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  1. Hello, apologies if this has been asked/answered before. I would like to join a triathlon club, i have no intention of doing races immediately. I'm confused when reading the sites from the local clubs. It has separate fees, one for the club and they advise to join TA also for another fee. Do i have to join both??? Or is that only if I'm racing?
  2. I'm looking at a Tri bike for me, new to triathlon. What are the best rated/value in this price range ideally with Ultegra, 105 if there's nothing much around? I've looked at Ridley Cheetah or Phaeton. I know about road bikes, but Tri bikes I'd like opinions on better bikes.
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    New to the forum. I'm thinking of getting into Triathlon in Victoria, Nunawading or RIngwood clubs. I already ride and run, swimming is pretty average. One thing I'm unsure about is how much time it takes up. Reason being is I'm a shift worker and it would be impossible for me to attend all the training sessions the clubs have. Is it a time consuming sport? Anyone know much about Nunawading or Ringwood clubs? Any advice welcome
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