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  1. 4 people left. My tip is coming together nicely. Same for the bachelor.
  2. IronmanFoz

    Cycle/Tri Shoes

    Unless your a pro, why does this matter. So many people are hopeless at doing this, but I guess it makes them feel like a pro.
  3. Yes, They are talking about merging 2 teams and placing them in Brisbane. They name that keeps popping up is St Sharks!
  4. Longevity would no doubt come down to there lifestyles. Though this one mentioned above doesn't sound quite right. Peter, I reckon they were lucky to get 7.
  5. Just like the say... what hers is hers and what's yours is also hers!!!
  6. It's all in theory, but practicality wise it would never really work, Though there are a lot of old blokes out there with banging wives/girlfriends.
  7. Lets just say its way too earlier for them to provide any info.
  8. Let’s just say I am very conservative with money....... it’s too hard to come by and we pay way too much tax........besides I am not a gambler normally. I had to open a Sportsbet account to do it.....wow what an insight that is.......I’d hate to be a person with an addition. Ps: the ones I bet on are still there. Survivor is down to 5 people.
  9. The magic formula for dating should be that the girl is half your age + 7 years. so for me at 52 it should be ......... 26+7= 33. and so on 60 ............30+7=37 70.............35+7=42 80.............40+7=47
  10. This would give you a safe mix. B&B swim every morning, breakfast, then ride North against the peak hour traffic from 09;00am-ish and head to the national park and multiple other rides. I’ll likely be off that week too, though skiing for the first few days. Will have Wed-Friday free to swim bike and ride. Multiple runs along the beaches and harbour trails. Best harbour views in the world. IMHO
  11. IronmanFoz

    Cycle/Tri Shoes

    Take a punt. I did and the shoes I got for $30 dollars are much better than the pair I paid $300 for years ago. eBay for me every time. Example below. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F322233094535 Dont be concerned with buying a tri shoe... makes no difference. Just go for comfort......and if the sizing is wrong try again. No big deal.
  12. If anyone wants to know who wins both Survivor and The Bachelor.....let me know. I have 100 on Survivor and 50 on the Bachelor. An both guaranteed return.
  13. Question: why near the rock pool in Curly. Can try Manly.... 20 minute walk along Manly beach across Freshwater beach, and on to Curly via the boardwalk. And if in Manly.... close to the B&B swim......daily.
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