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  1. dfc.

    BMC TT Bike

    Good to hear you finally sold it!
  2. I just recieved delivery of my Trek 7.3fx in Matt Onyx and had a test ride up and down my driveway before a big break-in ride tomorrow. This bike was bought to upgrade my Mountain Bike and I am happy I did! The best bike I have ever ridden! F.C And finally, me on my bike!
  3. Yeah, found these today. Swayed but the CARBON FIBRE
  4. 'Mr Tinman' your attitude is really annoying. I will be happy if when I buy a flat bar road bike, you cry, because you have insulted my bike and my options. (unless your current bike is a real heap of sh!t) I have a slick on the back, it helps but still isn't fast enough! Please, try to be nicer next time! The frame on this, is actually lighter than the Trek 1.1, at the same price as the 1.1, and has a better gearing system: http://www.trekbikes.com/au/en/bikes/road/fx/73fx/
  5. Have you actually tried to ride a mountain bike for 60km on a path, the road and no off-road at all? Just a question Oh, and I live in Brisbane I would rather buy a bike that suited me now, that I can use a lot, and trust being new!
  6. Thankyou all for your help. Because I am only sixteen, and my parents are splashing the cash for the new bike, they don't want me to buy second hand. We have been to our local, but trusted bike shop, and they have told me for the types of paths I will be going on our rides, it is better to buy an urban bike, that I can upgrade later if needed. I am still searching for that triathlon bike, but I probably won't be able to buy within two years, it will probably be when I am earning my own money. Thankyou again for all your help, and I will definatley still come on here, and look for that triathlon bike an be a great member of this wonederful community! FC P.S, this is what I am looking at: http://www.trekbikes.com/au/en/bikes/bike_path/fx/71fx/
  7. About 60km plus. My Mountain Bike isn't really up to the distance anymore
  8. Thankyou for the ideas, I have a lot to think of now What do you guys think about upgrading one of these: http://www.trekbikes.com/au/en/bikes/road/1_series/11/
  9. dfc.

    BMC TT Bike

    Can I ask how much it has been riden? And also, does the bike come like it is in the pictures?
  10. I thought some of you might be able to help me, becuase you are the experts in Triathlons. Would anyone know of a triathlon bike that would cost less than $1000. I know that is a small sum of money but that is the most I can spend. I have found Cell bikes, but it is hard to buy a bike over the internet. I have also looked at BikeExchange, Cycling Classifides and so on but no luck. I just want something like this, except for a third of the price: http://www.trekbikes.com/au/en/bikes/triat.../speedconcept25 Any help would be great, thanks, F.C
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