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  1. So tempting, although the minister of finance wouldn't be happy. ill considering it if the bikes still up for grabs in a few weeks.
  2. Hi I would be happy to pick it up and provide a sum for donation perhaps.
  3. Hi, I managed to lose my red 2xu Tri suit whilst taking it off in the Ocean (yes dumb idea) I'm looking for a replacement if anyone has one they are willing to sell or let me know where I can obtain one. Cheers
  4. I'm looking for one I'll take it.. Dm sent
  5. Is it definitely a 54? Keep me posted @zarb
  6. Ill offer $750? From Sydney
  7. I'm a massive fan of the aeropress, the best part is its very portable, you just need hot water!
  8. I would consider that. Does it come with accessories.. I'll still need to buy the tight cycling shows and bells and whistles..
  9. Hi guys/girls, Im looking for a decent road bike and accessories to get back into doing a few triathlons. My lovely ex wife has taken me to the cleaners and left me with nothing, so ill have to start from scratch whilst on a limited budget. i plan on doing a few triathlons just to keep me mentally stable and focused... wondering if anyone can help me. i don't want to come here with a sob story, i just want to get on with life and on my bike so to speak. As for my budget well depends what is on offer and if i can afford it at the time Im from Sydney, Male, 170 cm and 80kg and a medium. feel free to DM or reply here Kind regards!
  10. HI all, just curious as to what Vitamins and supplements most of you use on a day to day basis? At the moment i take, 6-8 fish oil pills, vitamin c, zink, multi vitamin, magnesium and protein for before and after my workouts. i was recommend to take hemp seed oil, although I'm not to sure and need to do more research. With health shops full of variety, options and never short of claims i just want to make sure i look after myself and regulate myself, also a little curious as to what other on here might be consuming.. regards, Itsmeyd
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