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  1. alexholbrook

    PBK Shipping

    Does anyone know if PBK has improved their shipping since the problems that were occurring a few years ago. Thanks Alex
  2. alexholbrook

    Chain lube

    I'm using squirt for both MTB and road. I find that squirt doesn't last as long in dusty conditions on the MTB.
  3. alexholbrook

    Lower Back Tightness

    Hi all, On the Monday that's just been I've suffered from some lower back tightness. I woke up on Monday morning literally having to get dad to help me out of bed. I hadn't really done much other than swim all week prior due to water polo finals coming up, so there's not a chance that it happened while riding a bike. It feel like there's pinching in the thoracic region of the back, meaning that it pinches when I try to reach my toes or pick up anything of the ground. I can still swim and run, although I road the MTB yesterday morning and had to pull up after about 50 minutes. My question is, would I be best to see a physio or as someone suggested from work, maybe a chiropractor would be best. I've tried some massage from the masseur that I see every fortnight and there was no alleviation in tightness. Also, my strength work is quite solid at the moment. 3-4 gym sessions a week, except for the week before this happened. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Alexander
  4. alexholbrook

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    FB, my year 7 pdhpe classes know when it's time to shutup and stop adding fuel to the fire better than you do.
  5. alexholbrook

    BMC Job

    Tie both of these together and you wonder why the store has a relatively high turnover of staff (well at least the reviews state that).
  6. alexholbrook

    Running iPods

    I knew it was always going to happen as some people just can't help themselves. In regards to ipods, Ivr been using an iPod shuffle for a the past few years. I love it but I know that they're discontinued so getting a replacement when I kill this one will be difficult. There is however a device called Bemighty. Give it a Google and the website should come up. Basically it's connected to your Spotify account and you download the playlists at home and can then listen to them without your phone needing to be in range. It also has an AUX port for normal headphones but also has Bluetooth capabilities. You do however have to have Spotify premium, so it does add up over time. However, Spotify is all I use these days so it'll most likely be my next purchase. Hope this helps with your initial question though.
  7. alexholbrook

    Cycling kits. What's yours and why

    I've been in Dhb stuff for a little while now. The bibs are good but definitely not the nicest bibs I've worn. Currently have a few Jaggad jerseys which I absolutely love. The designs of the current stuff on sale doesn't really tickle my fancy but I'm hoping that they bring out some new designs soon.
  8. alexholbrook

    Running iPods

    FB, As the Customer said, people aren't trying to attack you. You have a different opinion to others, and others will agree with you. Running with music is something that I enjoy. I run on trails in Wagga which most people don't use other than the people houses that back onto it, so I very rarely have to worry about being in someones way. Music makes me happy and it's an interest of mine. I can't play an instrument, but I'm always in awe of those that can play music instruments and play music . I don't take selfies while riding, in fact, I hardly use instagram anymore and you probably use it more than I do. I find it actually quite annoying when people take their phones out and take a selfie while riding given that it's against the law for drivers to do this. Hey, we agreed on something. Isn't that great.
  9. alexholbrook

    Running iPods

    Ditto Goughy. The time I spend exercising is time I spend in my own little world. It let's me destress, refreshes me and gets me going for the day ahead. Listening to the iPod while running is generally listening to new music that I discover on the net, or listening to a podcast. It's a good way to kill two birds with one stone.
  10. alexholbrook

    Taking a break

    I'm kinda open minded about breaks. I take them when I need them, although I still keep swimming. Even if it is just to jump in for 1km to just roll the arms over plus Water Polo has taken over things a little bit, but I still love it. Although, I'm looking forward to 2018. Landed myself a dream job here at home in a bloody good school, so I'm keen to see how to balance this teaching and training thing 😂
  11. alexholbrook

    beep Test - What level can you do?

    I got to 20.2 as an 18 year old at school. I've seen a few get 21 when I was playing NSW country soccer, so yeah that world record is a load of garbage.
  12. alexholbrook

    How much caffeine do you use?

    2 coffees a day for me. Usually one in the morning with breakfast, then one around 11am due to recess time at school. I don't really touch caffeine before a morning training session as it usually kick starts bowel movements (which isn't fun). I generally drink coffee for the taste rather than the caffeine.
  13. alexholbrook

    Sickness time off - 70.3 training

    I'd give it a miss. Not even worth it. Achilles tendonitis can set you back a fair bit if you keep on trying to persist with it. Load is good, but a half marathon is a big no no. Get yourself a decent physio that understands rehab, be patient, and trust them. I'm in the same position as you. I have achilles tendonitis. I've been back jogging now for the past 4 months. It's the best it's felt in 2 years. Literally. Im up to 7.5km 3 times a week which consists of 2km jogging 500m walking. Then repeat. I have no intentions of getting back to race pace til June next year.
  14. alexholbrook

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    That is possibly the shittest analogies that I've ever witnessed 😂😂 At least compared it to something edible, not bark. Ffs.
  15. alexholbrook

    Dairy free Recovery

    Seriously dude, you're meant to be this strength and conditioning coach/personal trainer, yet the stuff you post makes you sound ignorant. Open you're eyes mate. The reason why people are eliminating stuff from their diets (i.e. dairy) is because they know it doesn't work for them. I've been unable to consume dairy since I was a young fella, but I was forced to drink it by my parents. I' be on the toilet within a matter of 10-15 minutes after consuming it. I moved away to uni and made a decision for myself to not eat dairy. Yep, an 18 year old male made the decision all by himself without the help of others to eliminate dairy. This is basically what is happening these days. Kids including teenagers are making the decision to give up dairy because it doesn't work for them. It's not an elitist thing. If it were, then everyone would be doing it. The protein thing is old shit dude. You'd have to be eating under 1000 calories a day to not get enough protein. You should know this yourself. Their's is protein in just about everything plant based. You only need 0.8 of a gram of protein per KG of body weight. It's as simple as that. I'll admit that kids are eating way to much Mcdonalds and processed foods with high sugar content. The video games thing is a bit irrational. Sure kids play video games in the afternoon and on weekends. But technology is our future. it's everywhere and it's here to stay whether you like it or not. It's developing our nation and our World. Just head into schools. All kids at the school that I teach at all have an Acer Chromebook. Kids are more well equipped than ever before with resources to help aide in education. They have information at their fingertips. Sure there is a lot of bullshit on the internet. But we give them everything they require via Google Docs. They collaborate via Google Docs, learn of each other, develop their knowledge, and therefore allowing them to make more informed decisions and judgements.