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  1. https://au.yahoo.com/news/vegans-outraged-over-bunnings-sausage-sizzle-benefiting-firefighters-073423208.html It got weirder
  2. They are 5 and 7 trying to outstink each other is cool
  3. Bizzare then kept on with it this morning
  4. ended up taking three as I was not feeling great, the kids said my farts were so stinky they did not even want to smell them. rode tonight
  5. He will be wondering who the local guy is who keeps drooling every time he sees him
  6. because she called Baranaby's comment vile and tabled a petition regards Hanson's ability to be involved with the Family Law inquiry?
  7. So this has to be the lay it all the line and try and dominate from the start to end AB show
  8. I’m moving to dc to train with trump
  9. Greens and Barnaby all class during bushfires
  10. Probably do lake placid late season kq
  11. From the previous tour, its amazing how little attention anyone other than die hards pay attention to politics in the US.
  12. As a soon to be resident of DC, I will be able to provide you with advice from the coal face
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