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  1. Bunch rides canberra and etiquitte

    so been out and doing a range of them plus a few races. Question on the HoT ride is this an exclusive ride and how does it compare to the HoP? Thanks
  2. Should I take it further part 2 no wonder runners are hated

    Peter, all he had to do was speak before he started the set. He was not in the middle of anything. I was going the wrong way, you think it is too much effort for him to have pointed that out in the interests of safety before starting his set of 4 laps. You do so good for you
  3. Should I take it further part 2 no wonder runners are hated

    Inner north is a no go zone
  4. Should I take it further part 2 no wonder runners are hated

    Peter I did not say he was wrong, given I am clearly not that bright and some how don't no a set of rules that are not communicated at the track.I am and could be anyone who is not familiar with the code of the track. All I am asking is that instead of being intimidating the other party could have simply spoke to me and pointed out the error of my ways and I would have known better and probably turned around.
  5. Should I take it further part 2 no wonder runners are hated

    Given that I did not argue, cause a scene and internalised my grief. How does someone find out these mysterious rules of tracks that are not a matter of law, or pool rule or in the use of the track, but a norm for people on tracks (noting in the United States the alternated the direction day about and this is a norm, but this is Australia) Could the other runner have politely approached me and said look the done thing is the other way can we change up. Thanks
  6. Should I take it further part 2 no wonder runners are hated

    Assume this is meant to be funny. Reading through this sort of understand why the cyclist sort of just went all commando. You give way don't make a scene don't rise to the clear intimidation and you get blamed. Note there is zero signage about direction on this lightly used non serious running track. Other party could have done anything other than be aggressive. If he was such a knowledgable runner he could have said it is the done thing to run anti clockwise, do you mind changing direction so we can share the lane. In the United States lots of track alternate the direction on given days. Again no sign at all so no assumption should be made. Given some one there if for the 1.6 k of work that had to be done, he could have just suggested politely, which I would have done. Or he could just have run the other way. Regardless of the protocol not communicated anywhere, I chose to avoid the confrontation, which is what you want the bike rider on the other read to do. Maybe we could be nicer to people who choose to be pacifist instead of attacking them.
  7. Should I take it further part 2 no wonder runners are hated

    I'm not running the wrong way it is an open track grass field. No rules no signs. I am there ten minutes before hand. No serious runners go there. I change direction every alternate time just to keep in balance. I am there he can see it, if he felt so passionately about running the other way he could have just jogged along and said do you mind if we run the other way. He chose to inflame (he run 4 frigging laps). I did the right thing and backed right off.
  8. Should I take it further part 2 no wonder runners are hated

    it's not a serious run track, he could have just asked nodded anything. but the inside lanes are getting destroyed. Thank god he was not a little old lady would have been awarded a sainthood by now
  9. Should I take it further part 2 no wonder runners are hated

    as if you needed to ask
  10. Should I take it further part 2 no wonder runners are hated

    I am a triathlete I don't wear a shirt when I run
  11. Running at the track, no one there, running clockwise. Run 5 laps on the inside lane. At this point a second runner appears on the field. He sees me running and decides to tun anti clockwise. Coming round the bend he puff his chest out stares me out and I give way onto the outer lane. I go all ghandi and internalise my grief. Come round again and he is not going to move or change direction. I move over and run second lane, No thanks nothing. He runs the princely distance of 4 laps and then goes back to his car. Frickking runners
  12. SO.......???

    Entreies are slow so trying to promote.
  13. No wonder cyclists are hated!

    You are right. The challenge is overcoming the instinct through thousands of years of evolution to push back the fight/flight that is in all our DNA. Do you remember the disney movie with goofy driving the car? For some reason driving a car makes us change. Cities designed totally around cars don't help. When I run with the dog, if I cross at a zebra crossing, people visibly sigh that we are making them stop, some people don't stop. Having a fight is not going to help things. The police enforcing the law will. In the case above the driver has a number of slam dunk offences. The bike rider gets a few minus points for his carry on and kicking the car is over top but he is there done it and they should hit him for whatever he is on the hook for and be done with it. Only reason this video is getting attention is that the driver is an old lady which is totally irrelevant. Her age and gender did not stop her from driving negligently on the road.
  14. No wonder cyclists are hated!

    if cyclists are hated and it seems they are for simply being legally allowed on the road, when will be able to charge people with hate crime. On this thread alone it is okay to potentially kill someone on a bike through negligence in a car and as long as your defence is I am an old lady it is okay to blame the victim for a minor get upset while the much greater offence is excused as okay as she is a lady and old.