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  1. Slunnie

    What's this Cervelo P2C worth?

    Cracks me up! I'll take 15sp when it comes out! Best move I ever did for my riding was fit an 11-32 11sp and compact crank! I don't think corn cobs are the go around here.
  2. Slunnie

    Stroke correction - Sydney

    I think Brenton Ford from Effortless Swimming is coming up soon for some sessions. I've done a few and they are excellent. https://effortlessswimming.com/
  3. Slunnie

    X-LAB Biddon cage

    2 bottle is easy to use also. You need bottle carriers that hold the bottle up high with a good lip that holds onto the bottle dent so they dont eject on big bumps.
  4. Slunnie

    Garmin 935 icon question

    Oh... sorry. I must have turned that off on mine.
  5. Slunnie

    Official Parkrun thread.

    Seems they went the other way
  6. Slunnie

    Garmin 935 icon question

    The 935 has a thermometer. I think the temps vary from the ambient though for a number of reasons like direct sun and body temp.
  7. Slunnie

    Official Parkrun thread.

    How cool is that! Reminds me of doing events with Triathlon South in Hobart where they run on the sand. That’s a unique Parkrun in Newcastle!
  8. Slunnie

    Zwift Run

    Can the Garmin 935 act as a foot pod? It has the capacity to estimate speeds etc on the treaty, Im not sure if it will send that as live data though.
  9. Slunnie

    Official Parkrun thread.

    Do you expect to have groceries in your trolley after you've paid for them.
  10. Slunnie

    Official Parkrun thread.

    Are the shirts free, and you pay the postage? Here is the man that would know. A week ago I was lucky enough to do Parkrun in Singapore with Paul Sinton-Hewitt, he's the founder of Parkrun. Well, when I say I did Parkrun with him, he was a fair bit quicker than me!
  11. Slunnie

    Steffen’s P5X

    Pros are having great results on both. Its just preference. Chrissie Wellington was smashing everybody on the P2.
  12. Slunnie

    LA still a WINNER

    Well, the man is a survivor on a few fronts. Today I listened to a great podcast he had with Anne Hed, he did that well.
  13. Slunnie

    2018 wrap up

    Its good to reflect: Lowest moment? None really. Melting down 2.7km into the Singapore East Coast parkrunMost rewarding moment? Finishing Ironman AustraliaWorst race? Singapore East Coast Parkrun - It really wasn't that bad though.Best Race? Enjoyable is that measure - Bintan 70.3, super hot though!Harshest lesson? Packing my bike for Bintan70.3, Crank was in the wrong location, broken Zipp wheel on arrival.What was your aim for 2018, did you achieve it? To have fun in long course, and I did.What was your biggest learning? If planned well, international events can be a lot of fun. What is your aim for 2019? Bring on the pace. Most hated training session? Long (ie any) sessions on the bike trainer.Most loved training session? slow running.
  14. Slunnie

    Power Meter Recommendations

    Can’t comment too much on the others but I have had Garmin Vector (dual sided) since not long after the first came out years and years ago and the have been great.
  15. Slunnie

    Port 2019

    Full here.