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  1. asmithaxe

    USA shootings and gun laws

    As a parent, I wouldn't want to send my kid to a school where there is a chance that the maths teacher (or anyone else) could get into a shoot out in a hallway crowded with children. When you have twice as many bullets flying around a crowded hallway (the Florida shooting WAS in crowded hallways), I suggest you are likely to have twice as many casualties, not less. I realise you feel there is something special about the US, and we can't compare it to any other country (that actually IS what you suggested above: "Make sure said country is comparable in terms of size, population, guns per capita etc though"), but in every other country, mass shootings at schools either don't occur or occur very infrequently. Statistics are statistics, and I am not bending ANY rules of statistics by pointing out that the most obvious solution based on the statistics, is LESS guns = more safety for school students.
  2. asmithaxe

    Hoka one one (teach me)

    I couldn't find anyone carrying the wide versions of the Bondi and Clifton here in NQ. If you order from The Athletes Foot online, delivery is free, and you can try them on at home and return to a store for full refund if they don't suit.
  3. asmithaxe

    Hoka one one (teach me)

    There may be other differences, but the Clifton is a bit lighter, but the Bondi has a smaller drop (4mm) from heal to toe.
  4. asmithaxe

    Hoka one one (teach me)

    I went with the new Bondi Wide. A bit heavier than the Cliftons, and have less drop from heal to toe. So far they have been great.
  5. asmithaxe

    Canadian Rockies & Alaska Cruise

    Good point TC. Also add Rock Climbing and MTBing at Squamish to the list. Run around (or hire bikes and ride around) Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver (about 10k, mostly seawall).
  6. asmithaxe

    Canadian Rockies & Alaska Cruise

    +1 for Lake Louise over Banff. Would also recommend the hike from the LL Chateau to "Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House", and plan to have something to eat/drink there and take in the view. If you ride horses, there is a ranch in Jasper that has access to some spectacular trails. Supported bike tour on the Icefields Parkway (example: http://www.rockymountaincycle.com/icefields.html) I personally wouldn't fly across the country to Niagara when you are already in BC. I would just do more things in BC. "West is best!". Words to live by.
  7. asmithaxe

    Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    I'm starting to believe we (people who ride bikes for exercise) would be safer on the roads if we could get more people riding, and not be an US vs THEM scenario. No way would I ride a bike without a helmet. Kid across the road trashed his helmet in a low speed accident where a dog ran out in front of him. But I do believe more people would ride if they didn't have to wear a helmet, so I'm starting to believe that this is the way to go. Kind of like "herd immunity", where if we can get someone within a bogan/tradie family riding a bike, maybe they won't try to injure every cyclist they come across.
  8. asmithaxe

    WS 70.3 - first timer...

    Well done. If you can afford it, consider getting a power meter for pacing. I can't use HR as a measure in a race because of the excitement. My HR hits 160 before I even enter the water.
  9. asmithaxe

    The Politics Thread

    I keep hearing that "everyone wants it", but to be honest, I've probably only found 5 people who support the idea. Most of the huff and puff seems to come from politicians and the local rag ("The Townsville Bulletin"). I think most people have accepted that: (1) it really isn't going to deliver many jobs (even Adani plans to make the mine fully automated); (2) it's not likely to get off the ground because noone wants to lend them the money for it; and (3) not with my f**kin' tax dollars.
  10. asmithaxe

    Riding in Port Douglas - reasonable?

    Also on the north side is the range to Julatten. When I've been through there it seemed fairly quiet. Definitely more quiet than the highway PD to Cairns, or range Cairns to Kuranda.
  11. asmithaxe

    Ditching Foxtel.... options?

    Most of the commercial (free to air) channels have catch up options. You can access them via web, but we use an XBox One to do it. If the shows you watch are on catch up, then no need for a recorder.
  12. asmithaxe

    I'm a little lost - Post Ironman

    +1 for cross training. Time to MTB and trail run IMHO.
  13. asmithaxe

    Power meter for shiv

    I have the Powertap P1 pedals on my Shiv, and swap them to the road bike for the wet season (NQ). Will probably also swap them to the MTB for endurance training (but not riding trails).
  14. asmithaxe

    Garmin 935. Wow

    Yes, I read that. Thanks. It sounds promising, but still just a sample of 1, even though it is DCR. Hoping others will share their 935 optical HR experiences as they become more widely used.
  15. asmithaxe

    Garmin 935. Wow

    I have heard similar for other optical HR, so no argument there. But I'm keen to hear first hand experience of the optical HR in the 935.