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  1. Oh the days when you could buy an LP for 0.99c. How times have changed.
  2. When using just straight out Strava, I start it on my iPhone.
  3. When I do a long ride my Strava distance and bike computer distance are roughly the same. However I find I loose about 850 metres every 50k on my Garmin. Any ideas./thoughts/experience.
  4. Not this year. IronJimbo is dropping down to 70.3
  5. Hey old man...... are you echoing what I typed a few posts higher? Regards..... Another old man.
  6. 5150 World Series/Champs or Trek being new sponsor!
  7. Back in the day when Ironman Australia was in April the club champs was often a week or two later. And it really did represent the end of the tri season for most, hence big attendance by clubs. So going forward they need to chose there date well as this weekend conflicted with: a) Bathurst to Blayney bike ride b) Mooloolaba c) and a lot of people training for ironman still want to stay home and do there long ride. I hear Forster has got it back next year!
  8. Like we said, art is very subjective... a bit like coffee...... Everyone's taste is different.:)
  9. Unless you a collector or looking for an investor forget what the price is. For a new reno, just go for something that is large, vibrant and colourful...just like life!..........and I assume you live a full and colourful life! You want to bring out the life of the room, thought naturally it needs to match flow with the room/house. This is what we did with out place after the reno's. Other than that you should get what you like...... art is very personable and subjective. PS: as a kid, we had a Van Gogh (Sunflowers) on the wall of the fibro beach house. When we move to a bigger beach house the Van gogh was the only thing we took with us other than the usual stuff, Bed, kitchen stuff etc. It now sits on the edge of the kitchen wall. Its obviously a painted copy and well over 50 years old, but I always tell people (tongue in cheek) that its an original!!!
  10. For the above 10 comments, which political party is trying to do what?
  11. Peter, There are 500 qualifying spots at Port this year. Get on it!!!! Don't miss out.
  12. For those who missed it his comments on twitter were: Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?
  13. Question is how did Eddie the Eagle and Eric the Eel get in a few years back
  14. Anomaly? That’s certainly against the grain one would think.
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