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  1. arm85z

    dare 2 tri at Husky

    Any particular reason for choosing the Mach2 over the other models, I have been tossing up between the 2 and 3 and haven't quite decided on which one yet.
  2. I did the same thing donncha, thought of getting through another canberra winter picked up the gabba jacket and used it a few times this week. Perfect in the morning almost too warm on the way home! I used frugalrouleur.com and found merlin cycles had the best price for it!
  3. arm85z

    Paris - Roubaix

    I think Greenedge would be looking for a better result then Langeveld in 10th in Flanders even though that is a great result! With O'Grady feeling good, Langeveld in the Backstage pass commented about how good he felt during Flanders. Haussler will be thereabouts and is definitely a name to be considered!
  4. arm85z

    Paris - Roubaix

    Durbridge wrote on Twitter how excited he is to be racing his first PR. I would guess he would be there to do a specific role for Sebastian Langeveld but it he is near the front of the race in the last few cobbled sections would love to see him go off the front with his TT pedigree.
  5. arm85z

    Paris - Roubaix

    Unless something has changed since the weekend Sagan won't be racing. He stated it is more important to gain world tour points for his team than chase his individual classics results. His next day in race will be Amstel Gold.
  6. Hi jimmyk, I have convinced myself I would be keen on this wheel if its still available send me a PM. Adam
  7. Never mind I bought it will find out for myself.
  8. What do you weigh tinman to say you are too fat for it?
  9. Lend a bike that's ridiculous people might think I'm a good bloke if I start doing things like that!
  10. Haha only going on the spare bike so cant be too fussy!
  11. arm85z

    Mandurah 70.3

    Great work stikman sounds like a good day. I wouldn't feel bad about the tyre change even the pros at kona got it wrong
  12. arm85z

    What's your Adamo?

    Where is the best place to pick up an adamo to give it a try?
  13. Hiltz I am interested in one of the sets of pedals, don't mind either the dura ace or the ultegra or even the 105 shoot me a price and we will work something out.
  14. arm85z

    2xu gear

    Hey mate if you still have these: Compress Sport Compression Full Socks - Worn 4 times - White - T3 Size - $20 http://estore.compre...ducts/MC007-001 Ill take them. P.s. your P.M's are full.
  15. I joined up this as well, hopefully can go better then the last time I entered and came DFL. Love the Vuelta but think it can be hard to pick.
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