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  1. Thanks for the Strava links guys
  2. Hi all Sorry for another thread about cairns so early out from the race! As I mentioned in a previous thread I'm doing the 70.3 and I've had a look at the bike course profile on the website and I'm trying to get an idea of what the hill at the turn around point is like, for those of you form Melbourne who has done cairns previously is it similar to Oliver's Hill? I'm going to be riding it on race day sight unseen so I'm trying to gauge what sort of effort to attack it at without draining the legs to badly
  3. Hi all With T1 and T2 being in different locations does anyone know if the 70.3 athletes will use transition bags like the IM athletes or do we just set up T2 on the Saturday?
  4. Bsaac

    New Garmin 510

    The 510 has a known problem with dropping ANT+ signals randomly and the only way to reconnect is to power cycle the 510. Apparently turning off Bluetooth on the garmin can help prevent the drop outs, Garmin is aware of the problem and an update is expected at some stage. It is an incredibly frustrating flaw and you wonder how it could have made it through QA prior to release.
  5. Hi Fluro I do it at least 2 time a week and sometime 3 if I don't want to do a run session. I'm pretty wrecked by the end of the session but don't seem to have any issues doing it again a day or two later, I only recently did an FTP test (but the results were lower than I expected them to be) but it might be worth doing another one to check I'm basing my power targets correctly?
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, I quite like the sound of this Rebel08 I would think that last 6 mins is brutal...
  7. Hi all I'm after some ideas on what sessions to do on the trainer over winter when it is to cold and dark for me to be bothered getting out on the road. I've been doing 2-3 sessions a week lately and the have all been the following: 10 min warm up 3 x 20 min 95-100% FTP with 5min rest 5 min cool down Anyone got any other sessions that would be useful for 70.3 events? I also do a 100km+ ride on the weekend to get the mileage up
  8. This is very good news!
  9. Getting pretty hot again: http://www.baywx.com/temps.html I wonder if Port Arlington Long Course could be a non wettie swim on Sunday?
  10. Hi guys and gals As per the title I'm trying to get an idea of whether the swim in Cairns will be a wetsuit legal affair or not. Have the previous races been wetsuit legal? Cheers
  11. Fair point I live in aspendale in Vic, I'm pretty sure there is a cycling club just down the road
  12. Thanks DD I know I should just get out and give it a go I was just wondering if I'm likely to even be able to stay with the bunch!
  13. I'm thinking of joining a cycling club to try some cycling races, I've only really been doing tri's (and a result bike riding) for about 18 months so I'm not to sure if I'm going to be fit enough My last FTP test resulted in a FTP of 246w or 3.03 W/kg I'm I likely to be able to survive in the lowest grade based on these figures? I realize that clubs are going to vary but I'm just after any idea of where I'm at and whether I should train some more but jumping into cycling racing
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