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  1. BarryBevan

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    Every thread on IM WA described this as not needed and everyone was soft. So please remember what the majority were on here saying and get on over to the Margaret river and have a swim as it is not dangerous, there are lots of sharks in the sea.
  2. BarryBevan

    Commonwealth games chat.

    90 minutes of suffering just done on zwift was frigging hard mentally and physically
  3. BarryBevan

    Commonwealth games chat.

    What is the deal with the divers, dear god
  4. BarryBevan

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    https://www.asada.gov.au/therapeutic-use-exemption yes, common sense is applied in Australia. In the US, they are a bit dim https://www.usada.org/substances/tue/policy/. So your old weekend warrior who might have to take an asthma preventer, iron infusion or any of the things a Doctor might prescribe, has to get lots of documents and get a TUE in advance. This of course gets lots of pointless cases for Americans on ST to get outraged about, which makes them happy though
  5. BarryBevan

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    time for a transitions zwift ride/race
  6. BarryBevan

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    those featherweight and draft icons help you out. they pop up from time to time
  7. BarryBevan

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    It's good, I hang out for those power ups though, smashing the space bar. Some of the group rides are pretty good. Leith hill sucks virtually
  8. BarryBevan

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    variety keeps it interesting. Zwift races are all bonkers, I got dumped into b grade for doing okay in first race. They go hard from the gun even in the long stuff. IM bike pace is great if a little dull by comparison. On the upside races really focus your effort. Eyes were hanging out the other day sweat burning, lay on ground quivering mess. But I got 300 watts for an hour
  9. BarryBevan

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Scotland 100 metres free
  10. BarryBevan

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Zwift races and erg stuff really focusses effort. even on longer efforts like the 100 k races really hard. Makes me look forward to the Sunday cruise at IM watts
  11. BarryBevan

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Bit like drafting, what you gave me three chances, it's so unfair I never entered that zone
  12. BarryBevan

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Three red cards, could have stopped trying to gain unfair advantage
  13. BarryBevan

    Hair Loss

    Bald people regularly comment on my grey hairs
  14. BarryBevan

    Some people think zwift is real

    Maybe the pro ladies could go where the prize money is.
  15. BarryBevan

    Meetings - what is acceptable.

    mobil phone is mandatory to survive meetings