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  1. You're not going to be able to run both on the one AppleTV at the same time. It doesn't multitask. You could run FulGaz on the AppleTV (Bluetooth) and run Zwift on the laptop (ANT+) but only pairing the Power Meter and Cadence. Don't pair the "Controllable" over ANT+ on Zwift.
  2. 2014 Kickr Gen I top cap? Like this? Happy to stick this in the post. No guarantees it'll work but I don't need it.
  3. Their update yesterday screwed more things than Tiger Woods in his prime. I think the Mac/PC versions are fixed. Looks like a long weekend for them trying to sort out the Apple stuff.
  4. Zwift have pushed an update yesterday.... and x2 scramble-to-fix-things updates today. Whatever they did broke a lot of shit. Remembering they said they'd not roll out changes in peak periods... 🤔 The Apple ecosystem slows things down a LOT. They need an army of testers to make sure this doesn't happen. Again.....
  5. Sensors/etc shouldn't ever interfere ANT+ and BLE is designed to have LOTS of them in the same environment.... but anything can happen with dodgy hardware/etc.
  6. - Disconnect EVERYTHING. - Power on the SNAP. - Pair to it with the Wahoo Fitness mobile app. - Check firmware version. Update if required. - Don't use a Kickr/SNAP in direct sunlight. The optical sensors don't like that. - If you can find the optical sensor (between the flywheel and plastic cover, iirc on the SNAP.), clean it. An ear cleaner might work. Maybe compressed air. - Try a spindown again with the Wahoo Fitness app.. with nothing else paired to it. No Zwift/TrainerRoad/anything open anywhere.
  7. You can tinker with wheelbase settings to give it more of a kick beyond/below the gradient sent to the trainer.
  8. Oh, bugger. Not sure. Maybe eBay? An alternate would be the 4iiii HR strap which does the same thing.
  9. Yep. Keep your home wifi away from CH10. Ideally switch everything over to 5GHz and keep clear of 2.4 altogether.
  10. Hmmm. It's not paired as a system device under the Bluetooth settings? (It shouldn't be)
  11. What model Kickr? The Kickr CORE and 18 will do cadence now. If there's anything else connected to that HR strap over Bluetooth, it'll be invisible to everything else.
  12. Country Vic. All indoors......If I go out, it won't be posted publicly on Strava... because... Internet.
  13. For real-world course replication with video, FulGaz (Aussie mob) are doing probably the most here. The issue with replicating courses is getting clean elevation data. GPS head units collect really noisy data that needs smoothing and fixing, it's no easy task. Kinomap and Rouvy are doing similar things with real-world video.
  14. Looks like 4.0 should work.... try pair the power meter first not the controllable trainer. That caught me tonight with Windows 10.
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