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  1. IronmanFoz

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Good job Roxii. You’ve done well. And appreciated by all. Does that mean you have to hand your press pass in! Long live Roxii....I mean Transitions!!!!
  2. IronmanFoz

    Let's talk Kona 2018

    AP... You need to focus on pacing off Jan, Wurf and Lange. Do that and you'll be fine!
  3. IronmanFoz

    Hot Cold hot cold water recovery? Worth it?

    Lisa Bentley used to always stand in the ocean pool at Forster after a run. Seemed to work for her.... but getting thigh deep would be my limits. like AP said...our balls a precious.
  4. IronmanFoz

    Sickness in the Workplace

    Hydrate to the max.... vitamins to the max, keep warm after every training session. And tell you Co-worker he is a dead set arrogant shithead. Oh... find a different desk. And follow him home and then let all his tyres down.
  5. IronmanFoz

    WSL Surfing 2016

    Is Fanning surfing John Farnham....... I thought he retired and the retired after the J Bay Shark incident and still retiring.
  6. IronmanFoz

    Sharks vs Broncos

    0 from 3 ain’t too bad
  7. IronmanFoz

    Juggling life training

    Been there done that. What I found with kids is; I found I was always riding against a clock. No effing around for coffee stops etc. And I started my day a lot earlier than most. You can start riding at 4:30 am. You can run after the kids have gone to bed. Triathlon does not pay the bills. Do what you can.......
  8. IronmanFoz

    Equal Pay

    So why are the men.... Ie Djokovic, Federer, Murray leading the charge saying they deserve more than the women.
  9. IronmanFoz

    Equal Pay

    Note: most women's sports do not attract big crowds or big viewing audiences hence the pay should not be the same. However if more viewers were to watch women's sport then fair enough pay them more but the reality is - it doesn't happen. Serena Williams is probably the exception to the rule here and in my view she is probably the only one that does deserve equal pay, because the stats don't lie....she does bring in big crowds and lots of viewers on the TV. Good on her. So to all those who may think my thoughts are sexist they are not. I am all for equal pay if deserved. A thought: Do women AFL, Soccer, Rugby, League players deserve the same money as the Men........? The answer is no, as they do not bring in the dollars....... it's simple economics.
  10. IronmanFoz

    Equal Pay

    Okay.... I can't help myself here. In the business world equal pay is a must based on the roles are like for like. In the sporting world its a huge disparity and rightly so. Those sports that normally back equal prize money can absorb it. But is it right or justified. I say no. The prime example here is Tennis. All the Grand Slams now have equal prize money, and I can tell you that this pisses the men off no end. How many 5 set matches do the women play ever......................0 (Zero) Serena W is in the semi and has play 11 sets. (and only 1 3 set match) Millman and Nadal have both played 18 sets.
  11. IronmanFoz

    What ever happened to Barry Voevoden

    some may recall the big hoo haa about ownership of the "World Cup" name. ITU in the end bought it back off Barry V from what I understand...and it was a reluctant sale.... They I think he wandered off into the sunset. Everyone who did those "world Cup" races said they were pretty good . Got all the big names out here and some good coin too. I think after the World Cup he called the race SPIT for a few years before calling it a day. PS: SPIT - Surfers Paradise International Triathlon.
  12. IronmanFoz

    Sunny coast 70.3 Anyone there now?

    Sounds like Crowie needs to lift his game. Good to see him still making the young guys work hard. He is the Jimmy Connors of triathlon
  13. IronmanFoz

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    How stupid am I.... maybe #ironman are clever after all and this is their intent.
  14. IronmanFoz

    Hawaii getting blown

    This storm will blow over!!!
  15. IronmanFoz

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    I am just appalled that Ironman are buying into this fiasco. #disappointed