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  1. Happy to take it if Mvmh doesn't. PM sent.
  2. my legs are burning


    More than just in the warmup and the end of sessions, backstroke should be used for active recovery between efforts. Couldn't agree more about it's benefits for body position and reducing the burden on the shoulders. A big plus for reducing injury and overuse.
  3. I've recently switch to eating quinoa for brekkie. Best thing I've done in terms of nutrition for training, racing and everyday living. I boil a few days worth with milk and in the mornings top it up with dates, almonds and fresh fruit. It takes some prep but that's all done in the evening every few days. Since starting this I have so much more energy and never suffer from mid morning slumps/hunger. Highly recommended.
  4. Look at your cadence when training and racing. Sounds like you were pushing way to hard a gear. Wouldn't be surprised if you were pushing 70rpm rather than up around 90. Ride hills and learn to spin, not grind.
  5. I'm a huge advocate for the Gurney Goo. Not slipping with fit or difficulty whatsoever. I'm a recent convert and now know that running without socks will not ever be an issue. Give it a try.
  6. I did Noosa on Sunday for the 3rd year running. Great fun despite the rain. Hoping it doesn't sell out too quick on Tuesday cause I need another crack at lowering my PB. Never works out to be a cheap few days in Noosa.
  7. As much as I like to think of getting a particular bike, I'd be more likely to get fitted by an independant (I.e. non LBS) and take their recommendation as to which bike would be most suitable. I know this takes some of the fun out of it but better to get something that fits and gives you the most suitable position for your body. This will prevent injury and make the most significant difference to your bike split. Still... the Trek's do look great and AA7 posts that they're mighty comfy too.
  8. What was your roadie? I ride a Cervelo S5 roadie and go for clip-on's for tri's. It does the job for me (I'm road racing also) but also want to upgrade to a TT. I like the Trek Speed Concept 7.5. Reports are that it's slick and comfortable. The 2013 has just landed so should be wiggle room on the remaining 2012's. The new 2013 P3 also looks the goods.
  9. Hit equipment/geometry and scroll down http://www.canyon.com/_en/roadbikes/bike.html?b=3114#tab-reiter2
  10. The zipp website had a youtube clip of how to remove the old decals.
  11. The P3 is definitely on the list Ken - better value then the SC. Would go nicely alongside the S5.
  12. +1 for the body mechanic. Cannot recommend Mark Green or Blair Martin highly enough. Directly opposite Milsons Point station.
  13. That's exactly what I want to do - road race and not buy two bikes. If the treasurer approved it and I could.... I'd go for the Speed Concept 7.5.
  14. Thanks for the analogy Yoyo. Considering the liveliness (did get the death wobbles coming down noosa hill last year) and that I don't need much in the way of spacers or a tall head tube, I should start negotiations with the Treasurer. Agree that a good fit is most important.
  15. Balmoral tri clubs has their aquathlons on Friday nights at Balmoral baths. Also has 3 x tris, 3 x 20km bike tt, 3 x 5km run tt, 3 x 1km swim tt.
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