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  1. Ok the latest here. This is what I was expecting to happen. They have dropped two of my shifts stating there is not enough work available on those days. Was told today not enough work on Friday because one person has cancelled. The work is there but they don't want to pay me to do the work but prefer to pay the trainers who they are paying less (but not correct rate as a casual trainer) Stated a few excuses to less work being available. The main one is that google have changed their algorithms and they no longer get the google traffic on page 1 they were getting before. Apparently they rely solely on leads from google. WTF. So as this was what we were expecting I will now be informing fair work about the situation. Notifying them about the other trainers and the failure to apply penalty rates correctly. I have spoken to a couple of clients of the situation. One stated I don't give a shit whether you are at NR or not, I will see you privately. A boys dad said the only reason I am here is because of you and what you provide. We have 3 trainers with a lot of knowledge (degrees, qualifications) and experience in various sports yet our input on things is never taking into regard. Team meetings are useless as we discuss stuff share our input and then the boss has his say and says we are wrong. I have bent over backwards for them numerous times, turned down other jobs because it conflicts with the role there.
  2. NZ to their credit just seem to accept things. I am pretty sure if it was England, Australia or India on the losing end of this there would be a bigger issue. Kane Williamson is a very level headed man, great player and leader of his country. Many could take hedence to how he goes about things
  3. Wrong decision should have only been awarded 5 runs not 6. Batsman had not crossed when thrown therefore only 1 run was completed
  4. Oakleigh in Melbourne
  5. Here is the latest. Hit the employer up with letter on Monday after the new FI Award was out. Had meeting with them yesterday. Had every avenue covered in regards to them defending themselves but was not needed. Had my sister come along too to take notes depending on how it went They admitted they were not aware of the award scale and are back paying to my start date. They want me to still work there too at the amended rate. Not sure if the other trainers are being looked after but I have been told just let them deal with that. It was noticeable yesterday that they were quite emotional about it and said it wasn't done intentionally. They know I give value to them as many clients only want to train with me so potentially they would have bigger issues if I were to be asked to leave. So the next two weeks will be interesting just to see how the atmosphere is and whether I am treated differently. Win for the small guy
  6. Stuff I have that don't wear but selling to buy equipment for home gym I putting together.
  7. Fitness Buddy


    2XU TRI KIT shorts small top large $30 2XU TRI TOP medium $20 Pearl Izumi Run shorts small $10 Pearl Izumi tri singlet small $10 2XU perform Run Shorts large $20 Vermarc Jersey medium $15 2XU cycle jerseys medium $30 for both Postage $9 per item or multiples up-to 500g, $11.55 up to 1kg
  8. Didn't he take action after Lance Armstrong refused to put on his new team?
  9. Removed
  10. Brand New Saucony Zealot ISO 3 US11.5 $110 posted
  11. Nike Zoom Fly US12 done 10km $135 posted
  12. Newton Gravity VII US12, done 42km $120 posted.
  13. Use to have the set up at AAMI park Sauna and Ice Pool when was doing Internship. Athletes used it for recovery. Cannot say it had any impact on recovery. The options were 1min cold/2min Sauna x 3 or 9min cold
  14. Love too but work on Saturday mornings. Have a client which I am going to go and run with her in a few weeks.
  15. Solid running. Nice. Sandgate must be popular course
  16. Latest update. Have secured a new job possibly two. Now the next is to present them with a letter. Any advice on how to pen it
  17. How well you are sleeping is a good indicator of health and well being Not enough sleep means too much stress on body, poor diet, too much screen time. Patchy sleep as above poor diet, dehydration Over sleeping also indicator of fatigue, irregular sleeping patterns. IMO
  18. Even though focus is on endurance you still need to do speed work. And by speed work I mean short bursts of 20-30secs with long recovery to keep the fast twitch fibres you have stimulated.
  19. You don't represent Australia you pay to go and do a triathlon if that is the case. Be interesting to see the other countries system on selection and representing.
  20. Why assume people are texting. Facebook, instagram, checking emails. I see people taking selfies while driving and also those dickheads who do it cycling to get some Insta gains. Most drivers think it is OK while at lights or stopped, yes it isn't as dangerous but those who do are more likely to look at it while driving as it becomes an obsession. Today's society is consumed by instant responses, gratification and lack concept of awareness, care factor of others.
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