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  1. For the 935 at least, just plug the watch into the computer with the charging cord and pull the file out of it, treat the watch like USB memory stick. Under the Activities folder, just find the correctly dated/timed .FIT file and then upload it to Strava, Training Peaks or whatever it is that you use.
  2. I suspect every case is different, but I've had this for a few years now. For me, the bulging disc touches the nerve and it locks up the 2 muscles that run down either side of my lower spine. I understand those muscles lock up to stabilise the area around the bulging disc. I see a Myotherapist who is excellent (also an athlete so he get's what athletes are all about), but basically it is about releasing the muscles again, and that doesn't last too long before they lock up again until the bulging disc eventually resolves and everything relaxes. The diagnosis however came from a combination of X-ray and MRI also. The trigger for me is carrying heavy loads and flexing my back backwards and as long as I don't do these things my back doesn't give me much grief. It's probably going to be important to know exactly what your triggers are so that you can avoid them. I think it is interesting that Truck has spoken about hip flexor. I was getting some really sharp hip pain one side and some persisting lower back pain that was really difficult for the sports Dr to diagnose with Xray and MRI and physical tests. This began about April last year, enough to force my withdrawl from IMAus. I've always had a really good core, but I'm finding that regular core exercises with the stretching that come with core exercises has really loosed it all up and is giving a resolution - the tight hip flexors seemed to have been causing the RH front/side hip pain and eventually lower back pain which presented the same symptoms as the bulging lower disc. Just to reiterate, this is not to say that your case is the same as my case.
  3. This one in particular. Its on Petes FB page rather than Tri Buzz with Muzz
  4. Yes! They're great and just getting better and better. The last one was an absolute cracker!!!
  5. He's a little bit quicker than me.
  6. There is a huge amount of information from members here and there is a range of everything from that data including riding techniques. To help you make your decisions, its probably worth also having a look and a play with Best Bike Splits. https://www.bestbikesplit.com/
  7. IM would have done exactly the same if the shoe was on the other foot.
  8. I think sleeves also. I just about always need someone to zip me up. I also "float" the wetsuit into position. Once I'm in the water I let some water into the neck which then allows the wetsuit to float a little bit and move to where it needs to move. For me they are not comfortable until then. I also use a wetsuit lubricant around the neck, arms, shoulders and legs to stop next rubs and to help get it on and off. SBR in my case in a little blue spray can. For wetsuits, it may be worth a google. Years ago I found an article describing the properties of all of the wetsuits on the market etc such as thicknesses, where they assist you most etc. I wanted one that would help bring my legs up and ended up with the 2XU V:2. I bought it in 2011 and it is still going.
  9. Why do you need that? You should be able to do Ironman without drinking. I normally run loops past the car, or I run out and back, where I drive out to the start/finish location which is the furtherst point and drop drink/food at roughly 1hr intervals on my drive out.
  10. At this stage it pretty much has to be with the governments 500 person cap. The feedback I had from work today is that they expect the Corona Virus peak will be in May.
  11. Slunnie

    Death of a Bike

    Hung up in the shed.
  12. Slunnie

    Dairy free diet?

    I'm the same, but was a big milk drinker before. Can tolerate cheeses and a little milk but not a lot of milk. I actually prefer SoGood milk anyway. That said, I didn't notice much change to be honest.
  13. A lot for me are ones I have done or ones that friends have done, word of mouth and from the governing bodies. Sydney is probably the hub of all racing in NSW.
  14. Slunnie

    Are gloves gloves?

    I use MTB gloves because of the thick padding in the palm
  15. Slunnie

    cervelo help

    It’s not the bottom bracket which can be prone to creaking?
  16. Slunnie

    Iron deficiency

    I'd also support the blood test, it'll probably let you know with a bit of certanty what it is, be it iron, thyroid, red blood cells or something else. Going back to Rohans earlier post, we have Haemochromitosis in the family, ie too much iron to the point where my mum and aunt have blood letting. My mum is virtually a vegetarian, but still over produces iron in her blood.
  17. Yep, impedance is the term they use. Feeling every bump feels fast, but uses more energy to move the bike and rider. The rougher the surface, the lower the pressure should go within reason to reduce the impedance. The zippcast link I posted above explains it really well.
  18. This may be interesting to some on the tyre pressure topic. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lets-talk-tire-pressure/id1462294309?i=1000456901735
  19. The Sram Tyrewiz has for 75kg rider, 10kg bike, 700cx23mm at 82F/85R Like you though, I've always just run 100psi.
  20. According to the Sram TyreWiz. If you're 50kg, 10kg of bike/water, 700cx23 tyres you're looking at about 78F/80R
  21. What does the pointy end at Kona use? I’d crash the rollers too, probably send it straight through the TV.
  22. Thanks all! Came home with a Giant Anthem. I am so impressed with it!!!
  23. Really good points there too Turts, thanks for these. I'm thinking you're right also. Seems to be consensus so far on the 100mm
  24. Thats a pretty good point Diamond, probably better off by keeping the weight out of it in that case. Thanks for your thoughts!
  25. Just interested in people opinion on suspension travel for a 29" dually for Xtri. I currently have an old Cross Country dually MTB (Giant NRS 95mmR/100mmF) but am looking to update for the Xtri qualifiers. In my head I firmly had in mind to buy a Cross Country dually again, approx 100mm travel, lighter (I'm not that powerful), efficient geometry and with either lockouts or Live Valve if the money tree shoots (eg Giant Anthem 90mmR/100mmF). Speaking to the LBS however they were saying to go bigger on the travel (which also brings the weight up) and they say you gain more on the decents than what you lose on the climbs.... they were recommending for example the Norco Revolver FS 120 (120mmF&R) even in preference to the Revolver FS 100 (100mmF&R) and my other LBS shop recommended the Specialised Epic (100mmR/120mmF) I'd really love any thoughts or opinions on this.... are XC bikes not necessarily the best for XC?
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