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  1. Pete Jacobs is now a dietitian apparently

    No but they would get slammed for being un-Australian for actually using their indicator
  2. Hawaii Ironman betting

    I'm going with DNS
  3. Hawaii Ironman betting

    30% return on your money in one day - not a bad little investment
  4. Pete Jacobs is now a dietitian apparently

    He averaged 30k/hr on his ride - Frodo must be quaking in his boots
  5. Max HR Run vs Bike

    On your turbo do a Threshold HR test - do 10-15 minute warm up followed by 30 min full effort (trying to maintain consistent effort for whole time). After 10 mins press the lap button on your HR monitor. You can then use the average HR from the final 20 mins of the 30 minute effort as your LTHR to calculate your HR zones : Bike ZonesZone 1 Less than 81% of LTHRZone 2 81% to 89% of LTHRZone 3 90% to 93% of LTHRZone 4 94% to 99% of LTHRZone 5a 100% to 102% of LTHRZone 5b 103% to 106% of LTHRZone 5c More than 106% of LTHR
  6. Which Ironman will you be doing in 2018?

    Busso 2017 and Port 2018 for me
  7. City Joggers are Rude

    I made the uninformed decision during a weekend stay in Brisbane to go for run unfortunately in the counter-direction to Parkrun along South Bank. Keep left means nothing to those guys in the quest for a PB - the most one sided game of Red Rover I've ever played (and lost)
  8. Ironman in Victoria

    Yep - but both parties are happy with the arrangement so who are we to complain. My use of the word "volunteer" was merely in response to the posters in this topic complaining that "volunteers" should be compensated for their time because they consider IM such a cash cow and I was trying to make the point that they already do what they were suggesting.
  9. Ironman in Victoria

    The active fee is the amount charged by Active to Ironman for use of their software for processing and storing entry information. Whether 8% is too high and the relationship between Active and members of the Ironman team is a whole other discussion. The active fee is passed on in full to Active as is their agreed commission so cannot be used to fund any aspect of running the event. As mentioned in my earlier post community groups which provide volunteers to the event (check-in, aid stations, race day assistance) are all paid a donation. This money is paid from your entry fee and the schools, sporting clubs, volunteer organisations on the Sunshine Coast utilise the events here as a good source of fund raising and are more than happy to participate and do so year after year.
  10. Ironman in Victoria

    Several volunteers come from community groups and their organisations are donated money by Ironman dependent on the number of volunteers provided. I know the Masters Rowing Club on the Sunshine Coast provide the check-in staff at the Mooloolaba Tri and SC70.3 for this reason and Buderim Wanderers Soccer Club raised money by supplying volunteers at the start of the first stage of the Velothon
  11. No minimum tri suit order?

    Personal recommendation is John at Fusion Multisport. Well priced and product is top quality. I have their sleeved tri suit which is great for racing in Qld
  12. Gelatin

    What quantities of electrolyte and gelatin do you use?
  13. Velothon Sunshine Coast

    No they just closed the sections designated for sprint and KoM sections otherwise controlled roads. We were given right of way for right turns and some roundabouts otherwise fully open so occasional red lights and give way at junctions. Though through the hinterland not many of those! Definitely would recommend to others and dates set for the same weekend next year oh and I made it up Obi Obi
  14. Velothon Sunshine Coast

    I'm in for the three days. Been a good boost to the bike training for the tri season. Not sure what shape I will be in by the start of Sunday's ride but the courses are great so at least will be suffering with scenery