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  1. kojimaeagle

    softride free to good home

    Gday mate just realised that you replie to me, if possible yes could you DM me his contact email address
  2. kojimaeagle

    softride free to good home

    I'm keen to buy it, I've been looking for a softride for ages to use as my daily bike. I can pickup also. If you could pm me.
  3. kojimaeagle

    Giant Trinity Ultegra Size Large

    Did this sell?
  4. kojimaeagle

    WTB. Rotor. 3D cranks. 170mm 130bd

    Oh and you can tell he one easy way, rotor 3d has the spindle attached to the drive side crank, 3d+ and 3df have the spindle attached to the non drive side crank (smarter more compact design for packaging and shipping)
  5. kojimaeagle

    WTB. Rotor. 3D cranks. 170mm 130bd

    May I just point it out that the 3d+ is the normal rotor crank which replaced the 3d. With a slightly larger diameter spindle it's the same size as the 3df and can be run on a external English threaded BB cups called a rotor bsa30, which can be bought online. It's not exactly a bb30.. In any case.
  6. kojimaeagle

    SRM, EASTON EC 90 WHEELS, Giant Trinity comp 1

    What price and pics,?
  7. kojimaeagle

    Shimano R500 wheels with tyres/cassette.

    Could I buy the cassette?
  8. kojimaeagle

    Selling everything!

    I've still got the same array error coming up..
  9. kojimaeagle

    Selling everything!

    I'm keen on the trp brakes and a aero race number holder. Tried sending a pm but got an 'array error'?
  10. kojimaeagle

    WTB old tubular 700c disc wheel (to convert2front)

    Thanks for everyone's help, the seller says he can post it to me, hopefully I can win the auction.
  11. kojimaeagle

    WTB old tubular 700c disc wheel (to convert2front)

    Anybody? Old disc wheel?
  12. As I'm getting quite into track cycling: Looking for a old tubular disc wheel to convert to a front wheel for track cycling. (Costing between $5 and $I50) If you've got an old Zipp (950 etc?) or HED disc or any other brand sitting in your shed/attic unused due to it being an old screw on cassette, having stripped hub threads or because you upgraded to something modern please speak now. Preferably an old hed one (the old bolt up axle had spacers that slide off to perfectly fit inside a fork), I used to have one but regrettably parted ways with it. Im based in Melbourne, but if someone is happy to wrap it in bubble or just cardboard/wheel box , I'm certain Australia post will get it here for under $30 from anywhere in oz. Will also consider retro specialised, Xtreme, or other trispoke wheel also.
  13. kojimaeagle

    WTB: Edge 500

    I'm also hunting for a gps watch. Low budget, definitely under $85
  14. kojimaeagle

    Dead Power Tap SL+ Hub anyone want it?

    Cools... Well I'm keen to build it into a rear wheel for everyday use, if whoever is first in line is slow in replying I'm keen to get wheel building