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  1. Slunnie

    Bike Bag Recommendations

    Im not so sure. I know of a few bikes that were knocked out of the mounting frame in soft bags. With some (all?) carriers the bags all get stacked on top of each other, especially the carriers that load by bins. Personally I use a Scicon hard case for the protection. Im not sure how the handle bars don't get broken with the ones that don't require them to be dropped and rotated.
  2. Slunnie

    Ironman Aus 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

    They should charge people at the aid stations too. I only pick up water on the bike.
  3. Slunnie

    Ironman Aus 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

    588 people is a lot of people irrespective of if they compete, but why would you want people to have to pay to go in? There was never a charge in the past, why a new charge?
  4. Slunnie

    Ironman Aus 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

    Just makes the event more povo, I think that would be a real loss. Those going to Kona should be celebrated, rolldown always rocks! Our training group all go out and celebrate the various aspects that IMAus has now lost. Its a fantastic night out. Its a shame that those who achieve and the first timers in this event don't receive any recognition. If people don't want to go, that's fine there is no arm twisting, but there are a lot of people that opted to go and really enjoyed it. I noticed in the post event survey they asked a few targeted questions regarding to welcome diner etc, it will be interesting to see what the response is to the survey.
  5. Slunnie

    Ironman Aus 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

    This was also my feedback. The meals/tent changes were a cash grab and they've changed what I always though was an amazing and premium level event show inside the tent and carnival atmosphere into an event that is just like any other event. Over the last 2 or so years IMAus just looks very cheap to me now. I'll be interestetd to see what they do when it rains or we're out in the blazing sun again like last year. Out on course however it has improved, compared to the roads that I train on, the ones at IMAus are pristine.
  6. Slunnie

    Technology - how good is it for sport

    It might be good to know for hot events so your tyres dont explode.
  7. Slunnie

    Flu shot

    Last years flu shot missed a strain and all of the problems that came with that. The scientists have to predict the strains and that time they missed one. This years flu is apparently not a good one. This particular vaccine, although done annually is good for 3 months. I am an at risk person (Cat1) and I've been directed to get the vaccine now, and if it has been released to get the over 65yo version of it as it has a little more oompf. Then in 2 months get the vaccine again and hopefully that gets me through the cold climate. Out of interest, I never get hit hard in Aus with a cold, I get walloped overseas though.
  8. Slunnie

    Technology - how good is it for sport

    Thats why I use solid tyres. Takes extra time if I flat on pneumatics.
  9. Slunnie

    Under 1 minute. Impressive

    I bet he couldn't do that while he was still riding.
  10. Slunnie

    Heart Rate Straps

    I have a 935 now, but with my 910 I used a Mio optical HRM. It was just a watch band type thing that transmitted HR via Ant+ or Bluetooth
  11. Slunnie

    What saddle are you using?

    What works for one, doesn't necessarily work for another. I use the Fizik Arione VSX My original bike came with the Arione Tri2 which I liked, but was getting numbness. When Fizik brought out the Arione Tri Versus I bought that because it had a relief channel running its length and that made a big difference. The seat width was right, I liked the length and narrow snout and the channel retained blood flow. I tried a few other seats like the ISM which was too wide in the snout for me, the Sitero which was very popular also wasn't comfortable for me, it was like sitting on a flat board, I also tried the Fizik Tritone which was their answer to the ISM but it was narrower and used a deep channel, Fizik dont believe in the 2 prong snout design, hence the triton. Anyway, Triton was ok, but I always felt like I was going to fall off the front of it so thats in the cupboard too. Fizik brought out the Arione VSX which is still on it. Very similar to the Arione Tri2 and Arione Versus except the groove is deeper again. That has been for me a great seat. Deep channel works well for me, the snought is skinny for Mr barely a leg gap and it has length for when I shift in the seat depending on what Im doing on the bike.
  12. Slunnie

    When professionals brand is used

    I suspect this happens a lot. In my other life I used to modify 4WD's with published articles, photo shoots etc. I was slightly amused to see one of my vehicles covered and knee deep in mud in a full page Ad for a number of months advertising a brand of wheel... which I've also never used and which were not fitted (or viewable) in the photo used. To be fair though, I did not own the rights to the photos of my 4WD. But funny stuff alright.
  13. Slunnie

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    All of the road at Port is awesome compared to what I'm used to. I was stunned when I heard people complaining about the first bike course a Western Sydney 70.3, Id never been on such perfect roads!
  14. Slunnie

    Lock laces

    Elastic laces, I set and forget. I never adjust them. Best things ever.
  15. Slunnie

    Bike insurance

    I just have it insured with the house contents. That covers it when its travelling or being used unless its in a race - racing is not covered. That includes air travel. They did say that I need to make sure its safe, ie, don't leave it unsecured and unattended etc.