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  1. i've heard it will avoid wooly road BUT I don't think it'll necessarily be a very fast course.. there will be fast sections but much of the same (crap surfaces, false flats, slight inclines) with quite a few u-turns each lap. i'd expect 600-900m of gain over the 90. i'll miss the old loops - part of what made the race iconic IMO. love that course.
  2. steve_c

    Nepean 2018

    saw quite a few folks pulled up on old castlereigh just after exiting the industrial area... wonder if there was some glass or something on the road near that last corner?
  3. steve_c

    TriHusky 2018

    I'm always in on home turf. Standard this year. Should be a lot more people racing this year - I've heard double the numbers from '17 are pre-rego'd already. Fyi to all; this will be the third consecutive weekend of sports in Husky (LCW, then Sand n Sea Festival, then Little Husky) so locals may be a bit cranky on the roads... ride early and avoid Jervis bay road
  4. steve_c

    Nepean 2018

    yeah that would be for sure.. you never know how or where the TO will take a measurement though.. i'm sure theres a protocol but i've been to some races with some odd results!
  5. steve_c

    Nepean 2018

    Been cooler than normal in the Riff too? Haven't used a wetty there since the temp range was changed by TA. Maybe 2013 or 2014? Anyone know if were riding again in the industrial estate? Seems like the course changes every other year..
  6. steve_c

    Nepean 2018

    Pumped to return again. Who else is in? Cooler temps so far this month. Could be nice on the second lap of the run
  7. Any word on swim start format? Deep water? Beach? Pontoon?
  8. steve_c


    I'm in. Looking forward to it. Love racing in Canberra. Should be a cracker with a big field!
  9. Hey mate i bought one directly from ROKA. Sign up to their newsletter - you'll get a discount code for 15 or 20% (can't recall).. I bought the mid-range Maverick and IIRC it was $540 or so shipped.
  10. Taking the camper next weekend to Kurnell. Any locals know a good spot to park the camper overnight? Would be arriving in evening and obviously heading off early.. Cheers
  11. steve_c


    dunno what he goes by other than rich, but using an ad-hominem won't make the truth go away
  12. steve_c


    Yeah coined by a psychologist named Melanie Joy.Rich Roll did a podcast with her a few months ago, and there's a pretty good 20min TED talk on youtube by her. worthwhile watching the ted talk.
  13. steve_c


    relevant to discussion pal. only 3 posts *ever* where i've used the word vegan mate.
  14. steve_c


    I'm a vegan and have no problem with killing pests (feral pigs/horses etc) which are bad for ecology. I do have a problem when farmers want to cull roos or something so they might graze their cattle with less hinderance. Others will see it differently.
  15. steve_c


    These figures are 'calculated' and 'averaged'. Omnivores who consume 'normal' (Australian's third on the list of meat-consuming nations per person so our version of 'normal' is an outlier) amounts of dairy/meat/poulty contribute to industries which kill over 150 BILLION animals yearly. So, by NOT choosing to consume/wear/use animal products, one doesn't contribute to these industries.
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