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  1. Rohan Dennis shown warming up on the cycling Australia Instagram on his old BMC.... Who loves a bit of sponsor betrayal
  2. So I'll answer the first question. I knew him. Used to swim at buddy's in Melbourne with him before he moved up to the gold coast. As stated by someone else he was a lawyer at a large firm before he moved (no idea after). He worked part time and trained the rest of the time. Without commenting on the doping he was a generally lovely guy to know and be around. Always a lot of fun, hard trainer and personable. He certainly wasn't your typical hyper competitive win at all costs mentality type that I'd assume would be involved in this. Anyway sad story
  3. jimmyk

    Ironpo wins Triple Tri

    Awesome to see you smash the race up......im motivated to be there next year. Maybe with an appropiate bike unlike last year...
  4. Only if the bike shop you purchase from is registered with the EU wide tax refund system. Trust me, I got stuck with a 500eu of VAT that i couldnt get back when flying out og barcelona.
  5. Can be very very very difficult to get the vat refund so make sure the store is set up to get this for you
  6. jimmyk

    Di2 is it a W@nk

    So here is why di2 is the business.... I am completely inept when it comes to anything bike mechanical. Just useless. When I get cable stretch or what ever off I go to the bike shop to get it tuned up all nice and pretty. Cue buying a bike in Portugal with intent to ride to France and back to Spain. Probably clocked just over 2000km in the past month. The first 15 days were spent in Portugal and north Spain, this is a rainy place this time of year. Every day I was rained on. The mechanisms where getting clogged up with dirt grease, which I'd clean when I had the energy. So in 2000km plus on hilly terrain and a wet and dirty drive train, guess how many miss shifts I have had? Zero. Guess how many times I've heard the drive train clicking or something rubbing? Zero. No issues at all. And I've had multiple days when I've ended up on gravel roads, muddy roads because my mapping skills have failed. But the gears never failed. So yes, for you, who I'm guessing had mad skills when it comes to sorting out a drive train mechanical, or never cross your chain, it might be useless. As for nearly every pro who has a mechanic on hand who can do a rolling adjustment mid ride. Here is the secret, shimano makes these gears for random punters who value something that works without maintenance, not for the pros. The pros just convince us it is the best.
  7. Haha gold! Only a matter of time till I match that description. In the mean time I've got to ride to Spain :-) Enjoy your holiday mate.
  8. Was that you wearing the trannies cap??
  9. It sounds like communication is an issue...
  10. spend some $$ and get the Hed Corsair, they are super dooper adjustable
  11. Let me get this straight, Are you accusing Fishy of drafting? And are you calling the data that they have collected as being wrong? Or are you saying that they have analysed it incorrectly? I am not one for statistacal analysis, but I have ridden a bike at 12m off the back of the rider in front and gotten plenty of draft. Y
  12. Fishy- I will actually come along tm. Maybe we should see how low we can get your power out put at 40kmph with me, mag, nick all out in front?
  13. I do all my riding with fishy and I also have a PM. And the result speak true to what I have found on the drome. In the other thread i suggested it would be around 20w. However, in race conditions, on rough roads like pt Mac, this will be Lower. I would say around 15 watts saved. Then add in the fact that in an IM you are not going round at 40+kmph, it makes the wattage difference a bit (small bit) lower.
  14. You want to go quick right? I hear some dude at port mac rode this pretty fast http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TRIATHLON-TIME-TRIAL-BIKE-/130797858860?pt=AU_Sport_Cycling_Bikes&hash=item1e7428f02c&_uhb=1#ht_310wt_98
  15. i think we should, we already know the outcome, but hey, might as well make magnus ride out the front!
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