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  1. Have also been a windows user most of my nerd life, laptop was due for an upgrade so decided to go the MacBook Pro - no complaints whatsoever. Has some really nifty applications and there's nothing that I havent been able to do that I used to do on Windows. MacBook Pro, gets my vote.
  2. swanny

    Cyclist down in Melb

    I don't like roundabouts at the best of times, particuarly the one in Mordi - not a fan of wet roads either to be honest so not a good combination. Condolences to the guys family.
  3. Mine are appear to always be in sync with a race or a training session. 9 times out of 10 i get up in the morning and no need for number 2's but if I am up for training or a race, it's 9 times out of 10 that I need to off-load. Have always wondered why this is.
  4. Sounds good Blobby. My club is going to draw out names from the aid station volunteers at an upcoming club function. We wanted to make it like a roll-down and keep the entries within the club and hopefully to a volunteer. Good luck with the sale, don't believe you will have any problems selling them either.
  5. Hmm, I didn't think you were allowed to on-sell these 'free' entries but i could be incorrect.
  6. The only experience I have had with this type of situation is when i lost some data from training sessions. I plugged it into the laptop and nothing was detected, however, if you plug it in and select Upload from the web page if found the missing entries. It may be worth giving that a go. Good luck.
  7. Our club gets its gear from Nimblewear, which is off-shore. They have over 300 designs, no charges for design work or artwork and excellent quality. Website is www.nimblewear.com Very reasonable prices too, their top of the range trisuits are only $84 USD as compared to a couple of hundred here also no minimum quantities either.
  8. Test number 2 for youtube clip. That did the trick - thanks all
  9. Hmm, will give that a go and see what happens. Cheers
  10. Yet i do exactly as you say to do.
  11. So did post that or is that how my post looks when you look at it ?
  12. Cheers Roxi - here is my test using your instructions:
  13. How the heck do you embed a youtube clip like that ? i have tried copying the clip link and pasting it in the post but I only ever end up with the url and not the clip itself. Ps: Its a good clip to by the way.
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