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  1. The only path I'd throw those down would be towards the bin. They're way way wwwwaaayyy overpriced. The install process requires standing on one leg, singing the national anthem (from Germany), and sprinkling them with fairy dust and wishing on a star they work.
  2. Yep. They're direct force measurement.
  3. No link. I've done a few 'Strava Insights' videos a while back on YouTube. If activities are uploaded to any public viewable area (segments) on Strava, the information is there... with a little (well, a lot) of processing. I'm thinking about doing a few more on the recent data.... but I'll likely get my arse handed to me for breaking some kind of T&C of use.
  4. Nope. They're just Power2Max units by another name as far as I can tell. P2M are doing their best to sink themselves. No appearance at Eurobike. Nothing at Interbike that I saw. Next to no marketing or coverage I see around the place. People seem to like their units..... I just don't see them out and about. No posts on their Instagram since August last year. The Aussie site latest news item is from 2017. Christ. Those are free platforms to advertise/market.
  5. The P2 are the P1... with no clothes on... and a few grams shaved off under the cleat plate. Other than that, they're identical in every other way. Even the firmware is the same. (Stop reading here any SRM pedal owners). The SRM pedals have been a shitshow from day 0.. both accuracy and installation... requiring some kind of special tool....wtf... Anyhow. Assioma Duo have and still continue to impress me.
  6. Oh, I just found this thread. Naww.. you guys (and gals, and everyone else those two don't cover) are awesome. tldr; The YouTube shutdown was over a URL I linked people to two years ago when people were asking how to listen to my videos in audio format. Yep. That's YouTube illegal to help people to do. With all the obscene material posted up on YouTube hourly, I tried to help, and was kicked fair and square in the nuts. Complete and utter bullshit. Side note: When your YouTube account gets taken down, so does all your Gmail accounts. And Google Drive. And access to pretty much everything Google. (I use Google Wifi, and Google Home). Thankfully they (whoever they are, they still remain nameless and faceless) restored everything before I was totally obliterated. Then Peloton. Fark.... I threw a tizzy on Twitter over those mfers. It helped. But I don't want drama. I really enjoy bikes, tech, learning about them both, and sharing things so others can also enjoy them. That's it. This guy taking the piss out of Peloton today was pretty funny. I've mentioned on Twitter, I can't engage. Screw them. Time better spent working on more content and riding bikes.
  7. Fair enough. I tried on a Rapha 'race cut' jersey at the TDU. In Medium. It didn't fit.... by a lot. I'm small in most other kit. I can't afford or even fit into their shit. And no, I'm not going L. Nope. Noooope.
  8. Farrrrrk. ok. I hope they can get them working for you then.
  9. You purchased the SRM power pedals? I hope they were on sale! (or free... even then.....)
  10. Interesting. Cranks are just such a pain in the arse. I have two PMs here to put through their paces.... but I have to sort out some kind of BB hackery to get the job done. Pedals just work. Side note: TdU fans/cyclists in Adelaide had an increase of power meter usage from 20% to around 30% this year. That's a pretty big move. Cadel's Peoples ride power meter usage has gone from 9 -> 11 -> 14% this year, a slower but steady increase.
  11. They move a lot of air. In a very neat profile (very direct. It doesn't spew air everywhere). They're $^2 though.
  12. Core seems the pick of the bunch from 2018. You'll need a cassette too, so it's not as cheap when you factor that in (+ tools if required). Purchase locally in the event you counter anything going screwy as has been reported with a few CORE/Kickr18 units.
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