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  1. Like I said....he was the best of the best.
  2. I can put things into perspective very easily....And thats why I will always love Lance. He can do no wrong on my eyes. Sure he has f%cked a lot of people over. But that was his defence mechanism - doesn't make it right though....but the best form of defence is attack..and thats what he did best....both on the bike and off it. And....I am pretty sure doping in cycling and sport DID znot start with Lance. It's been a systematic machine in all sports (more specifically cycling) for a long time....way before Lance came along. He just got caught up in the machine and was the best of the best. Apart from that, I don't think he gives a crap what we all think......and his regrets are few.
  3. And I thought I was the crazy twin!!!!
  4. The other Baggs and his brother are massive repeat offenders... More jail time for these two suckers. IDIOTS.
  5. Echo.... Use it as a just in case facility.
  6. Of course noone trusts the media. It's not like they are trying to sell us something that we dont want...
  7. I reckon its probably pretty hard to suit up those big guys.
  8. I think i'd rather stick with 'The Donald' and try my hand at bleach rather than whiskey.... how does anyone drink that stuff.
  9. Like Paul said above. lots still doing the B&B swim at manly. Most without wetsuits. IronJimbo and I swam Wedenesday in wetties... did both the 06:30 and 07:00am groups, then a short run to curl curl (10km return). I reckon water temp was about 19.... not cold, but because I am all skin and bone, I tend to shiver a bit after about 3 minutes of being back on dry land.......hence a quick jog... or rug up with some good clothes.
  10. Doesn't say you don't get your money back.....hold the horses. Give them a break....it is interesting times and they are trying to do what they can at this point.
  11. Only today....sounds like that place over there is a shambles. Though.... the NZ ski season is going ahead BAU.
  12. IronmanFoz


    Sounds like they're adopting the "survival of the fittest" program!
  13. See....you have nailed it right there. Sounds like you love Alan more than most. Well done.
  14. Maybe after next year they will continue to run 2 Kona's annually. Meaning heaps more spots.
  15. You mean this pearler: “Come to Cronulla this weekend to take revenge… get down to North Cronulla to support the Leb and wog bashing day.” Surely Alan can't be at fault for sarcasm being interpreted incorrectly. Besides.... do you really think all those rioters listen to 2GB. I think the mass media were more to blame. I didn't see Alan out there amognst it with his TV camera. But you can bet ABC, 7, 9 and TEN were all there manipulating the viewer public. IF AJ told you to put your head in the fire would you!!! I am guessing not because you are a normal human being that can make proper assessments in the 'heat of the moment'.
  16. The big question with the February date is.... is this date also a little ambitious given the state of the US and other countries. And no, I would doubt they would run a 70.3 World Championship race in conjunction with a normal Ironman even. But this is a strange world we now live!
  17. Nothing he said has ever been false ;)
  18. Day off today. Yesterday rode 130 and at approx 65Km did a somersault over the front of the bike. Going very slowly but and admiring the view at the turn around. Just about to roll to a stop and hit a concret block uses in front of cars spot...and whammo... A few scrapes on shoulder knee and fingers..... + sprained fingers on both hands (swollen) and thumb on left hand. Lets say It was a touch ride home (65km). I even had to bail on a swim with IronJimbo this morning.
  19. Dont be silly....... noone would rever want a full refend. Are they stupid!!!
  20. Not according to somepeople.... they reckon suicide rates have/are increasing by heaps.
  21. I suspect once he has gone, people will be wanting him back. Noone else out there like him who really asks the hard questions, makes people accountable and sticks up for those that need sticking up for. I can't see anyone even closely filling the void. Ben Fordham....pffff. He is pretty much a salesman. For all the bad things he has supposedly said re: Julia Gillard, NZ PM etc.... his words were flippant, but the do-gooders got all upset.
  22. Agree on the MAFS stuff plus most other reality TV except for Survivor. And don't even get me started on Big Brother. If I even watch 1 minute - please someone kill me. With LegoMasters. sure, the end product is incredible.......but really...what a bore. Almost as bad as watch cric ket or triathlon on TV. (Except Kona)
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