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  1. steve_c

    Nepean 2018

    yeah that would be for sure.. you never know how or where the TO will take a measurement though.. i'm sure theres a protocol but i've been to some races with some odd results!
  2. steve_c

    Nepean 2018

    Been cooler than normal in the Riff too? Haven't used a wetty there since the temp range was changed by TA. Maybe 2013 or 2014? Anyone know if were riding again in the industrial estate? Seems like the course changes every other year..
  3. steve_c

    Nepean 2018

    Pumped to return again. Who else is in? Cooler temps so far this month. Could be nice on the second lap of the run
  4. steve_c

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Any word on swim start format? Deep water? Beach? Pontoon?
  5. steve_c


    I'm in. Looking forward to it. Love racing in Canberra. Should be a cracker with a big field!
  6. steve_c

    WTB: Roka Maverick size Male Small

    Hey mate i bought one directly from ROKA. Sign up to their newsletter - you'll get a discount code for 15 or 20% (can't recall).. I bought the mid-range Maverick and IIRC it was $540 or so shipped.
  7. steve_c

    Kurnell - Where to park campervan?

    Taking the camper next weekend to Kurnell. Any locals know a good spot to park the camper overnight? Would be arriving in evening and obviously heading off early.. Cheers
  8. steve_c

    Who is paul dev over at ST

    i used to live in ottawa - same city as him. really nice and thoughtful guy.
  9. steve_c

    Jackie Fairweather Memorial / Tri Series

    A lot of fun. Swam ok (for me) and exited with about 5 other guys. We rode hard and ended up picking up small groups of twos and threes throughout the bike to finish with about 20 of us! Great fun, really different and a real shame that's the only DL race for the season!
  10. steve_c

    Jackie Fairweather Memorial / Tri Series

    If it's run like this (concurrently) all the time, it'll never 'take-off'. Needs to be clear and well-separated waves and minimum confusion. It'd also be awesome to see more draft-legal races as organisers have been inert. Done right, with: interesting courses (shorter bike courses which are more spectator friendly i.e. 5x4km loops or something) and big gaps between age groups these could be a lot of fun and much more interesting to both participate in AND watch. A lot of work to do.
  11. steve_c

    Jackie Fairweather Memorial / Tri Series

    3.14 & 3.15 http://www.triathlon.org.au/Assets/Triathlon+Australia+Digital+Assets/2016+2017+RCR+Upd.pdf Basically, it has to be a road bike with "normal" wheels (no discs/minimum of 12 spokes) and no clip ons. At the draft-legal event in March, the TO's tried to tell me that my garmin mount on the front was not allowed however it ended up being fine.. edit to add..
  12. steve_c

    Jackie Fairweather Memorial / Tri Series

    i'm heading there.. doing the draft-legal.. (need ass-kicking for motivation to swim more!)
  13. steve_c


    dunno what he goes by other than rich, but using an ad-hominem won't make the truth go away
  14. steve_c


    Yeah coined by a psychologist named Melanie Joy.Rich Roll did a podcast with her a few months ago, and there's a pretty good 20min TED talk on youtube by her. worthwhile watching the ted talk.
  15. steve_c


    relevant to discussion pal. only 3 posts *ever* where i've used the word vegan mate.