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  1. Occasionally yes..... but often I would be back out the door at 5:00 for a ride. This was when I was younger of course, but I do tend to survive on little sleep.
  2. GST was a big change. It was not sold correctly. The GST In theory allows the wealthier to pay more tax through spending. As they say... the more you have the more you spend.
  3. THERE IS NO SUCH THING CALLED FAILURE.......... IT’S CALLED FEEDBACK! What you do with that feedback is up to you!
  4. Wife has little interest but very supportive at races. I acknowledge the training can be a chore. But as said in a previous post it’s about being smart. Years ago when kids were in bed by 9pm etc...... bye bye...... 2-3 hour run. Home by midnight. Short recover...snack.... bed. Swim and home before people get out of bed. Run at lunch times. Mid week rides up very early home by 06:30/07:00. weekend rides........they become rides against the clock. Dont play the tired card and pull your finger out around home. Low impact to family.
  5. You’re not a failure if you don’t get to Kona. But if you use lots of excuses as to why you didn’t, in order to justify you not getting there then that may be fail right there. I find the beauty of Ironman is that once the race is done no one cares that you didn’t KQ or even go fast or what time you did. It’s a tough give nd you are part of it = respect. A lot of people won’t have the ideal race they expected........ let’s say you thought you were going to PB with a 09:55 and you had a shocker and did 12:35...... but one thing is assured... whilst you may feel down, no one else looks down at you. You’ll still get lots of well dones etc etc. It’s the smart ones that look at the bad race and learn and put it all in perspective then try gain next year.
  6. IronmanFoz

    The 1% stuff

    Smart use of time to get me to the start line sure beats perceived smart use of time sitting in a pub after work having a few drinks when one has already used the can’t train excuse on a new born. If you can’t train you can’t do a lot of shit so.... no excuses. Its like the climate change disciples...... they want to save the world but still want to drive a car, go on a cruise or fly in a plain and then want to heat there house in winter and cool it in summer. Excuses are many. And not directed at you Trilobite.
  7. IronmanFoz

    The 1% stuff

    The thing is, most people don't think outside the box. Rather than catch a train or drive home....run instead...... Kids don't stay awake all the time. You learn pretty quickly that a Saturday ride isn't just a stroll.... it becomes a weekly time trial....always riding against the clock. My fastest Forster bike was 05:15......on one ride per week. Some kids sleep well in a running pram. PS: I have seen some people almost drop out of society because a couple of kids come along. Lean to make them work around you not the other way around. DONT GET PUSHED AROUND BY AN INFANT - YOU BE THE BULLY NOT THEM
  8. It would achieve nothing anyway. The silent Americans would be very upset if he was impeached.
  9. What....its taken him 30 years to work this out? And if no one else in Labor understands this no wonder they have a problem. Their policy in the past is.... Lets hit the big businesses with more tax, so they can reduce jobs and put more people on benefits! What did they not understand about this methodology.
  10. The phosphorous in the detergent is actually good for the lawns etc. That's why you can wash you car on the lawn. But I guess you wont be doing that much now.
  11. IronmanFoz

    The 1% stuff

    My advice is don't let a new born child be your excuse. Your the adult - don't let the new born dictate your life/lifestyle. And that's goes for everything including going out/parties/dinner and training/racing. You just need to adapt your training. Adapt, Overcome, Improvise!
  12. IronmanFoz

    The 1% stuff

    Never say never. Come out of retirement and give Busso a shot. You owe yourself a shot at the prize.
  13. IronmanFoz

    The 1% stuff

    You may want to increase your focus on that 8KG (8%) 8kg over weight means..... on a per metre basis you have just carried 336 tonne around the marathon course (420 tonne if you are 10kg over weight)
  14. Izzy is a wanker....I mean fornicator!!!
  15. You'll catch nothing in Shark Bay that's for sure And you forgot about the Sunday surf club swim from Broulee beach to Shark Bay and back.
  16. Good and Yes that's him. Thanks for the education. If you learn a new thing everyday its a great day!
  17. This is what all the finance experts have kept saying for the last few days.
  18. Wow...... Unbelievable. I would have given him 10 years for each crime minimum and also had him castrated!!!!
  19. No.... he has just been told to 'work harder'........ with no extra pay etc.
  20. What we have in this country is an aging population that is getting bigger and bigger and for the size of the country we lack the number of people who can pay sufficient taxes to sustain it. This is why out taxes are high compared to a lot of smaller countries with larger populations. Look at Singapore tax rate is between 10 -20 % depending on your income etc (give or take). There population is 1/5 of ours, Yet the country is 10764 times smaller. What this means is lower tax rates.... because there government don't have to maintain a country that is 4000km wide etc....lots of roads. We need more people....but how do you get more people who are working and pay tax and not residing in major cities. Not an easy task for either government. but what we don't want is more people on hand outs!
  21. Further to add. That whole pollie pension thing needs to be reviewed in some way. When u you guys who are in there 20's and gets two terms and is out by the time he's 30...they should not get a life time pension. I can't recall the persons name but there has been a couple. Like most things I feel it should be on longevity and contribution to society.... but how do they measure that. Am not sure any of them deserve the ongoing office, PA's, driver's etc etc etc.
  22. Interesting read.... just goes to show that no one in the Labor Party knew there own policy and if they did certainly did not know how to sell it. Lets call it complacency of there part.
  23. No.. but if they take your franking credits you will be
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