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  1. Hey-Zues!!! Maydena is crazy. Steep, wet, slippery and long. Someone post me some new hands. Cooked. Had a big off after an amateur error changing directions on the slippery boards at speed. Lucky not to do major damage. Young bloke just hit the pro jump line. Fark I would be in strife if he busted himself there. First run I hated the place, but it has grown on me. Gaps jumps aside, I'll have a crack at everything but this sh1t is next level hardcore. Almost too hard to enjoy.
  2. I have done a few Xtris. Generally the trails are very non tech. I wouldn't sweat it too much. 100mm is plenty.
  3. re; pads, I swapped mine out Tuesday and have spares for young bloke. I have 150/140 and the youngen has 180/165. We will make do. We rode everything this side, so we will see I guess. I am more worried about arm pump costing me decent trail time.
  4. The big, new to-do trail is the Blue Tier to Binalong Bay (Bay of Fires). It is $150 per head from the Derby side - shuttled to the Tier and collected at BOF for a feed, return to derby. The reports are it is super mushy from rain at the start at present, there is a quite big climb in the middle then about 30kms of unrivalled descent (better than Tier and Atlas on Derby side). I decided to wait til it is ridden in more and drier, so means another trip. Reports I heard on the shuttle buses were that it is great, but will be better with time. It is $100 from the St H side with GravityIsle (who we used at Flagstaff). MAD Mtb told my young bloke they are doing it for same price as Vertigo, but re-shuttling the initial descent again to give you more bang for buck. Might be worth asking when you come. Vertigo are currently training staff and setting up a presence on the St H side, so it will grow. The Wellborough Pub people are running a kiosk in the Mtb Park (to be clear, it is south of town, the Tier to BOF is separate and well north of town). So the big Derby players are buying in on the St H side, so I think that is a plus for the region as a whole.
  5. Thanks guys. Only just remembered my password to log in on my phone (after two years). Had to fire up the old PC to post in that time as it remembered me 😕
  6. Just finished 6th day of riding in Derby. Bloody unreal. Ticked off every single trail at least once. Totally fried as is my young bloke. Learnt a few tricks and sneaky trail links as the week wore on. Trails are brilliant. Something for everyone. Slipped over to ride the new park at St Helens (Flagstaff Rd) as well. Great also, same construction team (World Trail) apparently. Old Salty Dog from the back of the park was as much fun as any Derby descents. Off to Maydena for 4 days. Wish me luck
  7. I got a chubby when I saw he had posted. Twas a good read as always.
  8. Hi guys, Thought someone might know off the top of their heads or have worked in the industry. 16yo has a super account for her part time job. Statement arrives and of $181 contributions, $107 have been eaten up in fees and insurance. Is the insurance likely to be compulsory (as that is most of the deductions), and surely there should be some exemption for earning under a threshold. Any ideas or tips appreciated. Figured here was a better place to start than on hold for 2 hours to her super fund being told they can't tell us anything as we aren't her. TIA
  9. FP, at least out here, they cant give Anthems away. They are a steal 2nd hand too, as everyone that buys one realises they need more travel and fork rake as they get into it. Buy a barely ridden 2nd hand one to dip your toe, and always get a dropper.
  10. Following keenly. Planning a similar trip later in the year.
  11. Tell me the downsides of having a canopy. I have nearly convinced myself to go that way.
  12. Hey guys, Just joined the BT50 club (4x2 XTR) partly based on you blokes raving over them, and the changeover at runout time making it a no brainer of the available options. Can i ask that one of you MY16 year owners check your tub specs vs the MY18 for me pls. There is a sports bar, tonneau and tub liner from a 16 going locally for ~20% of the dealer new price, so did not order anything for tub yet, as Ill cop the 2nd hand if it fits. Ta
  13. We are pretty regular Snowy area riders these days. We generally hit up Jindy and Thredbo, often with a Stromlo or Majura stop either way. Stopped at Mt Gladstone on Friday. Well, well worth it!!! Such fun, descents flow fantastically, but even the climbing trails are fun and interesting. There is a new DH (more enduro) run called Gladiator which is great fun, but not yet on the park map. Carpark is only 200m of the main road out to Jindy from Cooma. I really rate it, so we will be regulars there now. Thought Id post for anyone else who flies on by it in haste to get to Thredbo. Make sure you stop.
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