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  1. gplama

    Chainless Bike

    My video on this from Eurobike just sailed passed 675k views.... which is insane for a product that'd shred in seconds (my wife actually messaged me to go break it while I was at the show... that's why she's my wife) It's super cool to look at and spin with your hands. I don't think we'll ever see someone spin this in anger with their legs.
  2. Cheers. I'm not all that interesting... but I think a few of the things I get my hands on are, so that's what it's all about now days. Ray and I have a continual flow of communication as we're doing very similar things from slightly different angles - He's well established in the multi-sport/tri market. I'm coming from an unhealthy obsession with ergos/TT/road racing and a Zwift addition. We both cross-over the same products often, but in a complementary way. This is why I'll always throw people towards his deep-dives and extensive comment section on articles. YouTube has been an amazing platform to jump on. I'd been 'blogging' for years... and all over social. Nothing comes near the current reach of YouTube though (hovering ~100,000 views/week). Back on topic - Unboxing. I've had a beast of a box arrive today...and to hell with you all, I'll unbox it! I promise I'll make it quick.
  3. It's the real customer experience start-finish. Marketing always shows things pre-built/configured/perfectly installed, which isn't the experience most of us have when purchasing things and just wanting things to work as shown. I find them useful myself, so they're included where I think they'll be handy. It's the 'just the unboxing' videos that are useless to me.
  4. Not sure you're saying the rest of my videos including 1/2 of this one are shit? Either way, it's all good. This little unit really changed things for me out on roads I've ridden 1000s of times before. When I was expecting cars it was handy.... but when my mind was off elsewhere on an empty road with a crosswind and it started beeping - it was a game changer. I'm sure waving to passing cars without looking will freak them out a little too. Just checked the video again... yep 10mins before I even rode the thing. That is shit! haha!
  5. gplama

    Perth. Racing, training, etc?

    The first one I did over there was late November 2014. That was a good day.
  6. gplama

    Perth. Racing, training, etc?

    Lived in Perth for three months back in 2015. I love that place. River loops on the bike are brilliant. ATTA and West Coast Masters racing were highlights for sure.
  7. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

  8. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    G'day. The trainer slider: ERG Mode Video:
  9. gplama

    Garmin advice

    The Edge 520 will get you all the Vector metrics and goodness. It isn't touch screen, it has seven buttons, but it just works for most people.
  10. gplama

    Zwift National Championships

    Links? There's not a lot of them out and about. I'm keen to read what others think about the unit.
  11. gplama

    Zwift National Championships

    Fudging a smart trainer or power meter to read high is a trivial task on most units. Fudging the numbers to match your personal (real world verifiable) best is also trivial. I love the platform and what it's doing to inject (for lack of a better term) life into the indoor/training space. We're a light years away from the technology that'll allow people to roll around 'winning' anything from their own homes. Alex nailed it - trainertainment.
  12. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    I'd assume it takes your best 20min power from that ride and * 0.95. It'll be a ballpark figure. Many wars have been waged over who's correct and who's more correct when it comes to FTP estimation. I've always found this step test protocol to be close enough for me to work with.
  13. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    I'll bury this here... it's kind of on topic. Zwift on AppleTV just released this week. Here's the A to Z. (I couldn't call it 'Everything you need to know' as Ray already called his video that)
  14. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    The riders (and runners) with screens in front of them are doing workouts of some kind using workout mode. In-game leaderboards are a rolling 60 minute window (not to take away anything from getting 125th)
  15. gplama

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    Confirming.... and departing. I've copped so much misguided anger over this today.