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  1. IronmanFoz

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Re: Ms Horner....I have asked if she has a website or Strava which we can use to follow the journey..... lets see!
  2. IronmanFoz

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Everyone should ask her all the question here on her Instagram page. Hammer it!
  3. IronmanFoz

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Agree.... not very convincing at all. I ran over 5 days or was it 6 days.... oh and I don’t train much either.
  4. IronmanFoz

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Ex - We are appointing you to follow her on Facebook and insta and report back daily.
  5. IronmanFoz

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    De Castella and Mona's and even Andy Lloyd never had quads like that.... nor do any of us.
  6. IronmanFoz

    Insurance for Kona WC

    I used ‘worldcare’. There coverage also covers you on race day....... most others do not.
  7. IronmanFoz

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Let’s get it out of the way. There are no Ironman that I know of on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Fail Then in the link above she say will take her 16 hours .... maybe 18...... Fail number 2. She does not look like she has the bulk to sustain 50 ironmans in 50 days. And As AP would say..... this is a career ending exercise...........but good luck anyway. Oh...... and no mention of Deliveroo!
  8. IronmanFoz

    I need this

    I am clueless as to why you would need a torque wrench for in the first place. whats wrong with a normal allen key. #gimmicks to suck your walllet dry. I’m with Flanman.
  9. IronmanFoz

    Kona qualifier 15+

    Don’t dream. Make it a reality. And I bet you you would go a lot quicker than you think. Its not a dream if you believe!
  10. IronmanFoz

    Kona qualifier 15+

    I hope she does read this and gets to the end and she will find (in my opinion) that nearly 100% of us think her qualifying is fantastic. I for one hope she goes well as said before, and trains the house down between now and then because as we all know the opportunity to race Kona does not happen very often (for some excluding the great AP). This sport is a hard gig and it rewards us all in different ways. She will learn that and no doubt embrace it...........especially if she reads this thread.
  11. IronmanFoz

    Kona qualifier 15+

    Nothing really wrong with the current policy though our example in this thread is a very unique situation I would think. If the powers that be were think of changing the process a simple policy change is all that is needed ie: Leave current KQ process in place with roll downs except have a cut off time that is not to unreasonable by global standards and in the rare instances it comes into play the spot goes to another age group as does what happens when nobody takes a spot in a certain age bracket. ie: 18 - 24 age group - Can't roll down below 12 Hours 25 -29 age group - Can't roll down below 12 Hours 30 - 35 age group - Can't roll down below 12 Hours 45 - 49 age group - Can't roll down below 12 Hours (13 hours for women) 60 - 65 age group - Can't roll down below 13.5 Hours (15 for women) 70 -74 age group - Can't roll down below 10.5 hours (This ones for AP) PS: no debate required for the above on times....these are examples only.
  12. IronmanFoz

    What the F is going on here?

    The design of getting rid of the forks is cool in regards to aero. I like it.
  13. IronmanFoz

    Kona qualifier 15+

    Agree....and we all hope she has a cracker of a race, a cracker of a time and a cracker of a journey and keeps on racing for many years to come. A minority sport yes, a fantastic sport a bigger yes. A sport with fantastic people and diverse opinions - yes. This is triathlon, this is Ironman. Welcome aboard with wonderful train!!!!!
  14. IronmanFoz

    Active fees

    They should buy ACTIVE as well if they don't already have an interest.
  15. IronmanFoz

    Hornet vs Crawford

    Was t too hard to predict. Looking forward to The Man putting Horn into retirement!