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  1. An inspirational story. https://gawker.com/what-happened-to-the-runner-who-shit-himself-during-a-h-1681442684
  2. For those of us who have never heard of them: https://www.powerdot.com/
  3. GE best wishes with the treatment. I hope its all good news from here.
  4. Weird, I've even scuba dived with the 935 without any problems. Swimming shouldn't worry it.
  5. Fair call. I think the Olympics. Everybody knows the Olympics and its a games that has an insane history, particularly the Ancient Olympics. Although Triathlon only started in 2000, the games has a rich history going back to about 775BC. We all know Kona as being one of triathlons many World Championships, arguably a commercial world championship, but everybody all over the World knows the Olympics and thats where the worlds best in most sports go to win. I don't think much trumps an Olympic gold medal despite its esteemed company.
  6. My coach would probably say training for me. 😂
  7. Slunnie

    Pitt St on Everest

    Yeah! Norseman.
  8. The holy grail is enjoyment - whatever that may come from or be. For me at least, that is my first priority or measurement of success in the sport.
  9. Not the blokes fault.
  10. Slunnie

    Vietnam 703 2019

    What a line up, I initially thought it would be good to see where Tim Reed is in that field, but he's doing really well to back up like that!
  11. I do like that trisuit! Should have your name on it.
  12. Is it still the same design as the Scody uniforms?
  13. Slunnie

    AP's training tip #2

    When I get home from work and am just trying to make an OJ.
  14. Slunnie

    AP's training tip #2

    Being single, I just love how all of the domestics just do themselves. Married people need to get on to this, just come home, sit down and eat, then go to sleep. 😉
  15. Slunnie

    Cervelo P3X

    I read the P5X will be discontinued. https://www.triathlete.com/2019/03/gear-tech/cervelo-unveils-new-p3x_362079
  16. Yep, I agree, it clashed with a lot, but its also a pretty compact calendar for TNSW to negotiate. I understand Forster also. A popular location but a shame for those in the rural south of the state.
  17. I don't think it has been run out of any of the towns as far as I've been hearing??? I also think to stay in any one location as a NSW championships is incredibly lame.
  18. To be honest I didn’t think too much about the water other than it has cooled a bit and next time I’d wear a wetsuit. But, when I stripped off the trisuit there was a bit of gunge inside it which I thought was really weird. It all washed out and I just thought it was dirt from the bottom being stirred up from where the sand ran out and the mud took over, but in hindsight maybe it was actually algae from the swim - I’m not sure. I’m not aware of anybody getting sick from the water on the weekend but that’s not to say much.
  19. That was the expectation anyway, that wont have anything to do with the water, we've just had our time. It's a shame because we were all swimming in the water in last weekends club triathlon. Hopefully if/when the event shifts on from Orange it will go south so the southern clubs can have a bit of a run at the event also, just as the north and us in the west have had over the recent years. Share it around the state, give all of the clubs some experience with the event.
  20. At least with the shift towards disc brakes, you can replace the rotor rather than the whole rim.
  21. I've pretty much used my current set of Zipp 404 firecrest for everything since about 2013
  22. Josh amberger for me too. His ramblings and baiting of Ash are hilarious.
  23. Cracks me up! I'll take 15sp when it comes out! Best move I ever did for my riding was fit an 11-32 11sp and compact crank! I don't think corn cobs are the go around here.
  24. I think Brenton Ford from Effortless Swimming is coming up soon for some sessions. I've done a few and they are excellent. https://effortlessswimming.com/
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