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  1. Last week this was finally ended after needing to go to mediation to resolve this issue. Due to confidentiality I can't discuss the details of outcome. Anyway after it all ended there was a sense of relief but then a sense of real disappointment. Had a bad few days following the final outcome mainly due to the lack of complete disregard the employer showering answering my questions. I also lost a mate. One of my co-workers there I had built a great relationship with. We connected well, understood each other and respected each other. We could have a laugh and talk shit (never underestimate how valuable this is). At the end of the day I can say I am proud of myself for standing up to the employer as many before and current have been able to do it. Thanks everyone on here for the advice, feedback and especially cotton eyes for the emails.
  2. Hi All.. Hope everyone is OK. Find a positive everyday. Stay strong. Set simple attainable goals and be open
  3. Cause there is no magic pill. That is the problem everyone is seeking a quick fix. Make a change and stick to it. Ride the bumps and treat the process as I need to do this. The responsibility lies upon yourself not someone telling you what to do hence why diets never really work. Eat less and/or better, move more and repeat.
  4. Posted this once and seemed to disappear. Post again
  5. Different beast ankle v shoulder. The injured area is part of your shoulder it will not heal if you keep using it. Pain or no pain. It means everything else is going to work harder as well that leads to the issues. Think of 10 years down the track rather then 1 Noosa Triathlon. It will still be there next year but if cpntinually push the envelope with your shoulder you may not swim in the future.
  6. The question is did you do this last year? If you did why doing it again? The questions you need to ask yourself are we only commiting to something for a short period of time. If you are after weightloss etc you need to address to factors stopping you achieving it. You may need to sacrifice some things. Majority of people it is calorie intake. You need to be in calorie deficit no matter which diet you try. Hit the weights, build some muscle also is a great way to get a better body composition. This is not having a go but giving some people a nudge into what they need to look. Don't become a revolving door with this. Be in it for long term.
  7. Ala sunshine coast 2016
  8. And this is where Paine has excelled IMO. His handling of the media has been brilliant. He was thrown into the deep end after SA (sand paper gate) and has cast a positive and at times humorous display during his media commitments. As a former team mate and opposition player to Paine he was put in this position because of his maturity in the role he had to play.
  9. Probably better not being captain less pressure, less media commitments. Everyone just assume the on field part but the amount of off field stuff is part of job as well and to Paines credit he has handled this part exceptionally considering what he came into.
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    Nah still using it. No battery problems this morning on run. Even the band and stood up well, haven't had to replace it yet 😉😉🐠🐠
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    And proud to be
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