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  1. rusty

    Orbea Aqua T105

    Price drop, will take $800 firm!
  2. rusty

    Orbea Aqua T105

    Up for sale is my 2010 Orbea Aqua T105 road bike. The frame and running gear have travelled 2500km total with about 1000km on the wheel set. Specifications are as follows • 60cm frame • Aluminium frame, carbon forks, carbon seat post. • Ultegra rear derailleur • Ultegra 12-25 rear cassette • Compact 36-50 Crank • 105 front derailleur and levers • Selle italia Trans AM x2 saddle • Fulcrum Racing 5 wheel-set • Continental GP4000s tyres with Continental latex tubes • Currently fitted with a 70mm stem but happy to include the original 120mm stem if you would like • Includes bottle cages and pedals • Does not include Garmin mount of GSC10 cadence sensor, however, I'll throw in a Sigma BC 1606L DTS wireless computer with cadance sensor (cost me $149) for free! Bike has been 100% reliable, no issues at all, rides like a dream. Only selling as I’m moving overseas. Would suit someone 180cm and above. I’m 193 cm. Located in Flemington, Melbourne. Pickup only. Original RRP was $2000, wheel set cost $350. Computer was $149. Selling the lot for $900 ono. Photos: Bike: http://i.imgur.com/XNnvlaS.jpg Computer: http://i.imgur.com/Oga6wHj.jpg1
  3. How good is the bloke in the blue tshirt running with Marino, smashing it haha
  4. Bought a pair of Assos F1 Uno S5 knicks, tried on 4 pairs before I found the right size, glad I didn't get them from Wiggle. Bloke was good at the store here in Melbourne, told me if I found the shoulder straps too tight he'd add some extra material to them. Wore them for a quick 40km on Sunday, felt fine, although not some higher world orgasm as some people make them out to be, pretty similar to my current Orca ones. Also bought a pair of their gloves and a jersey quality seems good on all.
  5. rusty

    What's more dangerous

    Takes all types. I nearly got run over by a CFA truck on Sunday. Guy tried to pass me over a blind crest, car is on the other side and he has to veer back nearly taking me out in the process, had a driver under instruction sign on the back of the truck! Arthur's Creek 1 sharpen up!
  6. So that means he didn't admit anything and had what I'm sure he thought were plausible responses for everything pre planned?
  7. I'm 193cm & 73kg so even worse! I've got some Orca Compression Bib Shorts in large that I find are tight enough around the legs but still fine on the shoulders. Does anyone have any experience with the lower end Assos kit, specifically the F1 Uno S5 which retail for $159 locally.
  8. rusty

    Cycling on footpaths

    The very 1st hit on a google search... http://www.bicyclene...d-riding/10381/ Intellectually under 12 looks to be ok also...
  9. rusty

    2012 totals

    Swim: <100km Run: 1,532km Ride: 1,896.8km Hopefully get some focus in 2013 and stop just stuffing around with the odd session each weekend.
  10. Just bought my 1st dose of custom as half price, see how it goes!
  11. Swam at Elwood on Sunday, it was choppy and the viability was pretty poor but water seemed fine quality wise.
  12. This may be a stupid question but are Shane and Brett Sutton brothers?
  13. Never heard of the brand, who makes the hub? Assume these are just rebadged ebay chinese type wheels?
  14. I bought a second hand Kurt Kinetic Road Machine for $250...
  15. So just so we are clear you mean the little wheels that go on the side of kids bikes rather than the aluminium clinchers with a decent spoke count? FWIW research has shown that those kids bikes without the pedals that they kick along do a better job of teaching kids to ride than training wheels.
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