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  1. BarryBevan

    The Politics Thread

    We should do it because is simple visionary and viable, but no one has done a study. There is no evidence to support the vision and no one who thinks it is worth investing in the feasability. But we will ignore the reference Ex and Paul gave because the evidence does not support the vision
  2. BarryBevan

    The Politics Thread

    Sure, which river do you want to divert.
  3. BarryBevan

    The Politics Thread

    which river are we diverting, thought you suggested we divert the snowy from the coast
  4. BarryBevan

    The Politics Thread

    Australia used to do excellent beer commercials
  5. BarryBevan

    The Politics Thread

    This century has delivered us Leaders with little to no understanding of our history, environment, place in the world or vision of a better future. Ideas good, bad and in between are manufactured to appeal to narrow base that the respective leader feels will support them in an election or in a workplace. History; Facts; Laws of Physics; Are not relevant for many. The idea is right. If you don't agree with me you need to change. The fact you disagree shows me that my idea and case for change was right and I will pursue my position even more dogmatically until you accept my unilaterally developed position. This discussion will be dressed up in the management consulting industry speak. The purpose of this is to make the above sound sensible and needed. Social media and cheerleaders like Alan Jones and others from the "left" will offer up their assessment which will attack the person not the issue and repackage the original poorly formed idea as awesome and their favourite as the next messiah.
  6. BarryBevan

    The Politics Thread

    First thought off in the 1880's
  7. BarryBevan

    The Politics Thread

    The Scheme was designed to collect and store water, including water that would otherwise flow east down the Snowy River to the coast, divert it through trans-mountain tunnels and power stations and then release it west of the Snowy Mountains into the catchments of the River Murray and the Murrumbidgee River. There it can be used for town water supply, irrigation and environmental use.
  8. BarryBevan

    A message to race directors

    AP most likely does a bit for the sport through attending races, getting others to, promoting the ones he does and likes etc. Like every tri club in Australia
  9. BarryBevan

    A message to race directors

    try the ice cream in the beer
  10. BarryBevan

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    I lost my dinner at this, best post ever
  11. BarryBevan

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    What as Ironman's ruling?
  12. BarryBevan

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    Truth = going on a radio with a pet presenter saying what you say is truth. Don't know either of these people. Watt based on performance and credentials is a coach of some quality. The other seeks to be Watt by starting cartels and saying look at me. Watt looks like he may have had issues and had a bit of a crack and Millward cried and sought attention
  13. BarryBevan

    No medals for teams :-(

    The symbol of achievement, has value and meaning for many of the participants. People getting that token are not deluded into thinking they won the race. Every participant met some goal, to even be there. They paid for that token in their entry. Many won't care. Little kids love wearing them. If RD don't offer them, no issue. When they are part of the offer they should be produced.
  14. BarryBevan


    Crowds, poor, performances not that bad, access to coverage poor. Seems like a desperate grab from fox. They are locking away the one day matches, which no one cares about. Most of the Big Bash will be on seven plus the tests.
  15. BarryBevan

    How do Pro's afford it

    Don't know what anyones bank balance is. In the 90's when they were running the ITGP (super league), they had Greg Welch cooking for the other athletes at his house. He had a Porsche 911. Shortis think was on the parent subsidy at the start