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  1. Old school, plans & coaches

    I've tried all of them. Recently went back to riding with the local bunches (hanging on for dear life), swim with squad, run and then do odd local run. Have been getting good results and enjoying it more. Not certain it says any approach is better, or that I may be the issue. Is coaching and canned plans primarily delivering to people taking up the sport in the last ten years, where in the past people entered triathlon from their swim, squad or local bunch.
  2. Old school, plans & coaches

    definitely more fun
  3. Scheduling strength training

    Common issue is overload. Is it possible this comes from people going too much load intensity and volume too early. Creating over load and injury. They can address those injuries by managing load properly and not doing high intensity too early
  4. Scheduling strength training

    but certainly not for the stability you need for running. You need single leg exercises as running is essentially hopping from one leg to the other in a forward motion - What can be better than running.
  5. Scheduling strength training

    Sedentary office work is a killer (along with crappy diets and time management in those offices). Regards the OP question, guess it depends on context. If it is abut getting strength and muscle conditioning for health benefits and they want to go for that year round, then maybe 2 times as proposed above scheduled mid week not before key workouts that could be impacted by fatigue from that. You suggest off season above, in base where traditionally people might up volume, is there a risk that weights (though it might not all be weights) could limit miles. In N =1 I've not found SBR to limit my muscle mass or strength, though I can't bench 100 kegs anymore. Having said that there are no doubt some people who could benefit from doing some resistance training
  6. Scheduling strength training

    Ok, maybe I missed something in the detail of the other threads (probably did). Regards S&C and weights. I don't have the time to review the endless studies which prove both points of view and this thread is about how to schedule them. Can't see how people serious about building strength would not have a negative impact on their SBR training. Other than make strength a priority for a while say in early off season.
  7. Scheduling strength training

  8. Scheduling strength training

    Maybe there is middle ground. Starting out from you are right and TC is wrong will most likely not foster a good discussion. Scheduling strength sessions (well traditional weights) is hard as they leave the muscles stressed and sore. Planks, use of resistance bands probably less so. The question is strength though, and getting strong requires weight to be added to the bar, that's going to hurt and probably have an impact on ability to train as effectively in SBR. Maybe, have a focussed strength block for 6 weeks and maintain the SBR.
  9. Running faster by running slower. Tips please

  10. Cost of events

    It's been done before, but for me it is timely and starting to bite. The expense of doing an event is out of control. I'm not homeless or anything, but hundreds of dollars for an event. Costly accomodation, fuel, food, time to travel are all biting. Ironman is a 3-5 K outlay, an interstate half not too far behind. Local events take those costs out, allowing for that an Olympic is still over $200 just enter. Can do a bike race each month for $15 and a veterans race if keen for about the same. Park runs are free and there are cost effective run races around over longer distances. Assuming there is some supply demand thing going on here do the high prices reflect sold out races and high demand? I'm not seeing sold out and over subscribed events though. Are tris too expensive
  11. My Instagram

    ah MPH and ludicoursly hot. Instagram helping middle aged unattractive men believe they have a chance with insanely hot women.
  12. Cost of events

    That's the sweet spot
  13. My Instagram

    I think her insta account is outstanding, even if she did ride 41 ks in 2.5 hours
  14. Cost of events

    with races not selling out, and not filling quickly would have thought prices would adjust. Suppose the running of halfs and fulls on the same day helps them hold pricing. Long term they have a problem. Here in Canberra we don't have much in the way of club races an the OD are over $200. As said above I can do a race every month on a bike and knock out some park runs and the odd local half marathon for about the same money. I can afford it, just don't want to drop thousands anymore.
  15. Another POM drug cheat. Only 2 gold medals

    That's a pretty good defence
  16. Another POM drug cheat. Only 2 gold medals

    Russians are banned, Brits look dodgy, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/athletics/2016/03/10/carl-lewis-is-the-last-person-who-should-be-lecturing-athletics/ Americans should have had the same treatment as the Russians years ago. Suppose that leaves Aussies who are clean.
  17. So froome is a drug cheat

    dodgy bastard inhaling twice instead of once burn him at the stake
  18. Hand back your Pro Card

    Do you think that deleting this and apologising is a choice worth considering
  19. Hand back your Pro Card

    More money in the pro prize purse will improve the quality of the pro field as more AG give up day jobs to give it a go. Don't think it is a problem having some AG who are good enough to go pro but don't and a few Pros who for race entry economy or living the dream are getting beaten by those AG. It would be good if pro fields were as deep as possible bringing more interest and sponsorship to the pro race. AG is the focus for WTC and they really pay for the sport along with product sponsors, with the pro race event promotion material (i hour TV packages). Having an open amateur category won't change much, a few under 50's will win an AG category, all the same people will get kona slots. WTC built business through AG focussed IM and 70.3 races. Maybe they could do more for the pros and try to make a product to sell for pay tv, there is so much rubbish there surely a decent series of two IM plus 70.3 over the year culminating in the kona WC round could sell. But it could work against the AG business model.
  20. Hand back your Pro Card

    The article is misleading: Denis CHEVROT (16) 08:05:57 Professional (1) Male (1) 00:46:22 00:02:05 04:26:41 00:01:37 02:49:11 2 Patrik NILSSON (4) 08:12:10 Professional (2) Male (2) 00:47:03 00:01:58 04:27:49 00:01:41 02:53:37 3 Per BITTNER (13) 08:14:36 Professional (3) Male (3) 00:48:35 00:01:44 04:26:20 00:01:26 02:56:28 4 Romain GUILLAUME (2) 08:21:14 Professional (4) Male (4) 00:47:06 00:01:58 04:30:16 00:02:28 02:59:23 5 Mike SCHIFFERLE (28) 08:34:17 Professional (5) Male (5) 00:59:31 00:03:24 04:23:11 00:02:53 03:05:16 6 Simon COCHRANE (15) 08:36:25 Professional (6) Male (6) 00:50:20 00:02:01 04:37:59 00:02:04 03:03:59 7 Gergo MOLN-R (23) 08:42:10 Professional (7) Male (7) 00:48:50 00:01:58 04:35:31 00:02:21 03:13:29 8 Allister CAIRD (157) 08:45:28 Ages 25 - 29 (1) Male (8) 00:56:57 00:02:19 04:43:05 00:01:58 03:01:06 9 Owain MATTHEWS (398) 08:47:29 Ages 30 - 34 (1) Male (9) 00:56:24 00:02:14 04:49:40 00:01:43 02:57:27 10 Jan VAN BERKEL (30) 08:48:36 Professional (8) Male (10) 00:48:42 00:01:57 04:25:59 00:01:35 03:30:20 11 Luke GOARD (607) 08:49:13 Ages 35 - 39 (1) Male (11) 00:54:32 00:02:15 04:40:16 00:01:45 03:10:22 12 Brad WALL (244) 08:51:26 Ages 25 - 29 (2) Male (12) 00:52:15 00:02:23 04:42:30 00:01:43 03:12:33 13 Guy CRAWFORD (17) 08:51:49 Professional (9) Male (13) 00:46:58 00:02:04 04:27:44 00:02:01 03:33:00 14 Lars Dyrholm HANSEN (355) 08:52:21 Ages 30 - 34 (2) Male (14) 00:57:01 00:02:22 04:40:19 00:01:46 03:10:50 15 Blake KAPPLER (376) 08:54:35 Ages 30 - 34 (3) Male (15) 00:49:54 00:02:27 04:47:24 00:01:35 03:13:13 16 Jan HENNINGSEN (617) 08:56:07 Ages 35 - 39 (2) Male (16) 00:54:44 00:02:35 04:40:36 00:02:03 03:16:07 18 James OGILVIE (424) 08:57:01 Ages 30 - 34 (4) Male (17) 01:01:12 00:04:15 04:30:03 00:02:39 03:18:50 19 Markus THOMSCHKE (10) 08:57:46 Professional (10) Male (18) 00:50:27 00:02:09 04:24:05 00:01:59 03:39:05 20 Darren JENKINS (21) 08:58:35 Professional (11) Male (19) 01:06:40 00:02:11 04:41:41 00:02:00 03:06:01 21 Shanon STALLARD (27) 08:59:27 Professional (12) Male (20) 00:55:33 00:02:03 04:52:00 00:01:44 03:08:04 The AG did well but was hardly a bit behind the overall winner. In that top 20 in 2014 it is mainly pros with a few very good AG. There are pros who are on the way down like in any sport. They will eventually self select out and AG will eventually become pros. There will always be some people who are faster AG and slower pros. Don't think it reduces any persons experience of the sport. Think it is fine the way it is and for us AG doing our thing I quite like seeing fast AG, fast pros competing with each other.
  21. What gets on my quince....

    Impatient people on escalators who get upset about not being able to walk past me when I have two kids and few bags of groceries .
  22. The Politics Thread

    Section 44 is plain and simple. Renounce citizenship of another country to be eligible to enter OUR parliament. Take all reasonable steps (prior to nominating as a candidate) to ensure that you meet the requirements under 44. Will gallagher be okay
  23. Clothing... or lack of!

    Would a teenager care what an almost forty year old does.
  24. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/woman-dies-in-tathra-shark-attack-during-morning-swim-20140402-35zq7.html Training for one it happens
  25. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    Tough crowd. Shark is sighted, people with experience assess risk of loss of life and make a tough but sensible call and they are called out on it.