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  1. A cyclist who race I know said they wouldn't go disc breaks again. Me. you don't need disc breaks, you dont need Di2 etc, You don;t need zwift. Call me stupid but 28 tyres does not make sense and defies logic despite what the experts suggest. Running tyres at 90 PSI v's 100 or 110 also defies logic. You don't need fancy....you need a good engine room.
  2. IronmanFoz


    I think its "More"....LOL
  3. IronmanFoz


    I think he has the right to blame some sections of the public. If those people had done the right thing in the first place we wouldn't be in this mess. And how many people did Dan give the virus too. None from memory.
  4. Even if it was on.... noone in there right mind would go to Vic for that one. November last year the opinion was quite the opposite. Everyone was very excited.
  5. Dude - you don't have the time..... too much golf is on your agenda!!! Nothing wrong with that though
  6. By the sound of it your boys are young. I can only suggest to keep positive and discuss with them the good times they had with her. Your positivity is important to them. Stay strong/Stay safe!
  7. They say....if its not on strava it didn't happen....therefore if it is on a strava it happened. So... I rode 180.2 today up Nrth of Sydney. Strava said my elevation gain is 10,513metres. Therefore I did an Everest.... andf I think I also got the time record. a slow 6:40. Has anyone else in the world gone sub 7. PS: Elevation gain should be around 2500
  8. You speak from experience. Condolences to you and your family. Never good. But....like i posted above we all need to be mindful and sensible in what we do. That said...I would still race. I would take the same approach as i do when going into Woolworths. I take the appropraite precautions.
  9. 4.4 M died in the first 6 months of this year from Starvation (24665 died today as at 19:19)........ same thing happens year in year out. Did you change your ways in any of those years? Suicide 642,892 this year so far.........you don't know peoples circumstances. You don't know what drives people - some people may need to do tri's (race/Train) to avoid being a statistic. There have been 35 million deaths this year already. The answer is to be mindful and sensible. For the most part it would seem people are. And from the responses most people above have this front of mind.
  10. Common knowledge - triathletes dont get COVID. Doing races..... My bike box is packed. In all honesty - what BNothling said in the first response. You just need to be safe and if people are unwell they should go near the place. Oh.... Noosa - social distancing bike racking - hope your not the unlucky one who has to rack there bike on the Monday/Tuesday before race day
  11. Here is the pic of the crank. I unscrewed that Q thing. Didn't even have a battery in it. I have had it for about 6 months and I never knew
  12. I thought Ironman was an individual event
  13. Thats rediculous...perhaps they need to have a discussion with Ironman re: rolling entries over
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