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  1. Florida is on the edge of disaster. Hope it works out okay but data looks bad
  2. BarryBevan


    The guy says they knew months ago and finishes by saying they were not aware until yesterday? The media in Australia appear to salivate and froth at the mouth to blame and seem to want lock downs and misery, when they could report facts
  3. Good, I'll have a look, all the online stores are out of stock or click to find they are out of stock. As this will be for 6 months willing to do wheel on
  4. Can anyone buy one any where
  5. BarryBevan


    I’m all Chicago school free market perfect
  6. BarryBevan


    Wonder if he got job keeper. Is that Oompa Loompas house
  7. I admire any event company still trying. I’d put everyone on job keeper and focus on 2021 and try some vr stuff to keep interest
  8. BarryBevan


    Why would they not survive if they can make profit in the market they stay open basic economics. Instead taxpayers pay to keep businesses going whether it’s viable or not. maybe there is a middle ground Agree find those who can grow innovate have a few less virgins
  9. BarryBevan


    Wow 112 k might get on it
  10. BarryBevan


    How was job keeper better given there was quite a bit of cash payments and wage support. At a macro level we printed a swag of cash and handed it out. Given everyone did that in western nations why not let the market allocate those resources to the businesses who innovate and adopt the new normal that I keep hearing about. this would be pink font on twits
  11. BarryBevan


    Yes, while job keeper is ok, we are paying people who may not have had jobs anyway and are propping up businesses that were going out the door. And taking it rather than working is not good. For all the money, debt racked up we could have given 67,000 to every household in Australia. Given the current bond rate and cost of money some focused investments would be good way to keep people employed, on the basis that those projects provide future benefit. Mini Budget should be fun
  12. BarryBevan


    We are doing the right thing, Florida, Texas Arizona are all getting mobile refrigiration capacity and its not because they are planning a party. We have to keep doing this until we work out what we can and can't do safely. The Health sector has had 3 months at this while trying to save lives with a novel virus. Huge amounts of money have been thrown at this now and we have to give them a chance to find out how we live with this based on data, research and risk, while they develop better treatment controls and hopefully a vaccine. Had we properly funded health over the years we would be in a better place.
  13. BarryBevan


    Sounds interesting. I read The Road by Cormac McCarthy on the flight back, which is maybe not the best book for a father to read while escaping a plague ridden world with his young children
  14. BarryBevan


    Peter and Chris what would you like to choose from this menu: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0968-3
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