 4 over cricket. Coming back for multiple spells, session after session, potentially day after day can't be bluffed. Even for Johnson. They risked it with Marsh knowing he only bowls token spells.
  5. Christmas & New Year

    The family and I did a Xmas cruise 3 years ago. Flew to Auckland on the 19th. Poked around there then boarded on the 23rd. Bounced down the east coast, Milford Sound then Hobart for NYE before a day ashore in Melbourne (we just strolled down to Luna Park and St Kilda shops because we have been a few times). Finishes Sydney so one way flights only. Was a great minimilist Xmas. Small presents for the kids. Lunch with no cleanup. No other relos. I enjoyed it as a once off. Ive done two cruises. I dont mind them as long as they are 4-5 years apart. I am happy running laps of the ship and hitting the weights room, plus quite happy to get messy on the drink every now and then so it is ok for me. If you are a health freak it wont be your thing. Food is like eating in a shopping centre food court for a week or so.
  6. The Movie Quote Game

    Die Hard - Well, it is Bruce Willis at least.
  7. Housing Bubble thread.

    Agree. Just bought and sold in the last 3 months in the gong. Definitely cooled. The real schmick places still go fast but heaps of other stuff sits.
  8. Cannonball Festival

    Still here. Having a beer with Jabs tonight. Weather is turning it on. Got snowed on, dodged lightning, got rained on and thensun came out again all in one hour earlier today. Muddy as all hell. Had a 90min timeout today awaiting a bike repair but otherwise all good. Still got all our teeth.
  9. Rugby Union, what's happened to Oz?

    Rory - Somewhere on the outskirts of Auckland I spied a set of AFL goal posts last time there. Looked like a private school of some description. Both ends of the ground so not flag poles 😚 I coach (a now Swans Academy kid) in Aussie Rules whose father was a 300+ gamer in the local rugby comp. The kid started in u9s and the next jump at that time was to u13s, so they decided to find him a new sport for a few years til the age gap narrowed. He has never looked back.
  10. Cricket

    Technically a dud buy then
  11. Cricket

    And to be fair, without that Marsh-Smith partnership there was no test win. He is very easy on the eye, but that 50 was crucial.
  12. Cricket

    In fairness to G, Id claim it too. He is that unorthodox that plenty of old fart grade club selectors would have given him some lecture about technique and left him racking up lower grade tons.
  13. Rugby Union, what's happened to Oz?

    You know it is on the nose when the two Saffers I play golf with regularly admit to preferring League now as a spectacle.
  14. Cannonball Festival

    Anyone elsegoing? Taking the young bloke. Having a crack myself in the flow. Get down too late for the All Mountain. Looking forward to cheering on the DH event Sunday too.
  15. Cricket

    As an all round option, Cartwrights meds look pretty rank at Test level. He'd want to be top shelf with the bat. Smith has shown time and time again he doesn't rate Maxwell's bowling. The most obvious option is for Smith to pump up and bowl more (training and matches). It appears he is "electing" not to. Piss poor. It would give them better variety too. Then they can play 6 specialist bats. These barely impressive Shield level all rounders are a proven joke at Test level.