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  1. If training properly special cuddles should be very challenging, unless you are a shirtless strutting septugenarian, who is a god amongst men, wrestling tigers in spare time
  2. Kona is worth more than wife and kids
  3. As long as I make sure to do my share with kids and house, we are good.
  4. A lot of people come and go in this sport in a 2 to 5 year period because they define success as KQ or sub 10. You have to really enjoy doing the sbr, many don't have that lifelong passion and they identify as failures or make the excuses. People with a genuine love of sbr tend to see things differently. I'd love to go to kona, I know it will take a bit more time than I have been giving it and being mentally stronger (that's not wanting it more, its not worrying about the other guy and letting the noise get to me)
  5. BarryBevan


    yes, he will go hard brexit ah the decline of western civilisation.The Chinese must be laughing hard we do it all for them
  6. can we just have no tax and we can go user pays for everything privately owned.
  7. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/energy-crisis-wholesale-power-prices-have-doubled-since-the-carbon-tax-was-axed-20170308-gutf8t.html already happened
  8. or when you pay people to pollute rather than get 8 billion from them
  9. BarryBevan

    The 1% stuff

  10. BarryBevan

    The 1% stuff

    Busso 2019 I'm thinking I've got a bit more to give and you can get a 530 bike on 160 watts
  11. BarryBevan

    The 1% stuff

    And work harder get better job to retire
  12. Is that needed: "People might think that you're a lying sack of shit..."
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