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  1. Yep, I don't do anything. Once finished it just talks to the phone and automatically uploads
  2. Which is the Cervelo of choice for AP?
  3. Does anybody know if the 935 can be used with Zwift running somehow - to transmit pace? I asked a Garmin rep at an event and he didn't know.
  4. Slunnie

    So wada are a joke

    Same, on Netflix. Just incredible! Worth a watch.
  5. Only you can decide whether the improvements are worth it for you, but thats bloody cheap!
  6. I think that is the one. Mine is marked as Rotor 4624L but I expect thats probably the same part with a face lift. Externally it does look the same.
  7. I think the Shimano is 24/24 and the Sram is 24/22, I run the Sram, but the setup is basically the same apart from the shaft dia on one side. I do run the Rotor setup and it has been perfect. I did get the heads up from the shop that typically the BBright bottom ends go clicky after a while and then they refix them and they are good, but the Rotor BB setup I have has never done that.
  8. Might help Cervelo if they update the P range of bikes. Now we are at "Peak Aero" perhaps they can work on shaving a few kg from the bikes.
  9. Just about to get on the plane home. He did win. That sticker was printed in the sticker pack, a great idea considering the course. Beth McKenzie I think won the females.
  10. Reminds me of the Port Mac swim 6-7 years ago. Swim out, do a loop and then swim back. In my opinion it was pretty bad espcially as people were looping and swiming through/over slower swimmers and no doubt lots of people cutting the course by missing a loop. In my opinion, of course having never been there which makes it so much more valuable, they should retain the jetty swim and use an alternative as a contingency course.
  11. Slunnie

    Power meters

    I think so https://buy.garmin.com/en-AU/AU/p/546361
  12. Slunnie

    Power meters

    I've gone from Shimano to Look because of the Vectors and was a bit annoyed at having to also buy cleats but they the Look based pedals look, smell and work exactly the same as the Shimano as far as I can tell from my use of both.
  13. I suspect it has a bit to do with how many get damaged. I've been hearing for years that Hawaiian are not at all kind to bikes and despite never having been to Kona, it was the reason why I decided to get a hard case. I think every time I fly there is at least one person whos box has been destroyed, the bike damaged or the bike has been smashed out of the mounts in the bag. No doubt too many claims for Hawaiian
  14. Had mine today at .42. Is that an excuse now?
  15. Slunnie

    TA Membership

    Im actually supportive of TA, ITU worlds and support, athlete development, club champs, club series promotions, ASADA as well as insurance. It was the key tags I really liked.
  16. Slunnie

    TA Membership

    It's like the supermarkets asking us to do the check out also. I suppose we will need to unload the truck next.
  17. This is another reason I can never seem to win that AG. 😠
  18. Thats exactly it. If something isn't definative, which even they have now said, then someone eventually will appeal it. It's just a running race, but perhaps its not "just" a running race for a leader.
  19. They've left themselves very open with that release.
  20. Rules are rules but thats OTT.
  21. Hopefully its a justice system, not a legal system.
  22. They've got the pedestrian. They're still to do the autopsy on his brain to ascertain the cause of death before the legal side all starts to wind up. Although it was 3 weeks ago, I think they're also trying to work out if his rearward camera has footage because it may have been turned off when they had a coffee stop just prior. The offender needs to go away... permanently. I suspect he's in that one percent that you talk about!
  23. Dregs alright. My former boss was casual riding with her husband down the south coast NSW a few weeks ago. She turned around to see where he was and a pedestrian (AFAIK) snotted him off the bike. Tragically the brain injuries were too significant for her husband and the life support was turned off. Just gutting. "A senseless death causing immense grief"
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