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  1. Don't worry Ex, Pieman was just trying to bring the 'race card' into play. But you Ex, like many of us do have conversations with the cabbies, so its always very easy to work out where these guys come from.
  2. Asking for a friend. Me: I'll target Batemans Bay in March.
  3. Whats the water temp at the moment..... Non Wetsuit swim?
  4. Bad news, despite having never heard of him.
  5. Surely your taking the piss. If not, then I am still good with that. Makes my 10:37 (with a shitty run) just a few years ago seem pretty good. I’ll take it.
  6. Yep 44 on the run. It was carnage. Never seen so many ambulances.
  7. Definitely get it fully checked out. I did MMM in 1992 and after a crank issue and tightened by bike shop in came off 9km into a 180k bike ride. Lots of rolling and waiting and some pedalling 1 legged I managed to finish. But by this stage my ITB was so shot I hobbled the marathon. Finished 83 I think...... 8th last. My mates said they would have pulled out and through my bike through the LBS front window the next day. Moral: if I’m doubt replace pedals etc if you think it may reoccur. Back then I naive and money conscious- big mistake
  8. Labor party were in denial...thats why its a big deal....and they still dont get it.... Though Morrison up until today seemed to be helping Labors cause with lack on action around the drought.
  9. I like how he mentions 15 or so run sessions since October..... "or so" could mean another 5" and doesn't mention what he put in prior to october..... I'd love to put 15 or so run sessions in in the space of 4 weeks. For about the last 5-6 years I have survived on 1 10 k run a week. on average.... 15 or so run sessions would take me nearly 4 months to do. Thats due to niggling injuries..... but I am good with that. But the best thing he said was.... what you put in is what you get out...... A lot of people don't get this point.
  10. You mean people actually watch these races? The good thing about it being in Newcastle is they got it out of Olympic Park.
  11. Challenge set: Lets do Ironman Malaysia!!!!!
  12. Now thats what I call love!!!
  13. I used WorldCare for this option.
  14. Yes, would love to know.... must of been a great rant!
  15. True and what Zed says make perfect sense too. I personally aren't a big meat eater as such, but we do have a fairly balanced variety of foods ie: Lamb, chicken and fish. I love my weekly dose of fish (mostly salmon) on the BBQ with a good dose of salt. I have recently heard Domino's are going to put out the plant based pizza's. They reckon there doing a pepperoni pizza which is plant bases, but looks, smell and taste like pepperoni. Yikes.
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