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  1. My mate , can't do this race and is happy to give it away for free. All you have to pay the $25 transfer fee. He does however want the towel and any other goodies given. Pm me cheers
  2. squid

    Active fees

    There is no way that ironman don't get some sort of kickback from active. If they can get it processed for a couple of bucks with a different company they are not going to pay active $50 for the same service
  3. squid

    Active fees

    So with government cracking down on airlines etc with bullshit fees, this has to effect active/ironman ?
  4. squid

    hell of the west

    the motels are fine unless you are a yuppie !!!. the local folk are friendly and are very welcoming unlike some of the other events i attend . Stongly reccomend O`sheas as it is cheap and nice and close, can be a bit noisy as is above the bar, but hey you cant have everything. !!
  5. i deem to recall aus team at gold coast for similar price !!
  6. squid

    Mandurah 70.3

    put one back on the gold coast usm. you wankers !!!. but make it better than that shit one you hads before !!
  7. squid

    1800 for PORT MAC!

    where are all the doomstayers now, saying that port mac will die because of other races. i believe this is the best race for age-groupers in aus ( havent done busso though ). love it !!. i couldnt care less if the gun pros dont turn up. best atmosphere at all IM races !!. Did i say that i LOVE IT !!!
  8. A2 is GOLD, and it seems to taste fine 3-4 days after used by daTE. I found that other milks ( especially the no-name brands ) started to smell off a few days before the use by date. !!
  9. detail please like course etc. if i like i will come !!
  10. squid

    Cairns thread...

    i thought you were racing cairns champ !!
  11. squid

    im port

    maybe they are bullshitting about the 30 spots left and dont want us to count up the numbers.
  12. squid

    im port

    Hi All, i am entered but how do i see confirmed entrants list as i want to check on a couple of mates !!. Can someone please post a link !!
  13. squid

    port 2013

    in too for no 4. look out coffs pete !!!. I have done im melb this year but it just wasnt the same so i am going back to the small town feel.dont get me wrong it was a great race in melb, fab course, good expo, but being a country boy (like coffs pete) i like the small race feel rather than a big city. BRING IT ON !!!
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