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  1. 6hrs on trainer with 14.2km run off bike.
  2. 2xu Xvent 7 Inch Short New - Medium $40 Recovery Tights - small - worn twice - $50 Ice X Compression Tights - medium - worn twice - $50 2xu Compression Short - vgc - small $25 2xu Compression Short Sleeved Tri Top - medium - worn once $50 2xu Fleece Tracksuit - small hoodie small pants - excellent condition $60 Pearl Izumi Infinity Shorts - small $5 2xu Run Shirt - medium $10 Postage from $9.50 Clothes being unused and hopefully help cover some bills like car rego that are coming up
  3. People lying to protect their work mates, house mates, friends or jobs most likely. Considering that nurses and aged care workers can knock off and go and do things like go to supermarket, grab a coffee, and catch up with a friend for 1hr of exercise, so basically being in society after working in the highest infected areas how do we know if they are not the community spreaders (yes they maybe asymptomatic or tested negative but still could be a spreader
  4. They are too big for me. Size Us12 EUEU46. I have worn three times twice on trainer once on road. I purchased 2nd hand and had only been used a couple of times also. Couple of rub marks. BOAS work perfectly. Cleats not included. Bag included, no inner sole Postage $12.50 Pick up Oakleigh South
  5. I am missing work not just the finance side but seeing my clients. I am moving away from gym scene and planning on to set myself as a travelling gym in a way. Have sourced so new gear and will possibly purchase a van a deck it out. Personally just doing what I can. Ran a 3km PB earlier this week. I have pretty much reached a point where i just fed up with the situation.
  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/09/03/big-ten-coronavirus-myocarditis/?outputType=amp
  7. Name another sport participating currently under COVID rules with 3500 participants?
  8. Lets look at peak muscle forces when running. Soleus, hamstring, quads are predominate. The faster you go the more demand on the iliopsaos and the hamstring (to create greater leg turnover). Test your soleus strength and hamstring strength before start blaming everything on the glutes.
  9. Strengthen the bloody things.
  10. Consistentcy trumps everything. Personsally i think i have done the same session for everyday of the week for 18 months. Of course duration changes in these. Most importantly as well us the strength training to compliment this training.
  11. Yeah businesses cant just close for 4 weeks each time, someone creates an outbreak.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/247970649856084/ This a good buy.
  13. Power trip. The job should of been done in the last 6 months and he failed
  14. Why not. For the last 12 weeks it has been 5 up to 7hrs. It would be that long if out on the road. I enjoy it. It makes me happy and give me a sense of satisfaction to progressive to different levels. Training for me is a great way to relieve anxiety, stress and it gives me self worth. You may have others reasons and that is completely up to you.
  15. 7hrs on trainer then a 5.8km run, then 10min bike cool down
  16. Offering personalised training programs. Strength Training - based on your current skill, strength, movement capacity, lifestyle and equipment availability. Duration depends on context. Assessment required Run Training - based on current level and goals. PM me if interested
  17. 1/2 - Tri Top Small New $25 3 - Tri Top small - used VGC - 10 4 - Cycle Jersey - small - used small hole on back of shoulder $5 5. Quicksilver Dress Shorts - size 32 - new $20 each 6. Run shirt - medium - used $10 7. RP Swifty sunnies - used one small scratch doesnt affect vision - $50 Postage from $9.50 Funding for gym equipment to go mobile full time when stage 3 is back.
  18. try facebook marketplace
  19. These councils areas are also have those that have big get togethers and celebrate religious stuff without a care for the rules.
  20. Just some humour https://www.facebook.com/100001639650273/posts/3339866066078016/
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