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  1. Swimming in Sydney CBD

    Or for something entirely different. One of the mornings... get up early....ie: 05:00. cat a 5:30 ferry to Manly - Arrive at 6:00. Enjoy the morning stroll (400M) to the southern end of Manly beach and do both the 6:30 and 7:00 swims with the Bold and The Beautiful. Open water swim of about 750M each way. If you do both sessions you'll get about 2.8/2.9KM in. Then have a leisure ferry trip back to the city. Best way to start the day. Not only do you have the best swim going around with several hundred others....you have the best scenic trip going around. It's worth it.... May sound like a lot of trouble.....but you'll be telling all your friends about it when you get back home..... trust me!!! PS: You'll be back in the city on the 08:00am ferry by 08:30 or a little earlier if you catch the fast ferry.
  2. Swimming in Sydney CBD

    Boy Charlton is your pick. Opens 06:00am http://www.abcpool.org/
  3. 1/2 Marra in d*#k togs?

    All my earlier Ironman's were in sluggo's..... Bike and run!!!!! No chaffing for us skinny blokes.
  4. Swimming in Sydney CBD

    Boy Charlton Pool. On the waters edge. Can't beat an outdoor view with a view. Maybe an easy job across the bridge to North Sydney pool. Another fantastic view. Where are you staying.......
  5. MAFS

    Mick, I don’t watch it either, but I can tell you your mate Nasser on MAFS used to be a tri dude with the Brats. I funnily enough remember him vaguely. A friend of mine picked this out after about 3 weeks in.
  6. Rotto swim canned - shark...

    Next time I buy a car I expect it to be cover with warnings like: Wheels rotate. Car capable of hitting people Car capable of going faster than walking pace. Turning volume up on stereo could make you deaf. If you slam door/boot with hand in the way you could hurt said hand/fingers ............where does it end. How about a bit of personal responsibility. With the McDonalds case or one of the many....I recall it still being the fault of the user, despite the court outcome.
  7. Free Ironman Entry to a North American Race

    Looks nice!!!!!
  8. ABC TV Tuesday 20:31 -

    I saw the tail end of the ad for this show. I notice Hawaii and then Lew Hollander. Could be interesting. The Human Body: Secrets of Your Life Revealed Survive 8:31PM - 9:31PM Dr Chris and Xand van Tulleken discover the everyday miracles that keep you alive. They explore the extraordinary lengths our bodies go to keep organs working and uncover the amazing mechanisms our bodies call on to repair damage.
  9. 9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    I just saw a promo shot of Port (from Rydges) by TriTravel . I couldn't work out where the picture was taken until.....I realised.....it looks like the grass along the rockwall that turns into a mud bath has been paved....ie: the walkway now continues through to the town green from the breakwall. good news I say...I hate running along that uneven bit...especially after torrential rain and 1500 runners have just torn it up.
  10. Got 404s, what next?

    Disc - you can't use one in Kona
  11. Free Ironman Entry to a North American Race

    Would love to give each and everyone a free entry if I could and I really wanted it to be the full ironman. long way to go for a half!! The person chosen was the first to reach out to me. He firstly said....."is this a troll post". Fortunately for him it was not. His second mail to me was....I already have leave approved by work. (Note: this was before anyone had even posted on the forum). And he is also coming out of retirement to do it....so his mails suggests. Love it!!! Just had a quick call with Roxii to find out who this dude is..... and he agreed that nearly everyone would be very happy for him to get it!!!! So.... the WINNER is: Bored@work Bored at work. send me a mail with your full name and email address. Ironman are waiting for you. Enjoy!!!! And stay in touch!
  12. Trump is the President

    Don’t forget Wahlberg is also very likeable. A friend of mine was telling me they were on a bus tour around Beverley Hills when they went past his house. Wahlberg was in the garden doing stuff..... the bus driver stop and got out...... a few mins later Wahlberg came through his front gates and had a chat with them all. The driver said later....... no celebrity ever does that. Ps; sorry folks bit late to this thread. Also re: Trump.....keep in mind.....he is not a politician hence he makes decision the same way he runs his business. If someone’s not right for the job....he pisses them off and gets someone who does a better job or does what he is told. America has never seen this before. Australia has never seen this either. Perhaps this is what Australia needs.
  13. Trump is the President

    Common Peter, surely you don’t believe that!
  14. Free Ironman Entry to a North American Race

    Hi Folks, It is available for the 70.3 as well. Preference will go to The full Ironman as long as it's going to be used.