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  1. On 30/04/2020 at 11:13 AM, Toolish said:

    So Covid had me thinking, I had been toying with the idea of doing another IM soon and I reckon Port Mac next year looks the go so I have a year to train.  I work better if I have goals so I am trying to work out an initial goal power on the bike.


    If people that have done port mac can post details of weight, time and power so I know where I might sit that would be great! 

    There is a huge amount of information from members here and there is a range of everything from that data including riding techniques. To help you make your decisions, its probably worth also having a look and a play with Best Bike Splits.


  2. I think sleeves also.

    I just about always need someone to zip me up.

    I also "float" the wetsuit into position. Once I'm in the water I let some water into the neck which then allows the wetsuit to float a little bit and move to where it needs to move. For me they are not comfortable until then. I also use a wetsuit lubricant around the neck, arms, shoulders and legs to stop next rubs and to help get it on and off. SBR in my case in a little blue spray can.

    For wetsuits, it may be worth a google. Years ago I found an article describing the properties of all of the wetsuits on the market etc such as thicknesses, where they assist you most etc. I wanted one that would help bring my legs up and ended up with the 2XU V:2. I bought it in 2011 and it is still going.

  3. 20 hours ago, IronmanFoz said:

    Seriously people, how far are you guys running that you need as much as what your saying.

    For a 2 hour run you really need no more the about 250mls of water.

    Why do you need that? You should be able to do Ironman without drinking.


    I normally run loops past the car,


    I run out and back, where I drive out to the start/finish location which is the furtherst point and drop drink/food at roughly 1hr intervals on my drive out.

  4. On 13/02/2020 at 11:36 AM, Horowitz said:

    I haven't had dairy for 5-7 years (don't even know at this stage), and I've become intolerant. On the few occasions I accidentally have it (barista gives me milk even if I ordered and paid for almond etc.) it literally messes me up for the whole day


    Much much happier without it. I have found that I can have mature cheese without any issues, but soft cheese messes me up 

    I'm the same, but was a big milk drinker before. Can tolerate cheeses and a little milk but not a lot of milk. I actually prefer SoGood milk anyway.


    That said, I didn't notice much change to be honest.

  5. On 31/01/2020 at 5:46 PM, Prince said:

    maybe pic didn't show it properly.  towards the back. I am getting a 'cracking' sound riding.  might be something else. 

    It’s not the bottom bracket which can be prone to creaking?

  6. I'd also support the blood test, it'll probably let you know with a bit of certanty what it is, be it iron, thyroid, red blood cells or something else.

    Going back to Rohans earlier post, we have Haemochromitosis in the family, ie too much iron to the point where my mum and aunt have blood letting. My mum is virtually a vegetarian, but still over produces iron in her blood.

  7. 6 hours ago, Abby said:

    It's not logic, it's science... 😉

    I'll try and find the source doc, but anyway - there is a really good study that was comparing tyre pressure and subsequent performance with athlete's perception of speed/effort.  Turns out that higher PSI had athlete's reporting that they felt faster - but they were actually slower (or using more power for the same speed).   Interpretation was that the 'bouncing' of the rock-hard tyres over minor road imperfections 'feels fast', even tho its actually slowing you down.

    Personally - I very rarely pump my tyres over 100.  I run 23 front/25 back, and will usually pump them to roughly 85/90psi (+/- 10psi).


    Yep, impedance is the term they use. Feeling every bump feels fast, but uses more energy to move the bike and rider. The rougher the surface, the lower the pressure should go within reason to reduce the impedance. The zippcast link I posted above explains it really well.

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  8. 2 hours ago, IronmanFoz said:

    I am the same. For me running on anything under about 95 feels like I am on flat tyres..... 

    I always ride 100PSI -110PSI.

    If I was to Use Slunnie's formula I would be slight higher than that as I am normally about 75KG. 

    But there are so many different views these days on tyre widths and pressure and rolling resistance. These expert tests..... to me defy normal logic... but thats another story.

    The Sram Tyrewiz has for 75kg rider, 10kg bike, 700cx23mm at 82F/85R

    Like you though, I've always just run 100psi.

  9. Just interested in people opinion on suspension travel for a 29" dually for Xtri.

    I currently have an old Cross Country dually MTB (Giant NRS 95mmR/100mmF)  but am looking to update for the Xtri qualifiers.

    In my head I firmly had in mind to buy a Cross Country dually again, approx 100mm travel, lighter (I'm not that powerful), efficient geometry and with either lockouts or Live Valve if the money tree shoots (eg Giant Anthem 90mmR/100mmF).

    Speaking to the LBS however they were saying to go bigger on the travel (which also brings the weight up) and they say you gain more on the decents than what you lose on the climbs.... they were recommending for example the Norco Revolver FS 120 (120mmF&R) even in preference to the Revolver FS 100 (100mmF&R) and my other LBS shop recommended the Specialised Epic (100mmR/120mmF)

    I'd really love any thoughts or opinions on this.... are XC bikes not necessarily the best for XC?

  10. 11 hours ago, Go Easy said:
    On 22/11/2019 at 3:37 PM, trifun said:

    Get CAMS lisc.


    Ticket to poverty (but an awesome thing)! Get horses instead, they will be cheaper. 😂

    Seriously, best wishes with it! You must read Ayrton Sennas Principles of Race Driving from Hazelton printing. It is by far the best drivers book I've read.


    Mine, I qualified for the 2016 CrossTri WC, got the Aussie suit and also got really sick.

    2020 goal will be to complete some unfinished business and qualify to compete in the 2021 CrossTri WC in QLD.


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