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  1. Kudos on getting all that work done while over seas with all those barriers and finding a way to get it done. On top of that having your wife and kids not with you while letting you have time to train, is a very challenging thing. Did you use training to take your mind of that
  2. How is it working for you
  3. People in Dundee will take the same attitude to people being late for a pint
  4. Full time 9 to 5 with overtime and full time uni load
  5. worked for 2 hours from 6 am, rode 2 hours on trainer took kids to pool 2 more hours with 2 as intervals
  6. just want to rest for a week and do race now
  7. Jim if you are happy to share, what do you do for a living?
  8. specificity, swimming more won't make us run better, but triathlon is a single sport not 3 individual sports. Science and models are not popular here but: Person A is late onset swimmer, battles through 2 squads of 3000 metres per week, uses pull buoys and paddles and can knock out some decent 100's in the pool. Goes to IM swims 1:20 to 1:30 and is struggling at around 80 to 90 % effort if not more just to get through, they rack up maybe 130 TSS for the swim. Steady 10 K a week or more cruises in around 60 minutes at maybe 60 TSS for effort. The swim fit person now has around an hour more of aerobic effort and fuel in the tank for that marathon. When person A is walking in the last hour, second person is running at 5 minutes K and person A more likley bikes steady and smooth
  9. Liked the reference to being richer. I have what people would call a good and well paying job. Yesterday writing another pointless decision brief at 6 PM, after a day tidying up bad decisions and other folks laziness, and missing out on my scheduled longer Friday swim, then rushing home into a one hour zwift session. I felt poor. I'd love to earn half my wage and be happier (I know its my choice). As for the training, been very happy even when tired at the end of a week that I can lift on back end of work outs. Another thing been doing is doing things I enjoy to get the work done. Ride out to a bike race then ride home, rather than sit on the tri rig for 5 hours. There's no real magic in riding a TT bike and I can sit comfortably for 180 in aero even if I only rode once a year on race day.
  10. Its been good, though I'm tired now. I just want to have a good day and do the best I can with what I have.
  11. Maybe that stuff can go to the politics thread and we can cease with disrespect towards the victims of Christ church
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