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  1. 50% off everything Dare2Tri

    Anyone using their wetsuits? May be tempted to get a new one at 50% off so keen on feedback
  2. What nutrition do you use

    Water with High 5 electrolyte tabs for me too daily Use winner bars and gels - which are used on course at IM events plus taste good Science in Sport electrolyte drink on bike
  3. Aero Helmet

    Hey Zed - assuming that is also you in your profile pic? Do you put magpie seed in your left earlobe?
  4. Respecting the Race

    I'd say there is a big difference between not finishing because of injury or irreparable mechanical problems and DNFing because you aren't going to podium. The first is excusable but the second is not. It seems that some athletes make a habit of the latter too which wears a bit thin.
  5. This is what happened to Jan

    Much respect
  6. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    What is clear watching the race yesterday is the level of pain both mentally and physically the top pros are willing and able to endure to do what they do. And they do this session after session in training and I am in awe of them for it. I know I will never KQ and be more than a MOP athlete because I am happy to train in the comfort zone and don't push the boundaries of physical and mental endurance that the pros and top AGers do. To win the race in 2012 PJ had the desire to push his mind and body beyond its limits and achieve what to many will only ever be a dream. We took that journey with him because he was living our dream too and for those who have ever met him know PJ is a great guy and someone who you hope the best for. In my opinion once he had won the race PJ lost the drive to keep going to those dark places that other athletes continued to go. Suddenly he felt the mental and physical pain during and after training that previously he had been able to ignore. He is trying to blame onions but I feel the answer is so much simpler and he just doesn't have enough desire to win a second time. If he came to terms with that he can preserve his legacy as the last five years have raised unnecessary question marks. This is why Maffetone has been his method of choice this year as he had the justification to himself to train at lower intensity. This put him in a better personal physical and mental space which was great to see but means he cannot compete at an elite level as shown yesterday. PJ will always be a world champ but the time has come to end the mental and physical torment he is causing himself and retire from the sport at pro level
  7. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    If you train like a MOP age grouper that's pretty much where you'll finish
  8. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    That sucks. Can't believe the number of pros who seem to get cleaned up by cars in Kona in the days before the race
  9. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Hope I'm wrong but can't see this ending well come the weekend
  10. Pete Jacobs is now a dietitian apparently

    No but they would get slammed for being un-Australian for actually using their indicator
  11. Hawaii Ironman betting

    I'm going with DNS
  12. Hawaii Ironman betting

    30% return on your money in one day - not a bad little investment
  13. Pete Jacobs is now a dietitian apparently

    He averaged 30k/hr on his ride - Frodo must be quaking in his boots
  14. Max HR Run vs Bike

    On your turbo do a Threshold HR test - do 10-15 minute warm up followed by 30 min full effort (trying to maintain consistent effort for whole time). After 10 mins press the lap button on your HR monitor. You can then use the average HR from the final 20 mins of the 30 minute effort as your LTHR to calculate your HR zones : Bike ZonesZone 1 Less than 81% of LTHRZone 2 81% to 89% of LTHRZone 3 90% to 93% of LTHRZone 4 94% to 99% of LTHRZone 5a 100% to 102% of LTHRZone 5b 103% to 106% of LTHRZone 5c More than 106% of LTHR