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  1. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    You're kind of screwing the pooch each way.... I'm not sure. Maybe a bike mechanic can chip in here on the 10<->11bike vs 11<->10bike
  2. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    It'll work, it'll grind and tick away in a few gears. Just grab a 10spd cassette (+spacer) and whack it on there. Gear selection does matter on the Kickr if you're getting specific about training. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHUOhmG04M8
  3. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    The formulas from the paper are posted wherever I've posted that step test. So your last completed stage was 325W, or 350W and when it stepped up to 375 that was game over? Let's go with the latter. 350*0.825: 288.75 ftp/threshold/whatevertheycallitthisweek Estimated best(?) 20 minute effort: 288.75*1.05: 303.18 *Just math from me here. I'm not a coach. I try to stay clear of shitfights as to what FTP means/is which eventually leads to personal insults of epic proportions. True story. See Slowtwitch!
  4. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    It should be a selection option (enabled by default) on the workout screen
  5. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    It's done in ERG mode, so the course or gradients on screen don't factor in (SIM mode).
  6. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    Due to Amazon (also) being pretty useless with technology, my links are only US based. OfficeWorks here in AU have the best deal I've seen on the three-pack. (Side note for those interested - Amazon affiliates need to create accounts for almost every market to get kickbacks... UK/EU/US/AU/etc... it's a total shitshow. That's why you'll see people put regional links. I only bother with US. Affiliate links with videos are super low traffic. Amazon also send paper cheques to non US affiliates which cost AU$25 and 28 days to process. One of the biggest tech companies in the world! hah!)
  7. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    It could have been something screwing the pooch between you and the Zwift servers too. My video yesterday was about Google Wifi mesh... bloody brilliant stuff if you're looking to fix wifi drops and have solid coverage in the house.
  8. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    Cheers! If only YouTube had a heart and soul and thought the same..... (they booted me off last week... and reinstated me. fckers). It seems 100k subs is the threshold of existence for getting any support there. Doing my best to get there. We'll see how it goes.
  9. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    Likely your Internet shat itself. If everything works locally but you're just not seeing others, it's 99% your Internet (or the Zwift servers). People who world-hack to ride other courses encounter similar, but there's always a handful of others on every course. Except Richmond.
  10. gplama

    Hey roxii. Can you review the new fly6?

    I could have ripped into YouTube... a lot more.. for the views... but nobody subscribes for that. Time better spent riding bikes.
  11. gplama

    Hey roxii. Can you review the new fly6?

    I said a few times it wasn't apples for apples... but what two companies call stabilisation are very different things. The Fly6CE ticks the box for what they say it does otherwise... just. I discuss it a little more and give an example of it capturing car almost taking me out here: The YouTube crap is also discussed in the first few minutes. Nothing noteworthy... just them being totally useless in regards to human customer service.
  12. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    Valid points. The part I like about the step/ramp tests is that failure is part of the process. Totally agree on the focus on performance testing for those new to cycling... it can be intimidating. The issue being that platforms such as Zwift rely on that damn FTP number for everything in workouts. There should be an 'on boarding' process for new cyclists and workouts, imo. Throw people into SIM or Level more and just display prompts/advice/basics like cadence, gear changing, breathing, mental focus tasks for a few weeks. Tracking their progress then moving them onto the more serious side of things once there's a measured improvement. Getting a bike, a trainer, and being told to ride until your eyes bleed isn't the experience that keeps people coming back for more. For some reason with all this new tech, big data, and AI, we're still stuck years in the past. There's so much more that could be done.
  13. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    It's not. They provide the 20 minute test.... which is the WORST thing you can feed to someone who's new to cycling and has no idea how to pace themselves maximally over that duration. TrainerRoad nails is with the ramp test. Dr SLane and I have put together a step test protocol for Zwift. There's a few things to do to make the system 'work' for the test. It's all detailed here: https://gplama.blogspot.com/2016/07/how-to-do-step-test-on-zwift-pb-hptek.html
  14. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    You'll remain on that course. If you sign up for an event on another course it'll switch courses to the event.
  15. gplama

    Garmin Vector Pedals - single vs dual / 2 vs 3

    I've had no L/R issues with the Assioma.