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  1. 98.9, going down slightly again. hooray
  2. have been going up and down the last few weeks. this weeks weigh in was 98.1kg ( down 900g from 2 weeks ago! ) just gotta deal with it.
  3. sat - 100k kinglake loop, just over 1900m of climbing. sun - 70k ride beach road. and tonight playing bball at 8. feeling good! now if i can just stay away from the tim tams.....
  4. Nealo, 99kg flat for me. thats a gain of 1.5 from last week. had a relatively good week on the bike again, 220k all up. but bought a house early in the week. celebrated. then celebrated some more on saturday night. so yes, definitely paid for it in the weigh in. no doubt ill hope to stay around 98-99 now while we get the house all sorted etc. good work everyone!
  5. forgot to weigh in but at a guess i'd say i gained weight, will update tomorrow morning nealo.
  6. ehhhhhh, had a huge week/weekend. bought a house this week and have been running around doing all the things that go with it. still managed 200k cycling for the week but the eating hasnt been the best!
  7. 97.5kg, down 2.3kg. had a pretty good week. 300ks on the bike, a basketball game and a huge pig out on friday of just chocolates and kebabs and a few cans of beer. but kept myself away from ' the bad stuff ' every other day of the week and just put k's into the bike. Pretty happy...well done to everyone so far! only 9 weeks to go....
  8. as aaliyah said ' dust yourself off and try again ' you'll be fine hasbeen, just waterload for the whole of sunday and maybe you'll feel abit better come monday morning? today is cheat day for me. Deal with it all your hardcore weightloss fans.
  9. Starting weight - 99.8kg Height - 190cm Target - Low 90s renewed motivation as they say.
  10. full pigged out tonight. gonna be a good slog over the next few weeks yeahhhh buddy
  11. count me in! i am off to kona this year ( spectating ) so gotta shed that winter BS. 190cm...
  12. count me in. im off to kona this year ( spectating ) so gotta shed that coat yeah buddy! 190cm.
  13. came in late ( played bball tonight ) to chavs smashing it up and away from the breakaway. will he hold on?!
  14. im out all, enjoy the last 25 odd k's. froome hangs on for a few more stages. ehhhhhhhhhhh
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