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  1. Tubular tyres

    Went to 25mm clinchers. Latex. Match them with the right tyre (prob a 23mm conti) and get good aero and rolling resistance. 30 years of tubbies or singles as they were. No more.
  2. Ironpro what are your thoughts on your new canyon

    P4 had that ie Bottom Bracket fill in bottle. UCI banned it but Tri's we're allowed I haven't seen the bottle is better on down or seat tube. Would love to see the testing on that.
  3. Sydney CBD Bike Service

    Not a bad idea. I can't recommend anyone in city. Mark Newtons specialised shop maybe. But the above suggestions not bad. Walk over the bridge or get a ferry. They may even have a shower you can use ...
  4. Sydney CBD Bike Service

    These were the guys I was going to sugggest.
  5. What training did you do today?

    First time I've done all the sports in this comeback (ssshhh don't say that word). One was a 4 k jog with the dog. And one a slow broken 1200m swim. And some time on the trainer. Still lots not right re body. But improving. Slowly.
  6. garmin TT mount

    A reasonable priced option, come in diff sizes. www.99bikes.com.au/profile-sp-computer-mount-25mm
  7. Sydney CBD Bike Service

    Do you have the ability to get mobile service come to you ie a car park etc?
  8. Going back to a Road Bike for long course.

    I've been slowly in comeback past two months. All on road bike. Put the tri bike on trainer last weekend. Comfy as hell an hour straight up. Ryan @ 3D bike fit and the right saddle. Never been more comfy. Nor more aero.
  9. PRO tri-spoke now in clincher

    If I had coin I'd buy one in a heartbeat. Oh. And some fitness
  10. PRO tri-spoke now in clincher

    Agree. I think the main advantage is the ability to run a wider tyre and lower psi so less rolling resistance. Old school tri spoke with 145psi in a 18mm (or 19?) conti was a bit rough but aero!!
  11. Dcrainmaker and Power

    Me. Power2max. Super simple. Accurate. New pedal based options getting reviewed by him soon.
  12. Which Ironman will you be doing in 2018?

    It's 30 years since my first (in 2018). I had a plan to do one for "fun" but I can't see it happening now. Still. Lot of time to go .... will see.
  13. 9 Weeks to go

    Just a baby still:) The course in 84 was a brute. Run up over Lapstone railway over bridge from memory. Fire trails and along the railway track. I fell. I think it was a 14 k run. The next year was a bit easier. Still had fire trails I think ... But they are all hard. That current 10 k flat just screams for a fast pace. And in the swim you don't get the rush from a recently opened dam in the one way river swim (not sure what year that was ).
  14. 9 Weeks to go

    I'm hoping to get to Nepean* . My first one was in 1984 *being able to swim non stop will be the challenge (still sorting a few issues) - but I've entered.
  15. I am speechless, and that is rare......

    Nice reaction Trout. Great suggestion. Well organised