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  1. Moving mine on. Has become a garage ornament now I ride a motorbike to work if not the pushy. Only doing 2 x 15km trips most weeks which isn't ideal for a diesel. Hasn't had a single issue. Redbook value is 32-35k for 40000km (without canopy). Mine is about to hit 30000km. 3.5 years warranty remaining. Possibly negotiable for tranny who hasn't annoyed me on here. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2018-Mazda-BT-50-XTR-Hi-Rider-UR-Auto-4x2-Dual-Cab/SSE-AD-6698712
  2. Beach run is only the last km, probably less. Bike isn't technical at all. There is a small steep bit to finish which a few people walked, but I assume they are road tri people with minimal mtb experience. It was steamy after rain in the lead up, and the bike was tough due to a fair bit of early ascent and some really soft sand sections. Good weekend. We did the tri Sat and the run Sunday. Dirt Master entry I think they called it.
  3. Nice goal. I did that race last year. Some intell for you -> Equal parts fire trail and headland walking trail with the last km or so beach. Lots of elevation change but no hard surfaces. Might see you there if it runs.
  4. That is bizarre. The Customer is 100% right. Children of junkies and alco's born in housing commission have almost zero chance of breaking out of their place in society. Not saying they cannot, but to judge their options versus mine as a low middle class kid and some kid born into plenty is ridiculous. I have been around it for over a quarter of a century in my job. Lol "choice". That is mostly their normal. They often start the path before they even realise or could fathom where they are heading.
  5. MTB Aust have brought out a 6 month recreation licence so those that had race licences can scale back since there are no races, but maintain the P/L insurance. A small concession at least.
  6. Sorry mate. I am an hour south of Sydney. 4 council pools I know of in the Illawarra have reopened. Most of the ocean pools have been usable throughout too. Not sure what is happening in Sydney itself.
  7. I've swum the last 2 days. Got two sessions tomorrow (different pools). Half hour slots only. I am not that keen, but better than sitting in the carpark while the daughter swims. Realise how much I enjoy it actually.
  8. Just years of knowing myself. That post was after a local hike on our biggest peak and I was blowing hard after a hundred steep stairs. Easily would have been 150+ but watch had me at 98 still. I did my first run with it this arvo and it was pretty good. HR vs RPE seemed pretty decent. Maybe I wasn't sweating enough to aid good conduction on the hike. Much happier with the watch after today.
  9. Ended up with a Garmin 735XT which is a couple of hundred off at Rebel. Paid $329. It gets mixed reviews. Was hoping the wrist hr would at least be reasonably ballpark but it doesnt appear to be.
  10. Hi guys, My 910XT has finally expired and my Forerunner 630 has always been really poor for any real time accurate GPS data like current pace. I don't train seriously anymore but run, mtb and occasionally jump on the roadie. What is decent and reliable these days (with GPS) around the $300ish mark? Anyone using the Suunto5? It is 45% off but some reviews state the screen brightness can't be adjusted and it is hard too see data while running. TIA
  11. Diamonds


    It is actually pretty broad, obese or smokers. I am sure the official numbers will come out in the wash. You can hold me to account later if needed.
  12. Diamonds


    who talked absolutes?
  13. Diamonds


    We could do that, but if people self isolate when they should, you shouldn't encounter it in theory. My parents and inlaws are in your boat, hence the end to my post. Both pretty much waiting things out at home. How about putting it this way for Princes benefit? If the scientific and medical advice to government wasnt rock solid, tell me the upside to any of these governments around the world putting prohibitive restrictions on people and their own economies? The ramping up of medical facilities and recruiting of staff and associates training etc again point to the seriousness. The weight of medical staff shouting from the rooftops, pretty much in the absence of dissenters again spells it out. This is very serious for some. Not dangerous for others, except they are the spreaders. Look at the result of the Ruby Princess where people are jammed in and associating. No thanks. In regards to the obesity and smoking links, I was already of that mind after some reading and podcasts, but Peter is right. That info is coming to our medics out of other nations.
  14. Diamonds


    That is your right. I am happy to be judged down the line. I dont need to reveal my sources.
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