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  1. Context required. What is your goal? Do you want to be a better climber? Climb Hills Do you want to be a better triathlon rider then you need to spend time in the aero bars. Build volume then recovery (aka recovery week/adaptation week) repeat. Add intensity via attacking hills, efforts on the flat, on trainer etc. Build on that and again put in an adaptation week. Easy sessions are easy. Hard session are hard (not necessarily long) Always remember the purpose of the session you are doing.
  2. To sum that up the world or australia is getting worse not better to live in
  3. Chosing to have 5 kids is an option to have as well. You should be more inclined to be insured if you have others affected.
  4. Anne Haug is 36 not 26
  5. Most of all just enjoy yourself don't be consumed with gear and numbers.
  6. Bike distances have so many factors associated with and generally has nothing to do woth 70.3 or IM. Exploring new roads and new places is one of them. Taking of certain climbs. The joy of getting outside. The mental health side of it, keeping your mind occupied via exercise. For me i ride once a week on the road, twice if public holiday and when i go out and i spend several hours doing it. I have gone to places i would never drive to and places some have never heard of.
  7. Pic 1/2 2XU Ghst Shorts - Medium $25 worn twice Pic 3 2xu Ice X Singlet - brand new - small - $30 Pic 4 Training Vector Socks Large - $10 Pick 5 No Show Socks L/XL $10 Pic 6 Gym Singlet Small $5 Pic 7 2xu Long Sleeve Xvent Shirt - Large - brand new $30 Pic 8 2xu Urban Shirt - Medium - Brand New $25 Pic 9 2xu Urban Shirt - Small - $15 worn 3 times Pic 10 2xu Urban Shirt Black - Medium - $20 worn twice Pic 11 2xu fleece trackpant - medium - new $30 Post $9.20 for small bag, 12.50 for medium bag, $15.70 for large bag
  8. Pic 1 and 2 Scody Bike Shorts - Small - $25 Pic 3 and 4 2XU jersey - small - $5 Postage $9.20
  9. That is the attitude behind it that makes it boring
  10. That all depends on the type of elliptical machine. The life fitness ones are probably the best as they have less up and down and more elliptical movement. Balance has a lot to do ability to control hips through core strength. Most when use the arm levers just yank the arms and hardly use legs. You do get use to it. Dont worry about going heavy with the resistance settings find a nice rhythm.
  11. These actually arrived today. Only took 3 weeks.
  12. Anyone seeking some Hokas They have the following at DFO in moorabbin. They can post or i can collect and post
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