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  1. Yep I agree totally. I'm trying not to let our pretty tough year get me down and I know I have some things others don't, like a job, and no money worries. Yes, yes, its not the governments job its families and friends genuinley caring and helping. The bits that have been gold is my cycling mates making each Saturday just a day to ride with me as they know that is about it for me and they plan around my time.
  2. Taking the politics out of it: In July, the number of shootings in New York City skyrocketed 177 percent over the same period last year, and there was a 59 percent rise in murders. In August, city shootings soared 165 percent, while murders jumped about 50 percent. That's not a great set of numbers, no blame, just observation.
  3. There is no doubt that our collective response to the mental health aspect has almost been non existent. Help lines and councillors are not enough. People are trapped, in many cases either have no livelihood or have it kicked down the road for a few months, which simply increases the pressure. Faced with this pretty bleak situation many are not coping. We have to do better.
  4. Jimmy is a great athlete and coach, at the time the place was prone to saying things like: Any able bodied man under 40 should be going under 9 hours stuff the 10 hour at IM and its not that hard. People just didn't want it enough, then came the under 50 minute TT standard. I thought sure for 60 minutes. Sub 50 is pro tour stuff, Tony Martin in his wins at WC was going 45 sometimes a bit lower or higher, though one year it was a paved gold road in Doha. The Australian elite TT on a 37.5 km course were not all breaking 50 minutes https://www.cyclingnews.com/races/cycling-austral
  5. If you read objectively you might rethink who is piling on
  6. Jimmy c also said any person under 50 should do 40k tt in under 50 mins then had a cry
  7. yes it is. But you have been quite strident in your views of people on the left. Would you be happy if this was a Dem doing this?
  8. Mcconnel also took that view in 16 and is now saying we will appoint. So More and Iron Jim, what do you think of that?
  9. Yep last time back in UK I did a week running in the Cairngorms, now that is a trail, You are right stuff in Oz is more like nice graded fire trail. The Scottish running is just as you described and when my run guide asked do you scramble, I foolishly said yes and we ran up what looked like a rock face. Well he just elevated of his toes and I crawled over the rocks on my hands and knees
  10. speed goat 4. I like the big platform it gives and used to need love feel for the surface. My road racing show is a vapor fly and for a different reason you don't get a lot of road feel either. Definitely find that proper hill fitness leads to good technique, but descents I need certainty of a big platform but even then I am cautious.
  11. I'm always in awe of the people who run down the hills like rabbits. Like all things find the fitter you get and the more you do it the more those good things happen. A good trail shoe though helps. I have the hoka and it grips reliably, provides a solid plaform which makes going down the steep hills better. Little steps help, though I still go through the risk thing is it worth hammering down here
  12. Trump is very popular outside big cities. Friends are in rural Maryland this weekend, trump banners every where you go
  13. The search and history function is not flash but it goes some thing like: Stop international travel Quarantine for returning US Citizens Social distancing Mask wearing Hard and locked border on hotspots NY at the time (noting dem resistance) Stay at home orders for hot spots Ramp up PPE Stand up task force for contact tracing and control of high risk sectors aged care Testing, self isolation
  14. Yes I wrote it and posted 2 months ago
  15. except the text does not show that
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