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  1. 40 lottery spot to Kona. But not for NSW ACT or SA

    That's not true. Those who say they don't want to do Kona can't!!!!
  2. So froome is a drug cheat

    Froome, busted..... No surprise...and who cares........ Let them all dope and die young. It will be the only way to prove who is the best.
  3. Is there a brighter rear light than this?

    All rechargeable lights are useless as a) they never hold a long enough charge, b) In my house someone all ways forgets to charge the batteries - only remembers when he gets the bike out of the cupboard to go riding...doh!!! Normal battery lights win every time. PS: the number of people I see on race morning saying they forgot to recharge there Di2 battery always gives me a chuckle.
  4. I could never work that out! They put on one of the Tooheys Blue Grand Prix races at Cronulla Beach......... where do we swim? Mmmmm how about we bring in a 6 lane 25m portable blow up pool....... what the ........
  5. Rashies

    Good stuff. Let’s us know how it tests.
  6. Rashies

    These guys normally wear these over there tri suits. You can see some already pulling them off.
  7. Rashies

  8. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    The whole argument about should we wear helmets or not is a mute point. I would rather have a fall with one on that not. Also....it’s laughable that there is a part of the community who think wearing helmets is actually more dangerous as the added weight of the helmet throws your head harder. This is a common thought process of experts who say ski helmets are more dangerous. Let’s see the outcome when you slam your head on ice or hit a tree without a helmet. Fortunately in the ski industry...... and this is my amateur guess only.........I would suggest that approx 99% of skiers/boarders wear helmets. i often count how many people don’t wear helmets....and it’s very few!
  9. Rashies

    Rashies are good in the surf....not so good for swimming unless you get a really tight fit so that its doesn't act as a parachute. That said...you are better of a) swimming when the sun is not so harsh or go buy an actual swim top they all wear in Hawaii these days. Not cheap, but not too expensive when you look back and say good decision in 30 years time.
  10. Board Games

    Naked twister! Common Go Easy - you know you want to!!! Great family fun.
  11. Car fuel. When empty isn't empty

  12. So I'm hearing Busso Ironman is the last one

    Ironman Western Australia Secures Funding Until 2020 to add Swim to all Duathlons in WA
  13. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    Don't quote me but: I did Busso in 2013. I was told late by people watching the swim that a tiger shark??? had been reported at the rear of the pack of swimmers or had cruised past...... Did not see it or hear it but was told that a Helicopter came down to about 2 metres above the water and scared it away.
  14. So I'm hearing Busso Ironman is the last one

    Still.... if you make it to Port..... I'll shout you a soda water. We trannies normally meet up for a drink or two.