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  1. Makes you want to torch his house and leave a note to not let this escalate.
  2. MTB for CrossTri New Wettie Doesn't mean I'll get anything on my wish list though.
  3. I'd be interested to hear about the course. I've heard its a really good one thats worth doing.
  4. Can ID your hubs with this info: https://www.zipp.com/static/pdf/ZIPP_SPC_RevG.pdf Something worth investigating, its been a while from when I saw it, but you may be able to swap the Shimano/Sram 10sp freehub for the Campy one which I understand is s straight change over and will take the Campy 11sp cassette. Then you don't have to fluff around with all of the other changes between the Zipp 10sp and 11sp hubs and dishing. Investigate it first though as it may be handy particularly for discs which cant be redished.
  5. It depends on the year model of the Zipp. I have Firecrest that wouldn't just take the 11sp freehub, but it was pretty simple to get the LBS to send it off and Zipp change the bits that need to be changed and redish the wheel.
  6. Slunnie

    Nepean 2019

    The AIG just refers you to the website for the maps. No maps were in the guide. https://nepeantriathlon.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Instructions-Nepean-2019.pdf I feel very sorry for the athletes also, because the typical standing order is that it doesn't matter what the officials do etc that may mislead the athlete, the athlete is always responsible as it is their responsibility to know the course. The map on the website which I have copied below, I suspect is what they may have run. If it isn't what they ran, whatever they did run couldn't have been cutting the course unless they started swimming. The official course map doesn't include the course doing the little turnaround at all, it appears to start from the run out at Transition and thenjust do a straight loop in the shortest possible manner. So from what I can see, the leading athletes did know the course and didn't cut it. But, where it gets interesting, and makes me believe that the 2 lead athletes have a case, is that if you look at my Garmin map below, you can see in the area that is discrepent, the actual course as laid out and run by the balance of the competitors who completed, it's not even the same course as marked, it takes a completely different route and follows the swim exit. Not that it affects me, and I don't know those who were affected, but it looks to me like the 2 that were disqualified probably shouldn't have been.
  7. Slunnie

    Nepean 2019

    Thats a lot of cleavage for a mens race.
  8. An inspirational story. https://gawker.com/what-happened-to-the-runner-who-shit-himself-during-a-h-1681442684
  9. For those of us who have never heard of them: https://www.powerdot.com/
  10. GE best wishes with the treatment. I hope its all good news from here.
  11. Weird, I've even scuba dived with the 935 without any problems. Swimming shouldn't worry it.
  12. Fair call. I think the Olympics. Everybody knows the Olympics and its a games that has an insane history, particularly the Ancient Olympics. Although Triathlon only started in 2000, the games has a rich history going back to about 775BC. We all know Kona as being one of triathlons many World Championships, arguably a commercial world championship, but everybody all over the World knows the Olympics and thats where the worlds best in most sports go to win. I don't think much trumps an Olympic gold medal despite its esteemed company.
  13. My coach would probably say training for me. 😂
  14. Slunnie

    Pitt St on Everest

    Yeah! Norseman.
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