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  1. Lock laces

    Elastic laces, I set and forget. I never adjust them. Best things ever.
  2. Bike insurance

    I just have it insured with the house contents. That covers it when its travelling or being used unless its in a race - racing is not covered. That includes air travel. They did say that I need to make sure its safe, ie, don't leave it unsecured and unattended etc.
  3. We dont know more than ITU, WADA and IOC to determine they are wrong?
  4. To put that into context, here are the statements. ITU (via Twitter) ITU (via triathlon.org)
  5. It makes no difference now if he did or didn't. He has been judged guilty.
  6. most patronising thing said

    "At least they're having a go" is my favourite, a great stirrer when people are doing swim drills!
  7. Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    Hmm. Just listen to a Babbit interview where Sutto was saying with Cunnama, that he made his fast runs faster and his slow runs a lot lot slower.
  8. Running iPods

    But sadly every time a question re iPods etc comes up, this same crap comes up without failure. As soon as I read post 6 I knew this thread was going that way also.
  9. Running iPods

    You might also find the Nano at Officeworks. Thats where I got mine. I prefer the older square ones that just clip on to your shorts, but the new ones have no clip but do have Bluetooth, so you can probably just stick it in a pocket, spi belt or whatever.
  10. 2017 Goals - What are they?

    It is a good time to reflect! Just so very pleased with 2017.
  11. Taupo 70.3 swim cancelled

    Absolutely. The silver lining is there, but nobody will ever see it. the competitor that didn't get bitten, the rider that wasn't burnt, the swimmer that didn't go septic. Because these things would never happen.
  12. Bike stolen - Busselton

    Thats awesome news! What was the story with it?
  13. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    What do you think were the main causes of so many DNF's. I understand it was pretty hot.
  14. Bike stolen - Busselton

    Wow, thats incredibly crap. Best wishes for a speedy return.