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  1. IronmanFoz

    Wurf watch

    Did you happen to do the ride with Norman and the HERT group to Pheasants Nest many years ago.
  2. Butter may be better for you than Margarine, but doesn't mean it is healthy or good for you. Get rid of it from your diet except for when you use it for cooking etc. Same goes for other fats good or bad....you really don't need them. Butter offers no nutritional value and tastes disgusting. If you melted butter down to a liquid would you inject it into yourself for nutritional value. I don't think so. I have never had butter on sandwiches , biscuits etc etc etc other than in cooking. Reason is I just simply can't handle the taste. As a young kid if my mum accidently put butter on my sandwich....I either binned it or gave it away. If a hamburger shop put butter on my rolls.... I make them get me a new one.
  3. Fair call on the tackle...and Stuart is a idiot and clearly doesn't know RL....As the judiciary did not agree with him.
  4. Are you suggesting triathlon is a clean sport.....hmmmm.
  5. Also... Ironman Austria sold out in 24 Hours.
  6. Didn't someone say Challenge to Ironman is like Hungry Jacks to McDonalds. Anyway... anyone know the history here as Roth used to be an Ironman branded race many years ago.
  7. Found it....Enoggera Dam. Looks quite eerie with all the lilys. That's from a Satelite view. Bet you its gorgeous on a sunny day from the ground etc.
  8. That's where the crocodiles hang and chill waiting for swimmers.
  9. Looks like more of a pond than a dam. What’s it called so I can google it and have a proper look.
  10. And the best thing was these were late afternoon races. Perfect in summer.
  11. I call crap... He sounds dodgy. PS: I saw him out running 42 k's at lunch time.
  12. Easy to do it... but just a tad irresponsible.
  13. IronmanFoz

    Ironman Frankfurt

    Broken nose my ar$e.... straight as an arrow. Want to see a broken nose.... come and see mine. I'd take his nose any day of the week. My mum says a I have a roman nose....... roamin' all over my face!
  14. And..... you could bring your own milk crate to sit on!!
  15. How do you break a crank. Faulty.....or is this what carbon is coming too.
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