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  1. No dnf for this lady

    Additional outside assistance from Mike Reilly to get her across the line.
  2. Sunrise or today

    Maybe we all get everyone who watches the Today show.....to now watch sunrise and let’s see what happens to Karl. The guy is a knob.
  3. Queens Baton Relay

    Is this sort of like the Olympic torch relay?
  4. Proof CEO of Ironman is a fraud. ;) messick

    I think he forgot to select "bike" in Strava. Because only Patrick Lange, Crowe, Dave Scott, Mark Allen, IronJimbo and myself can run those sort of times 😜🤗
  5. Respecting the Race

    At the end of the day if a DNF is not respecting something it is likely to be yourself...... and it will then also make your next DNF decision a lot easier next time.
  6. Where's Macca?

    All the other ex champions were in Kona........ Anyone see Macca?
  7. 60-64 age group 9:46. Wow

    I remember Rob Barel when The Nice race was the 2nd most prestigious race on the calendar (4/130/30). Allen won 10 years straight. Anyway..... Don't be too impress by Robs result in Kona. I heard he only swam one lap of each of the swim, bike and the run!!!!!
  8. Respecting the Race

    I don't think it has anything to do with respecting .the race......I think FitnessBuddy got it mostly right in that it is respecting the sponsors......but it is twofold.... Because the people the sponsors are trying to entice are us the athletes/punters......and it is us the athletes/punters who dish out the respect and/or ridicule. If we see respect in an athlete we are more likely to align with there sponsor. Now... I consider myself a 'Try'athlete and also a tennis player...... I need a new bike and a new racquet or 3. And what will I choose see below: Lets look at 3-4 athletes across the weekend: Nadal (loser) in Shanghai (Sponsors - Babolat) Fredano had a crap race (Bike sponsor - Canyon) PJ - DNF Kyrgios - gave up after 1 set (Sponsor - Yonex) I will probably buy a Canyon bike or Babolat racquet- not going near a Yonex racquet or PJ bike.......
  9. Sunrise or today

    Karl is a muppet!
  10. Sunrise or today

    I know Brooke - lives nor far from me. And her mum is across the street.
  11. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Who pulls out of the bike leg with 6 k to go! I reckon unless he has a miraculous change of mindset and training methods they are already hammering the first nails into his coffin.
  12. Kona race day thread

    I only used IM coverage... I thought it was best ever except for the ads and Welchy..... talk about annoying.
  13. Kona race day thread

    Usual Suspects?
  14. Kona race day thread

    No need to imagine..... he's not in the same class today.......whatever the reason. Maybe to much media and training in the last fortnight.
  15. Kona race day thread

    Anyone sick of Welchy"......