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  1. Rad am Ring 24hr ride, team of 4 around Nurburgring. Rained for 20hrs but great event with beer and bratwurst at the end.
  2. Yes a dude response but replied On behalf of my missus.
  3. It used to be 8 laps ride, 3 laps run as a strength, confidence day.
  4. Masters rowing starts at 27, with wide age groups at the bottom I.e 27-35, 36-42, 43-49 then 5 year jumps from 50 up to 80, then 3 year jumps to 89 for Average age of crew. Doesn’t matter your personal age, have raced in a crew with average age under 30 when I was 52.
  5. We've come across these bad boys and girls a couple of time on the cycling paths around Rotterdam - Scottish Highland Cows (I think) - discretion is the better path of valor and we find an alternative route. Also have come up on anywhere from 2 to a dozen horses from time to time. Didn't realize the Netherlands was such a horsey country until we got here.
  6. Left sunny Brisbane in 2014 for 3 years of Chicago USA before moving to cycling heaven in the Netherlands earlier this year. Sad to say, that while not actually flush with cycling routes, and the winter weather was a bitch, I felt safer riding around Chicago northside and even though Chicago Downtown than I have on a few of the rides around brissy. Some of the organised rides around Illinois and Wisconsin were fantastic. You can ride from Chicago along the lake up to Wisconsin without any issue. The drivers were all courteous and respectful of any cyclist out and about. Have to say
  7. I've tried one and it works surprising well, hardly notice it's there. Good for securing your gear and for safety/viability/be seen perspective. Seen it used more in US and Europe open water swimming. Talking to people who have them, one of the major reason for use is as a confidence boost for pool swimmers moving to open water, if they get into trouble, you have something to hang on to.
  8. You lucky, lucky bastard!! Good luck in Kona Flipper!

  9. Last time I went to her she made me cry. And she must be all of 40kg and just 5' high.
  10. Jay

    Game On

    Pffffffttttt - as if I need a reason.
  11. Is there a reason why your gender isn't set?

  12. Jay

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    Grieie is a chick? Scooter is a guy?
  13. Jay

    Steely is one hairy dude!

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