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  1. IronmanFoz

    The Politics Thread

    After tonight I thankfully won't be in the country to see it! And speaking of Labor - are they really thinking of: - Increasing the tax rates to 49% if you earn over 200K - increasing Super tax to 30% from 15% if you earn over 200K - Getting rid of negative gearing - death tax (has been mentioned)
  2. IronmanFoz

    Trump is the President

    Shitting himself....referring back to Goughy's comments.
  3. IronmanFoz

    Trump is the President

    But did he try..................hmmmm!!! He didn't even bother. If he really deserved his peace prize he would have at least made an attempt! Also...what Goughy says above. Obama was packing alright!!! packing darkies!!!
  4. IronmanFoz

    All things IM NZ

    4 seasons in one day - is what I hope you don't get........... In 2000 we got Freezing cold mornings (6 degrees) to 38 degrees on the run. Hottest day in Taupo for 80 years....so they say. A lot of burnt puppies that day!
  5. IronmanFoz

    Trump is the President

    And Obama and Bush and Clinton etc.... But Obama was so much more insincere. It was appalling.
  6. IronmanFoz

    Trump is the President

    Correct...... Which president do you refer to? They all have there thoughts and there prayers and do nothing. Guns: John Howard for US presidency!!!
  7. IronmanFoz

    Demand answers.

    I often don't wash my hands after a pee. I know how clean I am and know where I have been. I don't know where all the others have been and what they have touched etc. Plus some toilets you don't want to touch anything........ oh.... and I time my exit so that someone comes in and I can catch the door with my foot so I don't have to touch the door handle
  8. IronmanFoz

    Karl Stefenovic

    People voted for him as a joke!!!! He just didn't get the joke himself. You think!!!!
  9. IronmanFoz

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    I would never do a draft legal race....... it defeats the purpose of racing.
  10. IronmanFoz

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    12 metres and 2400 competitors in Kona = a 28Km conga line. Very difficult to not at some port draft. It is the people who intentionally do it that are the cheats.
  11. IronmanFoz

    Trump is the President

    Re: the Wall. This was an election promise - I guess he wants to fulfil his promises
  12. IronmanFoz

    Trannies flog day 2019

    Challenge Accepted....................I think you know that phrase!!!
  13. IronmanFoz

    What's with so many drownings? Nsw

    People should embrace the fact that you should not fight a rip. If you get in one, you should let it flow (with you in it) and then ease/swim out of it and swim back in. Note: easier said than done if you are not a strong swimmer and unsure of how rips work. Diagram: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=how+to+get+out+of+a+rip&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjtqK6ypdHfAhUCULwKHRpCD4sQ_AUIDigB&biw=1444&bih=983#imgrc=NjCUrgO0LrWOnM:&spf=1546507528644
  14. IronmanFoz

    What's with so many drownings? Nsw

    In Sydney Craig Riddington runs a company that's does surf skills with schools. More people should do it.
  15. IronmanFoz

    Trump is the President

    The emails in question were hidden on Hilary's private computer/server.