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  1. There are plenty of very needy very odd people in Dundee and Fife who are 24 and would jump on anything with a pulse, they are often horrendous, or special and the daddy types are damaged. Very sad reflection of what is without doubt one of the more miserable parts of Scotland and the world
  2. so you only want poor people who receive benefits from the government drug tested?
  3. so how do you explain all the coked up lawyers and forex traders and rich people who have jobs who take drugs
  4. wow those poor people are pumping billions into the drug trade including their 300 dollars plus a gram coke
  5. Lets stay on point, why are we only testing welfare recipients, anyone who gets any benefit from the government should be tested, tax rebate or dole
  6. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/thefeed/story/educated-wealthy-and-using-drugs-it-time-change-australias-drug-laws
  7. maybe they can test rich people with jobs who take drugs
  8. Probably the amount of crap on bikes is amazing
  9. Looking at the kit in transition at sunny coast last weekend, people are not worried about costs
  10. It was a good race, wind dried you out, best swim in triathlon. Drafting is an issue, there are people who either don't care or don't understand the rules. It is risky and also unfair, but figure you can choose not to to it. Run was a heap of fun, that last bit was a little heart breaking as I think I was down about 300 calories as that pure electrolyte is rubbish and I thought endura was bad
  11. Not sure Frodo or anyone else was going to do too much agains Iden, yesterday.
  12. The wind was hard work, nothing that should have caused crashes, drafting in big packs three abreast was an issue
  13. Yes there was quite a bit of people hanging out to the right and then folks ducking in and out. Triathlon does have have a lot of people whose bike riding experience is limited often a few years and not done with proper cyclists
  14. You do need to look after the front wheel of own bike and a little head check goes a long way.
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