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  1. The Gatorade Triathlon Triple Crown SuperSprint has introduced a new challenge for competitors this season. All you have to do is race and finish in the Sprint, Olympic and Long Course events in the Gatorade Series. All competitors who finish all three races will be awarded a “ Gatorade Triathlon Triple Crown” t-shirt by 2XU on stage at the Portarlington Long Course presentations. To be eligible competitors must enter the final race at Portarlington by Friday 15 February and finish at the following events: Race 3 Elwood – Sprint 500/20/5 13 January – Victoria’s most favoured sprint race in 2011/12 Race 4 Sandringham – Olympic 1500/40/10 3 February- Victoria’s most popular Olympic distance event Race 5 Portarlington – Long Course 2000/80/20 17 March – One of Australia’s best triathlon courses and longest running event in Victoria. If a competitor has entered the Series already but did not upgrade to the Portarlington Long Course and now wishes to take up the Gatorade Triple Crown challenge please contact SuperSprint on 9595 3000. We look forward to providing competitors with an extra challenge and goal for the season.
  2. Far from it SMF http://www.supersprint.com.au/events/supersprint-event-calendar-201213/latest-news/supersprint-calendar-and-2xu-falls-creek-triathlon.aspx
  3. Cheers Tim! GTS/AFFT Entries will be opening fairly shortly. Watch the website/FB/Twitter for details. Stay Tuned for more on that.
  4. Hi Longshot, Please visit our website for all the details.
  5. 2XU Falls Creek Triathlon to be staged in 2014. @SuperSprintAus will now be staging the 2XU Falls Creek Triathlon every two years from 2014. The inaugural event was staged in 2011 and captured national interest for its challenging and spectacular course with a limited field of 650 entrants. This year the event hosted the 2012 Australian Long Course Championships but it was unfortunately scheduled with another long course event. Consequently only 350 athletes raced at Falls which pressured the financial viability of the Event. "We are certainly disappointed as it is a special race and we did a lot of work with Falls Creek Resort Management to get it off the ground. We do thank all the athletes that supported the event over the last two years. At Falls, we really only have a window of a month to stage the event so it is very hard to compete with the Ironman brand at Geelong. We hope that by staging it bi-annually we will see 650 triathletes up for the Falls challenge. Our focus this season will go towards developing the Long Course event at the Gatorade Triathlon Series, Portarlington, which is one of the best courses in Australia that regularly receives positive feedback from athletes. This year we will be increasing the field limit from 300 to 400 and look forward to providing competitors with another great long course event." said David Hansen, Director at SuperSprint. Click Here for the 2012/13 Calendar
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