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  1. not his day was it. Love how there is silence on the excuses front from Ryf, just like Frodo when he went in injured. Finish the race and stay quiet Massive kudos for that
  2. Absolute gold "Unfortunately my chain kept coming off" and "a persistent sore throat ... decided to prioritize his health" get my vote
  3. Wurf tried to congratulate Frodo and patted him on the back 3 or 4 times, Frodo just dismissively looked away every time. I thought ouch, maybe Frodo is a bit sensitive to online commentary by Wurf, which is usually delivered in jest. But then I watched Currie, or was it the next guy, also congratulate hm, and he was equally 'preoccupied' ... possibly just exhausted. Wurf's 5th place was sensational, especially in that field (whoever said he should be "embarrassed" should be embarrassed at their own keyboard commmentary)
  4. Charlesn

    Wurf watch

    I like Macca, for his tactics, his love of the sport, his opinion and his persistence, and there is a bit of the same in Wurf which I like. But gee Macca went mighty quiet when the Sunny Garcia story broke. Only now is it probably safe for Macca to return to Hawaii
  5. Charlesn

    Kona 2019 Picks

    Wurf will make Frodo suffer on the bike ... especially if it’s windy and the triathletes go deep rim again. Similarly Frodo will make Wurf suffer on the run
  6. Charlesn

    Kona 2019 Picks

    Wurf indicated in a recent interview that he has never gone that hard on the bike. But by watching others he has now realised how hard they are pushing, and that he needs to push. Said his training has since concentrated on running on tired legs. if this is true, and he executes as planned, and fingers crossed it’s windy, should see him with a nice gap to all. And then hopefully he runs 2:50 or less on tired legs and it’ll be some race
  7. Charlesn

    Wurf watch

    He’s a bit like Macca, strong personality, and not scared to share his opinion. He puts the slipper in to Lionel and Frodo on occasion, but respects them. Lange not so it would seem his Breakfast with Bob interview should be another highlight
  8. Charlesn

    Kona 2019 Picks

    I am loving the love for Wurf and agree... races his best 3 weeks after a previous Ironman, swim Ming and running better than ever and has been riding with Richie and co when looking for a decent ride hit out. And has decided no to conserve at any stage, but instead empty himself, which he has not done previously. Windy and hopefully no one towing Lange on the bike this time, and it’ll be the bikers that take it 1. Frodeno 2. Wurf 3. Kienle 1. Ryf 2. Lucy Charles 3. Sarah True
  9. That's pretty good. This is slightly better ... http://store.dinottelighting.com/2018-quad-red-taillight-with-built-in-battery-p111.aspx 200 lumens, 8 hours. learnt about it from a writeup by Rapstar after his accident in 2010. Said Dinotte was the brightest he could find
  10. 'omnivore' The Ominvore's Dilema is a well regarded Michael Polan book on modern eating. diets get labelled, and 'normal' gets shunted to the side by diet labellers because the normal healthy balanced diet is killing us. Balanced and in moderation is failing big time. anyone who thinks seriously about what they eat is ahead of the masses that don't think enough about it. And cynics can choose to ignore the current research at their own peril
  11. What about other meats, like pork? Love a roast pork. and what about quality of meat ... I expect you pursue free range, grass fed, which as I understand it has less animal stress related cortisol and more good omega 3 than 6 fats. also, will you test out your endurance capacity under this new gig, or is it more short term? i had risotto last night and only managed a paltry 1:45 pace in the rower. Need more meat I'm thinking Knew a family in my youth, only ever ate meat and dessert. No veg, fruit, cereal, breads ... I always said "they're gonna die of heart disease". Well they didn't. Both parents are still alive and have outlived mine, 3 strapping sons, 1 swam for Australia. and Sami Inkinen, who you guys all probably know, is a fascination. not purely meat, but an amazing low carb exponent. Age group winner in Kona and rowed the pacific on meat and nuts.
  12. I started watching the replay on Red Bull straight after they stopped the live coverage. inspirational stuff by all. and how bloody fast was Amberger in the swim. Never seen a guy with that much clear water. Aussies take the swim and bike primes 👍🏼.
  13. Frodo ... legend. Not a quitter like some
  14. Lucy Charles is bloody young. gonna be good
  15. Oh. Well he's younger than me
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