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  1. gplama

    Festive 500

    Yep. Just ticking it out by clocking up the minimal quota +/- a few % each day. 2019 saw a little llama join the family this year so I have to schedule things around that little guy... and his mum who's also going to hit the 500 tomorrow. Indoor kms counting would have been a godsend this year. Nice work to everyone hitting the 500 (even 1/2 is a good week on the bike) Happy (almost) 2020 Trannies!
  2. Anything with a flywheel has a potential to vibrate/resonate.... so a Neo 1/2/2T would likely be the pick there. There's no easy way to test one unit and be sure they'll all be the same. Some people have reported wonkiness with Kickr/CORE flywheels. Not an issue for me (but I'm on concrete with thickarse flooring on top)
  3. Sorry - Only just saw this. It's difficult for me to really recommend anything. You should see the shitfights I get into when I do and someone has an obscure issue... and they need someone to rage at.... that person becomes me because I'll respond to comments on videos... videos that never tell them to purchase anything... because of this very scenario. Because this place is mostly Aussies who aren't arseholes, I'll make an exception. Get yourself a Kickr CORE. Purchase locally. The Neo2T has potential. That potential is yet to be unlocked. That unit now has proper thru-axle support and has addressed the 'tyre slip' issues at low flywheel speed and high torque. In fixing those they didn't pay enough attention to the user experience (ERG mode and LR balance.. and no Cycling Dynamics). Someone asked today if they should buy a 2T now Tacx say they've addressed the issues... It's still a 'wait and see' from me. They shipped the unit saying on the PR sheet it was perfect (it wasn't). We can't take their word for it they've solved anything until we see the data. To go deep down the rabbit hole - The Kickr flywheel is preferred by most people I know who've done intervals at FTP or above on both Kickr and NEO. This might be related to the incorrect user weight being set on the NEO unit in the past (The Neo relies on correct user weigh for correct 'feel'.. that was only recently being sent over ANT+ in Zwift... it still isn't over Bluetooth, it has to be set within the Tacx App). You need to rip into a few intervals on both to get the know/feel of this. There's a difference.
  4. gplama

    Wahoo Kickr BIKE

    The groupset/gearing options on the KickrBIKE looks insanely cool. A LOT of the development of this bike was by Aussies too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXV4Ok3tbOw
  5. It'd be a good combination - Though they're two different things. The Radar can inform you of what's coming so you're better informed. A camera will capture what you didn't know what was coming so your loved ones can be better informed of what killed you.
  6. Cheers! Um... yeah, but skip away. It's all good. The channel is still building and gets enough hits/views/interaction to keep things ticking along.
  7. Someone just posted my 10% off code for Pushys. Crikey. PU-512SJUL3 should work. No idea how long for.. but it'll knock $15 off that Varia RTL500. I need a friggin affiliate link with that crew!
  8. The original graphic Wahoo used were little race cars. F1 style. It was brilliant. I begged to keep them for the public release, no dice.
  9. G'day Trannies. I need to bang on about the Varia Radar... because it's such a game changer for me out riding by myself. If you didn't catch the news, Wahoo now support the Radar on the Elemnt/BOLT/ROAM units. The RTL500 (square ugly one) and the RTL510 (newer sexy one) are both supported. I've done a video on the newer Radar a while back, and covered the Wahoo implementation this week over on YouTube too. Pushy's have the older ugly one on sale for $149. Bargain. A local bike shop here price matched for me on that yesterday with their last one in stock, so I snapped that up. If you're thinking about one - GET IT. And see if your local has any in stock that'll price match... or head over to Pushys. Let me know if you ride with one (or won't ride without one). And if you're a 'mirror crew', all good. This is better. Happy Friday!
  10. Yep. They have to work hard to fudge up the numbers on the right to be accurate-ish for most riding conditions. ERG mode pulls the pants down and flicks the idea right on the balls. I had a suspicion of what was going on a while back. Companies kept replacing the cranks in the hope I had a dodgy product.... most sent two, some sent three. The eleventh (!) crank I rode last week, same tech, same Shimano spec, same issue.... so it's not any of the power meter companies (the 4iiii gauges on a more uniformly shaped FSA SL-K L/R crank was fine), it's the base unit that's flawed for the purpose they're using. They're building houses on dirt, not concrete. I spent a few months trying to disprove my data. Trying to attack my findings. Trying to figure out where I screwed up. At the end of the day if you remove me from the picture, the issue remains. So it's bigger than just my data set. The power companies know this. Surely they've all thought about using their own cranks/design for a while now. I suspect I'm shitlisted now by most.... Let's see how it plays out. I'm trying to get a hold of more non Shimano power cranks/spiders/etc to throw though the Lama Lab Test. It's a pretty solid testing protocol.
  11. And when you find out Keith's employment history and qualifications, the industry lets out a collective "Oh.... shit!"
  12. That's a grenade I didn't want to launch.... but had thought about. The ACCC would have a hard time proving what accuracy is though. And as Stages responded "we stand behind the accuracy and repeatability of the Stages Power R and Power L/R meters in the vast majority of use"... What defines 'majority of use'? Not ERG mode? In that case accuracy has to come with +/-%* Shimano Australia were happy to point the finger straight back at me. The detail is all in the post. And implies they had a steaming pile of shite power meter though to February this year!? What? I'll get a hold of another R9100-P and retest with the latest firmware one day soon. I won't be purchasing one for the task though. Hmmmm. Anyway. Be sure to check out Keith Wakeham's video on the topic. He worked for 4iiii inventing these things for years. He left prior to the R8000 and R9100 cranks coming along. 32mins long, but he peels back the layers for what's going on. And how it's a BIG problem. This didn't get any airtime in the FIT File Podcast this week, I just touch on it at the end. I could talk for hours on this one - it's been a journey. And one that could result in a few interesting emails. Cheers for listening to the Podcast and reading my new website too.
  13. The only path I'd throw those down would be towards the bin. They're way way wwwwaaayyy overpriced. The install process requires standing on one leg, singing the national anthem (from Germany), and sprinkling them with fairy dust and wishing on a star they work.
  14. Yep. They're direct force measurement.
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