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  1. BarryBevan

    Tenby!! It's that time again

    You are looking lean
  2. BarryBevan


    which resulted in Bonnie Prince Charlie
  3. BarryBevan


    and south of the wall. Though to be fair this hate of England is small minded crap that has done nothing for Scotland over the years.
  4. BarryBevan


    England did well in this tournament. They could not do anything other then from set pieces which they did well. But the lack of anyone to create showed in the end. Sterling is pants, Lotus Cheek should have started.
  5. BarryBevan


    Tough break
  6. BarryBevan


    good free kick, hope they don't try and sit in. Croatio should not have taken him down they had people behind the ball
  7. BarryBevan

    Froomey banned from tour

    How much did they spend on Lance
  8. BarryBevan

    Healthy eating habits

    this is not easy but you want to set them up for good health
  9. BarryBevan

    Healthy eating habits

    managed to find the kids love carrotts down side is daddy now has to eat two raw carrotts at lunch. I have dip though
  10. BarryBevan

    Cam Wurf on GTN

    For those too lazy to watch the video what are the tips
  11. BarryBevan


    Should beat Croatia
  12. BarryBevan


    well done england. Did what they needed to and not much more. Should get to the final. Would like to see more end product from sterling, that chance where his touch was awesome to bring the ball down then the final shot not quite their, would like to see Loftus-cheek in the 11
  13. BarryBevan

    Drafting at IM Austria

    We are all just keyboard warriors envious of their ability and breadline existence
  14. BarryBevan

    Froomey banned from tour

    Thank god froome is in
  15. BarryBevan

    Drafting at IM Austria

    They have been generous with the pros for years. Husky one year, lead men come through no more then 5 metres apart, Go past me. To on moto tells me to stay away from them. Could not have hung if I wanted to, was no where near them. TO are part of the probelm