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  1. Downesy68 - i dunno how they could have done it, probably guessed. I'm kind of in your boat, comfortable in those conditions (spent years getting tossed off and then swimming after my windsurfer) but not an efficient swimmer. Ozzybuds - i live 30 mins away & i was underdressed too. For the first loop i was almost numb & could barely hold the bars, which made the gusts fun! And agree with the sentiment that David and the rest of the SuperSprint crew did a great job on the day!
  2. As a middle of the pack AG (40-44), the thing about the swim that shitted me the most, was that i did the swim (slowly - 42 mins), yet those who didn't were on the bike before me! But at the end of the day, i know i did the whole course and i'm happy with that! And also, don't think i've seen a photo yet that does the swim conditions justice.
  3. Bugger, here i was thinking 6 times up the hill at Hazelwood was enough for the season!
  4. I was on a run aid station last year (~4 km mark). We had access to tap water, so were handing out cups of water and not the sachets.
  5. 4 minutes past the hour and NOTHING LEFT! Oh well, i'll just have to compete with the common folk on Thursday... Or do Murray Man instead!
  6. Timbo

    Joining a Club

    I'm at MPTC and most of our sessions are free (except pool entry / swim squads). And from the few sessions i've attended, I put this down to the club coaches, who just enjoy watching others suffer...
  7. Timbo

    Joining a Club

    If you want to enter any of the *ahem* Marque events... Noosa, Ironmans, etc... the Triathlon Australia membership gets you priority entry...
  8. I went out last Saturday with a set of 50mm wheels on my TT bike - glad i did. It was blowing dogs off chains and the bike was a handful to control...now i know, and will use them more regularly. The good thing about Beach Rd in Melbourne is that all the cyclists are too busy having coffee to see what us "wanker triathletes" are riding and/or wearing. Oh, and yes, i am wearing a tri-suit on a MTB in my profile pic
  9. Timbo

    Ironman - 17 Hours

    Brilliant thread, loving all the honesty! Thanks for starting it Go Easy. I'm ~24 weeks out from my first IM (Melbourne) and am quietly terrified. I know 24 weeks is a long time to get ready, fingers crossed i can stay (relatively) injury free and join the sub-17 club!!
  10. google worked brilliantly... http://www.wheelbuilder.com/pdf/Hunter-Allen-Wheelbuilder-Power-Plan.pdf
  11. Roy, you talk about intensity being the key. What sort of pace are you talking for your long and tempo runs compared to your goal marathon pace. Eg, if your goal marathon pace is 5 min/k (i know i'm slow - it's ok) you'd aim your longs a bit slower 5:30-6:00 or so, and your 1 hr tempo at 4:30-4:45?? Obviously the interval session reps / pace will change according to the distance. OR am i thinking about this wrong and we're talking HR zones when we talk intensity??
  12. Rohan, I'm sure people would've paid to see me at 2 Bays. There was comedy (watching me getting overtaken by everybody off the start line)... There was tragedy (as i rolled my ankle)... There was courage (running on said rolled ankle)... There was stupidity (running on said rolled ankle)... There was the hearts and flowers moment (being greeted by my family at the finish)... There was pride (finishing the 28k, before the lead 56k runner)...
  13. Tried -->> http://www.wiggle.com.au/profile/
  14. After 2 DNSs (due to ankle injury) and a DNF (due to man-flu) to round out last season, i'm hoping just to get out and race this season. Winter has just been about keeping it fun, doing something most days and trying to focus on strength and technique. It's also been about training myself that when the alarm goes off at 4:30 or 5 am just get up and don't think about it and you know what, i'm actually starting to enjoy those sessions. Little bit of a patella tracking issue has kept me at the physio on a weekly basis, but we're finally starting to see the other end of that tunnel. Season goal race is Ironman Melbourne (which will be my first IM dist race), with Noosa and Challenge Melbourne as part of the lead up. So i've got a fair bit to learn as far as nutrition, hydration, electrolytes etc goes for the all day race. But really looking forward to the challenge.
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