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  1. IronmanFoz

    IMNZ 2020

    Wouldn't mind doing it myself - last NZ was 2000. Just not sure I am close to being ready. Aiming for Port at this time.
  2. Why is insurance so expensive in Karratha. I would have thought the opposite. Educate us.
  3. I listened to it..... didn't give me a real lot though i did get the logic when the tyre widths are starting to move from 28's and up. And they admitted on a perfect road surface the higher PSI the better. We know that we don't get perfect road's but not all are the type they seems to be talking about. In Sydney, you get a real mixture, but nothing too bad. So i reckon somewhere between what Peter and Bored @ is about right. - 90/95 on the front & 100 on the back - Bored@Work - Jezz. I run 110psi. In every condition. - Peter
  4. How do you know it wasn't just a bad day on the bike, tired/fatigued etc, went too hard.
  5. Me too. I struggle with the logic that wider tyres and lower pressure are faster. Logically the harder the tyres the less tyre is touching the road which equals faster. Anyway....my experience tells me they are wrong.
  6. I have heard by a few people these (Garmin Varia) are useless after about 4 hours? Is that right?
  7. IronmanFoz


    That section was specifically about the hate for Andrew Forest donating $70M by those keyboards warriors who look at it as a purely self absorbed for personal gain. Others just said he does a lot more for Australia without a lot of recognition. IronJimbo just correct gave an example (indigenous employent which he charters in a big way). No political intent here at all from IJ. I think 'SomeTri' is just doing a bit of trolling.
  8. Per the above ...what do peoplem recommend these days. I currently have some lights calls Frogs or Froggies but there about 8-9 years old and can'y find them anymore.
  9. I am the same. For me running on anything under about 95 feels like I am on flat tyres..... I always ride 100PSI -110PSI. If I was to Use Slunnie's formula I would be slight higher than that as I am normally about 75KG. But there are so many different views these days on tyre widths and pressure and rolling resistance. These expert tests..... to me defy normal logic... but thats another story.
  10. IronmanFoz


    I saw this in the media too. People who make comments like this shit me.
  11. Go and you tube the p;revious years Golden Globes which he has compered. The above is quite tame. He really gives it to a lot of celebs.... Very funny....and clever.
  12. IronmanFoz


    We came back from Broulee just before the fires started on NYE. A few days later my parents and brothers families all evacuate back to Sydney, though got held up in the traffic jam and road closure for 24 hours.......I should have told them all to tuen left at the pie shop and headed to your place
  13. Why does anyone care.... there going to stretch/ breah the boundaries anyway they can...always will and always have. There all innocent aren'tthey?
  14. IronmanFoz

    2019 totals

    I thought it to be a fairly logical question.
  15. IronmanFoz

    2019 totals

    LOL. I see you did a lap of the NZ course the other day. Are you planning on IM NZ 2020.
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