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  1. Yep, impedance is the term they use. Feeling every bump feels fast, but uses more energy to move the bike and rider. The rougher the surface, the lower the pressure should go within reason to reduce the impedance. The zippcast link I posted above explains it really well.
  2. This may be interesting to some on the tyre pressure topic. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lets-talk-tire-pressure/id1462294309?i=1000456901735
  3. The Sram Tyrewiz has for 75kg rider, 10kg bike, 700cx23mm at 82F/85R Like you though, I've always just run 100psi.
  4. According to the Sram TyreWiz. If you're 50kg, 10kg of bike/water, 700cx23 tyres you're looking at about 78F/80R
  5. What does the pointy end at Kona use? I’d crash the rollers too, probably send it straight through the TV.
  6. Thanks all! Came home with a Giant Anthem. I am so impressed with it!!!
  7. Really good points there too Turts, thanks for these. I'm thinking you're right also. Seems to be consensus so far on the 100mm
  8. Thats a pretty good point Diamond, probably better off by keeping the weight out of it in that case. Thanks for your thoughts!
  9. Just interested in people opinion on suspension travel for a 29" dually for Xtri. I currently have an old Cross Country dually MTB (Giant NRS 95mmR/100mmF) but am looking to update for the Xtri qualifiers. In my head I firmly had in mind to buy a Cross Country dually again, approx 100mm travel, lighter (I'm not that powerful), efficient geometry and with either lockouts or Live Valve if the money tree shoots (eg Giant Anthem 90mmR/100mmF). Speaking to the LBS however they were saying to go bigger on the travel (which also brings the weight up) and they say you gain more on the decents than what you lose on the climbs.... they were recommending for example the Norco Revolver FS 120 (120mmF&R) even in preference to the Revolver FS 100 (100mmF&R) and my other LBS shop recommended the Specialised Epic (100mmR/120mmF) I'd really love any thoughts or opinions on this.... are XC bikes not necessarily the best for XC?
  10. Ticket to poverty (but an awesome thing)! Get horses instead, they will be cheaper. 😂 Seriously, best wishes with it! You must read Ayrton Sennas Principles of Race Driving from Hazelton printing. It is by far the best drivers book I've read. Mine, I qualified for the 2016 CrossTri WC, got the Aussie suit and also got really sick. 2020 goal will be to complete some unfinished business and qualify to compete in the 2021 CrossTri WC in QLD.
  11. Makes you want to torch his house and leave a note to not let this escalate.
  12. MTB for CrossTri New Wettie Doesn't mean I'll get anything on my wish list though.
  13. I'd be interested to hear about the course. I've heard its a really good one thats worth doing.
  14. Can ID your hubs with this info: https://www.zipp.com/static/pdf/ZIPP_SPC_RevG.pdf Something worth investigating, its been a while from when I saw it, but you may be able to swap the Shimano/Sram 10sp freehub for the Campy one which I understand is s straight change over and will take the Campy 11sp cassette. Then you don't have to fluff around with all of the other changes between the Zipp 10sp and 11sp hubs and dishing. Investigate it first though as it may be handy particularly for discs which cant be redished.
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