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  1. TPP

    Happy birthday AA7!

    If it's who I think it is then I am FB friends too and it is Alison ..... but ..... you could have also started a rumour lol
  2. TPP

    Happy birthday AA7!

    Happy birthday Alison
  3. TPP

    IMOZ Port Spectators

    Sorry been training So glad to see you are still trying to get everyone on the red wine night before Ironman ha ha and glad you are on the mend xo Some bar ???? Lulu's @ Kona !!! Love to see it if you can manage to post it Aw how sweet ...... will be lovely to see you guys again
  4. What we shared was truly special xo kona 13 was wonderful but having the first experience with such a beautiful friend is something ill treasure for life !
  5. There is a tad of teasing going on here
  6. No way Rattie! Keeping that one up my sleeve so I NEVER EVER have to cook again when we flat As you know my philosophy is to always change one thing on race day, be it socks or a brand new outfit purchased days before. This race I went brand new visor bought 1 day prior on a drink station on Alii and new sweat bands. I also trialled running newtons but cheated and did run a few sets in prior. I also drank coke in cycle first time ever. New swim kick a person told me about in lead up week .... so all in all think I outdid myself this year
  7. 2012 was extremely tough conditions. 2013 was less windy, less hot. But I think even in an "easy" year Kona is horrific. Less wind means you aren't cooled down as much so the radiant heat is more intense . The Vog was thicker this year causing nausea amoungst many athletes. Being my second Kona I wasn't as afraid and knew the land marks / distances so that in itself makes an easier race. One day I'd like to nail this race but no matter what is said... to me it's the race from hell regardless of what conditions are on the day.
  8. Firstly, yes I do exist, haven't been very active as late as bit busy. Out this morning for a lovely ride but not in pink compressions Pre race dinner did not consist of noodles however ..... they ARE the perfect meal (just ignore the look/taste)! Best thing you spotted in your time there: Sebastian kienle .... didn't know him but I had the table @ lava java so he ended up on my table, very well mannered young man. Worst thing you spotted in your time there: Broken bottles along the Queen K. Best thing in the race: Being on the road and passing (opposite side) the world class pros. Seeing Miranda pass the girls in the run. Worst thing in the race: Having a man look in my eyes and rip my goggles off in the swim start. Biggest mistake you saw people make: Training too hard in lead up week. Best thing you saw people doing: Smiling What did you learn personally that you hadn't considered: It's ok to be beaten @ Kona, you are being beaten by the best in the world. Did you realise you do anything that you shouldn't do: Probably if anything still a bit afraid to push the boundaries and test my limits. I overly pace my races. How could they make the race better - I'm thinking you've been to some tris, done some other things in life: Really not much to improve on. Perhaps some of the aid stations vollies could use some briefing ie some didn't pass anything out. But with that said ... they are vollies and are wonderful. Did you keep any free schwag: Freebies? It's kona ! Of course, lots of tshirts and the rudy helmut and sunnies.
  9. -How many years were you doing tris/ironmans before you qualified? Started tris in 2010. First IM 2011 challenge cairns, 2nd Port 2012, 3rd Kona 2012, 4th Melbourne 2013 and 5th Kona 2013. -What was your training like for your qualifying race? 12 week solid training with build up to approx 25 hrs p/w under a coach. -What was your qualifying time? 9:58 -Where did you qualify? Melbourne 1st F 45/49 -Biggest regret in triathlon? None so far but each one I come away with a plan of attack on how to improve for the next.
  10. NOT A TOUGH YEAR!!!! Oh no I'm in big trouble then .... I found it pretty tough last year !!!!!!
  11. NOT A TOUGH YEAR!!!! Oh no I'm in big trouble then .... I found it pretty tough last year !!!!!!
  12. TPP

    I'm moving!!

    Ha ha very funny ... I didn't mention a thing!!!!
  13. Mine arrived safely. Had been opened and checked by customs but they didn't damage or open any inside bubble wrapt parts etc. only know checked due to 'calling card'.
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