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  1. BarryBevan


    I hope so, as we are in the 5 %
  2. BarryBevan


    Responding to the treatment. While on the ventilator the anti malarial drugs are controlling the fever and the respiratory functions are stable.
  3. BarryBevan


    However, according to the World Health Organisation, global data to date suggest 80 per cent of infections are mild or produce no symptoms, 15 per cent are severe and require oxygen, and 5 per cent are critical infections requiring ventilation.
  4. BarryBevan


    https://informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/covid-19-coronavirus-infographic-datapack/ Some data for those who like that sort of thing
  5. BarryBevan


    Our relative is now on a ventilator, from flu like less than a week ago, all we have is hope.😢
  6. BarryBevan


    Our family member just went to the ICU, hard to be positive. On Sat last week she had a fever
  7. BarryBevan


    Please don't wait, look at every country that has waited. I'm living in the USA and the numbers keep rising
  8. BarryBevan


    yep not seeing how oz is ahead of even here the USA. Our schools shut 2 weeks ago, only essential shops. Nothing else
  9. BarryBevan


    The comparison was about the difference in attitude.
  10. BarryBevan


    This is confronting as it is not supposed to happen in rich western democracies, consider some numbers from Africa: Group I causes of death in 2016 Cause of death Number of deaths Share of total deaths Lower respiratory tract infections 916,851 10.4% HIV/Aids 718,800 8.1% Diarrhoeal diseases 652,791 7.4% Malaria 408,125 4.6% Tuberculosis 405,496 4.6% 652 K dying from Diarrhoea!! This in no way makes the current situation any easier or acceptable, given that we know why and where this came from.
  11. BarryBevan


    Also, research shows that the virus is disproportionately affecting older populations. The death rate among Italians with coronavirus aged 80 and above has been around 20 per cent, and 12 per cent for those aged 70-79. Those two groups account for nearly 90 per cent of Italy’s deaths. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-26/coronavirus-covid19-global-spread-data-explained/12089028
  12. BarryBevan


    People round here are doing well with social distance, we took our two boys out for fresh air, no one glared at anyone and we all kept a good distance. The rate of fever in NY (from a Digital medicine company) has dropped. Fever is one of the first symptoms. Could be an indicator that the social distancing is starting to work.
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/25/border-force-blames-nsw-health-for-letting-ruby-princess-dock-without-coronavirus-checks Looks like everyone got their bit wrong. Pointing fingers not going to help much. The Guardian which like to present itself as a whiter than white: "But once NSW authorities had recognised that coronavirus was on the ship they had followed up on all of the passengers." This is not true
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